A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World-Chapter 2414

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Chapter 2414: Sold At a Good Price.

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“Mr. Mag, you’re such a busy person. Why did you drop by the bank today?” Scheer looked at Mag, who was sitting opposite her, with a smile. There was a pot of freshly brewed tea beside her.

“To be honest, I am in need of some money so I thought of you immediately,” Mag replied with a smile.

Scheer was stunned. She smiled meaningfully and said, “Mr. Mag, you’re currently the most popular rich man in Chaos City. If you’re in need of money, you must be planning something big.”

“Miss Scheer, you are very smart indeed. I am recently about to start a large project.” Mag nodded.

Scheer’s eyes twinkled. She looked very interested as she said, “I wonder what project you’re planning? How much capital would you require?”


“Miss Scheer, you should know about it already. It’s the large-scale commercialization of color printing. I would require about one billion copper coins.” Mag had already prepared what he was going to say.

Scheer was in deep thought. She had reached out to Mag with regard to cooperation in color printing before, but Mag rejected her.

There’s no doubting the size of the market for color printing. One could tell that there would be big profits and usage outlook if one could exclusively master the technique of color printing based on how popular Mag’s picture books were.

However, one billion was no small sum.

“Mr. Mag, are you asking me for a loan, or do you intend to rope me in as an investor?” Scheer asked with a smile.

Mag took a sip of tea and said with a smile, “I intend to sell one-third of the rights to the steam engine to you for five billion copper coins. I wonder if you’re interested in that deal?”

“Five billion for one-third of the rights for the steam engine?” Scheer was stunned and fell into deep thoughts.

The steam train was a new-age product of the Norland Continent. The steam train and steam engine paved the way for a series of machinery that were sufficient to turn over the low-efficiency hand-made production industry and speed up industrialization.

The Night Elves’ textile factory had already proven the high efficiency of machinery, making it the main production place of textile products in Chaos City within a few months.

The steam train powered by the steam engine had started normalizing its operations around Chaos City and Vic Mountain, making it the bloodline of goods transportation between the two places.

The railroads started at Chaos City and reached out in all directions.

Just two days ago, Scheer had come to an agreement with the Roth Empire to build a railroad linking Chaos City and the Roth Empire. It was set to start operating by next year.

Mag was the originator of the steam engine and had 25% of the shares in the steam train project. He also had half the shares of the steam engine, as much as Buffett Bank.

One could foresee that the steam engine could be used widely in the future and that would reap boundless fortunes.

Right now, Mag intended to exchange one-third of his shares for five billion copper coins.

“Are you sure you want to sell one-third of your rights to the steam engine to me?” Scheer looked at Mag. She said seriously, “If you need one billion copper coins, whether it’s a loan or an investment, I will not reject you.”

“I don’t like to owe people money and I don’t like to owe favors either. Miss Scheer, if you’re interested, we can sign an agreement right now. If you’re not interested, I’ll look for someone else,” Mag said calmly. If it was only one billion that he needed, he could just borrow from Amy, he would not have to sell his shares.

“Since you do have the intention to sell your shares, I am willing to buy them on behalf of Buffett Bank. However, five billion copper coins is no small amount to us currently. We will need three days to prepare the cash. I can write a cheque for you right now,” Scheer said decisively.

Five billion may sound like a large sum, but it was but a month’s profit to Buffett Bank.

Scheer was certain that she could multiply the profits from this transaction.

“Alright. That’s settled.” Mag nodded. Very few people could get 5 billion copper coins in cash in the Norland Continent within three days.

Scheer’s secretary quickly drafted a contract and Mag transferred one-third of his shares for the steam train and one-third of his shares for the steam engine to Buffett Bank in exchange for five billion copper coins.

“Happy working together.” Mag took the five-billion-copper-coin cheque and left the bank.

He had already made an agreement with Scheer. Three days later, he would go over to cash out five billion copper coins. Buffett Bank would prepare it in advance for him.

Mag had yet to raise this with Irina.

The remaining two-thirds of his shares could at least be exchanged for 10 billion copper coins.

“What a large sum of secret stash. It’s a pity that I could only get five mechs in exchange.” Mag could not help but think about the amount of money he would need to form a steel army.

Buffett Bank’s middle-aged manager looked at Scheer and said, “Young Mistress, we’ve already invested 30 billion into the construction of the railroad. According to the current plan, we would still need to invest another 100 billion. Based on the calculations of the current operation fees of the steam train, I’m afraid it’ll take us 106 years to recoup our capital.

“And right now, we’ve spent another five billion copper coins to buy the shares from Mag, I’m afraid…”

“The railroad is just basic infrastructure. Besides, it is still in its trial operational phase. It is wrong to use that number to calculate the time taken for us to recoup our capital.” Scheer shook her head with a smile. “The transportation for the goods would increase in frequency subsequently and we have also only just started testing transportation for people.

“Of course, all these are just small monies. What will enable us to quickly recoup our capital is those few mines we bought from the goblins before the railroads link up. The goods transportation would decrease our cost for delivery and as our railroads link up to the dwarves, we would reap a harvest from an even wider market.

“The accessibility of transportation means that there will be no difficult trade to do in this world.

“On top of that, the control of the transportation system itself would mean that they have more choices.

“The world is so big yet you only see this very first layer right in front of your eyes.”

The manager opened his mouth but did not know what to say. He left quietly.

“Five billion copper coins. What exactly is he planning to do? What anticipation and suspense.” Scheer smiled as she looked out of the window.


“Is this Chaos City? It’s a completely different place compared to a century ago.” A middle-aged man in a black long robe looked around Aden Square as he lamented. He was of a big build and the demons who passed by him could not help but make way. He had a serious-looking face and appeared to be a merchant.

A few meters behind him were two young men dressed in black following him. They were looking around cautiously. One of them constantly had a hand at his waist.

“It must be there, right?” The middle-aged man looked at the long queue in front of a restaurant far ahead and was surprised. “The queue is so long. Is it really so popular?”

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