A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World-Chapter 2415

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Chapter 2415: Whoever Comes Is a Guest

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Ferdinand walked to the restaurant at the corner of the square. Mamy Restaurant’s signboard was rather obvious, but too abrupt. It looked rather fashionable in the midst of the gaudy signboards in Aden Square.

The restaurant wasn’t very big. There were four shopfronts, and it seemed to be separated into two dining themes. Long lines of hundreds of people were formed outside of the two zones.

After considering for a moment, Ferdinand went to line up at the back of the queue.

Xi reported some information about this greatest powerhouse on the continent to him, and told him the restaurant’s coordinates.

The restaurant’s boss’ identity had once surprised him, but he quickly understood. There were also some powerhouses in Underground City who chose to live with a normal identity.


A restaurant’s boss could be considered as an identity of leisure.

However, when he came over, the business of this restaurant was obviously the most brisk of all.

He didn’t expect that not only was he powerful, he was also equally talented in running a business.

Ferdinand stood at the back of the line and looked at the long line with a hint of a smile.

He couldn’t remember when was the last time that he had lined up. Was it when he was a child? It didn’t seem so. No one had ever dared to line up in front of him.

800 years ago, he came to the Norland Continent for the first time as an Observer.

The Norland Continent was still in the midst of the intense racial war then. Killing was everywhere. Hatred and bloodlust filled the entire continent.

And after that, he would visit the Norland Continent once every 100 years. He witnessed the disappearance of many races in the midst of the war, and many of the major races began to have relatively fixed territories.

100 years ago, the seven major races on the Norland Continent had a truce and signed the peace accord. They ended the racial war that lasted for thousands of years.

100 years had passed and the Norland Continent’s changes had been tremendous.

The battleship had flown on a low speed earlier and he saw all the cities on the vast continent. Without war and smoke, all the races lived happily together and everything looked prosperous.

What astonished him even more was the railway that appeared on the land. The steam trains that had once appeared in the Underground City’s ancient times, were running through the mountains and valleys, carrying full loads of iron ores. This meant that they were going to enter into a new era.

“War is indeed poisonous. It would only destroy imagination and everything that is good. Only peace could elevate the entire world.” Ferdinand looked at the line in front of him that had all the various races in it and yet was very orderly.

The current Chaos City reminded him of Underground City vaguely.

Although their technological levels had a great disparity, the way the various races lived together peacefully under the rules and regulations wasn’t very different from Underground City.

Lining up was a very boring event, but Ferdinand, who seldom lined up, found pleasure in the customers’ conversations.

These customers looked like they came from all walks of life. There were fierce mercenaries, merchants with big bellies and demure wealthy ladies.

What was amusing was that they would debate about a certain dish in the restaurant passionately when they were lining up in the same line. They would argue till they turned red in the face, but they still controlled themselves and restricted the argument to being verbal and not physical.

“Does the food in this restaurant really have such special magic? It can make these people so mesmerized?” Ferdinand thought to himself. Seemed like Mr. Mag had found a good chef.

Furthermore, he also heard the names of the dishes that the people in the line often mentioned, like the tofu pudding, the eggplant with garlic sauce and the red braised pork. Perhaps, he could try them out later.

Soon, the restaurant’s door opened slowly and a young man walked out. He said with a smile, “Welcome to Mamy Restaurant.”

“It’s him.” Ferdinand stared at the young man standing at the door. He looked exactly like the photo that Xi sent back.

He was younger than what Ferdinand had expected, because his bone age was only around 32 years old.

His power was indeed close to the Extraordinaire’s level, which was the so-called “Almost-Extraordinaire” level in Underground City.

Having such a powerful strength at such a young age, he was much more powerful than those geniuses in Underground City, who enhanced themselves with genetic drugs. He was also much more powerful than him when he was at that age.

One had to know that this was the Norland Continent that was forsaken. No one had broken through the Extraordinaire level for the past thousands of years. Even reaching the Almost-Extraordinaire level was rare.

The young man in front of him seemed to have more possibilities.

He already knew the existence of Underground City and had the intention to trade with Underground City.

He was a bold and interesting young man.

Almost simultaneously, Mag’s gaze passed through the crowd and landed on Ferdinand.

“Is he the representative from Underground City?” Mag cocked his eyebrow and became more alert.

He could feel pressure coming from this man. He only felt that when he was facing Cthulhu. It was an intense power that belonged to another level.

“Is that a god? Or the so-called Extraordinaire?” Mag felt his mood become grave. He didn’t expect Underground City to send an Extraordinaire to negotiate with him.

Furthermore, the power of an Extraordinaire had exceeded his expectations. At first, he thought that he could negotiate with an Extraordinaire from Underground City with his demi-god’s realm. Looking at it now, it looked like he had overestimated himself.

Mag had no chance of winning even if he used all his trump cards.

Mag’s eyes met with Ferdinand’s eyes shortly before moving away with a tacit understanding.

“Since I can’t defeat him, I shall conquer his stomach first,” Mag thought as he greeted the customers familiarly.

Ferdinand followed the line forward leisurely as he observed Mag’s behavior.

This young man had piqued his interest.

The customers called him ‘Boss Mag’ familiarly. The form of address had been mentioned frequently with love and a hint of grievance when he was lining up.

Therefore, he was the restaurant’s boss and its chef too.

It was still alright for the strongest powerhouse on the Norland Continent to open a restaurant, but he even personally cooked for his customers and remembered each customer’s name and nickname.


Ferdinand came up to Mag and stood still for a while.

“I have never seen you before. This must be your first time coming to eat at this restaurant,” Mag said with a smile.

“Yes. I’m Ferdinand. I was attracted by your fame.” Ferdinand nodded with a smile.

“Please come in.” Mag nodded smilingly. He didn’t know what fame he meant, but it should be different from the fame that attracted the other customers.

Ferdinand stepped into the restaurant and swept a glance at the service staff on the sides.

This 8th-tier Frost Dragon’s blood was pure. That 8th-tier spatial magic caster over there should have the Moon Nation’s royal blood… He didn’t find anything unusual with his casual scan.

Shouldn’t this be normal for the restaurant opened by the number one powerhouse?

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