Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0659: The Returned “Pei Hao”

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Chapter 0659: The Returned “Pei Hao”

Pei Hao’s sudden transformation had attracted the attention of everyone around. Yuan Qing and the rest were looking at him in complete disbelief. He was clearly full of bloody holes, and any normal individual with these injuries would be deader than a doornail. It was mind-boggling that he had jumped back to life!

Additionally, everyone could clearly feel that the resonant power emanating from Pei Hao’s body was even stronger than before. It had reached yet another, more terrifying level of strength!

He had surpassed the peak of the Greater Heavenly Resonance Stage!

Still… how was this possible?

He had been left mortally wounded with half a breath of life left in him. Yet in a blink, he was hopping around with all the vigor of a young child. Furthermore, he seemed to have become even stronger than before?

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Li Luo’s expression had turned slightly gloomy as he glared at Pei Hao. “Can you really be considered to be Pei Hao?”

“Hmm? Who else could I be?” Pei Hao cackled as his eyes gave off a strange, despondent look.

Li Luo frowned. Although the Pei Hao before him didn’t seem to have changed in personality, he had an odd feeling that this was not the person he had battled. Something had fundamentally changed in his body, and even Pei Hao himself did not understand it.

Additionally, Pei Hao was simply too strong now.

It felt oppressive merely standing before him, as though he was facing off against a Duke.

“Protect the Young Lord!” Yuan Qing, Lei Zhang and the rest immediately rushed over in a human wave. Yuan Qing even took the opportunity to let loose a few barbs. “Pei Hao! You’ve lost the Housemeet’s battle. You have no right to struggle for the candidacy of House Lord anymore!”

“House Lord?” Pei Hao sniggered. “Why would I be concerned over such trifling titles? Furthermore, House Luolan might cease to exist soon enough.” He then waved his hand, and Xu Tianling led his faction to intercept the crowd on Yuan Qing’s side.

After dealing with the harassment from these ants, Pei Hao’s gaze turned upon Jiang Qing’e, and he smiled. “So what tricks do you have left up your sleeve? Li Luo has already overdrafted himself and no longer possesses any combat capability. So will it be all up to you now?”

Jiang Qing’e’s eyes were emotionless and frigid as she replied, “You’re not Pei Hao. You must be the black hand manipulating him. It looks like Pei Hao truly was very pitiful. Even though he was merely a pawn, death was no release.”

Pei Hao didn’t deny her exhortations. “So long as there is a happy ending… the details don’t matter at all. So, Jiang Qing’e… I have always wanted to try something.”

He stretched out a finger, pointing at Li Luo as a malicious smile formed on his face. “I wonder how you would feel if I killed Li Luo right before your very eyes!”


At the very moment he finished speaking, immeasurable and potent amounts of resonant power exploded forth from her body. She hacked down viciously with her heavy sword wreathed with sacred sword energy, targeting Pei Hao’s forehead.

Faced with Jiang Qing’e’s furious assault, Pei Hao did not move an inch. Majestic amounts of resonant power poured forth from within his body, taking the shape of an indestructible, golden shield. The sword light that was produced from the sword strike glanced off upon hitting it, dissipating into motes of light.

Pei Hao grinned with a ghastly expression as he stared at the flickering motes of light in the sky. “Such pure and sacred light resonant energy. You should probably be the one with the most pristine resonant power in the entire Xia Kingdom… Still, if this is all you have, then you will not be able to protect Li Luo… Jiang Qing’e, you’ve used a secret art to restrain yourself all these years, and I will be a little disappointed if you can’t show me more.”

Jiang Qing’e’s absolutely enchanting face froze over upon hearing these belittling comments, a hint of killing intent flickering within her eyes. However, she was uninterested in idle banter. Instead, a mysterious rune that had faded significantly resurfaced between her smooth brows.

With a thought, the rune directly shattered.


Countless looks were thrown in her direction, and everyone could feel the resonant power within her churn. All of a sudden, it started to rise with terrifying speed.

The explosive growth was even greater than when she had faced off against Xu Tianling and Mo Cheng!

With the berserk increase in the quantity of resonant power within her body, her previously pinned-up hair was shaken loose, gracefully falling like a waterfall across her back before reaching down to her slender waist and swaying gently with the wind. Coupled with her radiant, crystal-clear skin akin to jade, she was overflowing with beauty. At the same time, mystical and abstruse patterns of light appeared on her unblemished skin. Her previously clear, golden eyes seemed to have been purified as well, causing her to exude a unique and enigmatic charm.

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Behind her were five Heavenly Pearls that were constantly absorbing worldly natural energy, but the energy that she gave off far surpassed that of any ordinary cultivator of a similar base.

At this point, Jiang Qing’e had completely gotten rid of everything that had been keeping her suppressed.

With the full release of her strength, Jiang Qing’e was at the Fifth Heavenly Pearl. With the aid of the previously suppressive secret art, she was now able to demonstrate strength far beyond that of her peers for a short span of time.

Everyone seemed thunderstruck by the frightening undulations coming off of her. Only Pei Hao continued to smirk as he commented, “Wow! That was truly an impressive outburst. I’m afraid no one in the Greater Heavenly Resonance Stage would be your match. It’s such a pity that I don’t fall in that category. I’m not a Duke, but I am comparable with one. Perhaps you might even think of me being at the quasi-Duke Stage.”

As he spoke, Pei Hao raised his palm and lightly clenched it. The odious sense of oppression coming from Jiang Qing’e had suddenly vanished in a blink.

With an indifferent smile on his face, he glanced at the girl radiating scintillating light. Thanks to Pei Hao’s sacrifice of the remaining half of his heart, he was able to control the body and lend some of his own strength to it. However, there were certain limitations as Pei Hao’s body could not completely tolerate the strain of his resonant power.

The good thing was that the quasi-Duke Stage should be sufficient for his goals.

He might not be able to utilize his Duke Bergfrieds, but just the usage of his resonant power would be enough to deal with Jiang Qing’e.

On the square, Cai Wei, Yan Lingqing, and the rest looked on with worry. Although Jiang Qing’e’s meteoric rise in strength was shocking, Pei Hao possessed mysterious strength that may be no weaker.

In the skies of the headquarters, Ox Biaobiao sensed the disturbance below and slashed out with his knife. A draconic beam of blade light rushed out, intending to decapitate Pei Hao coolly.

However, just as the blade light was about to cleave him into two, a lotus created by blackfire bloomed within the void, blocking the attack.

“My good sir, your opponent is me. Why worry about what’s happening elsewhere? As I’ve previously said, someone clinging to his life before the gates of hell cannot protect House Luolan. Although I can’t deal with you, I can at least ensure that you watch powerlessly as these two brats are murdered before your very eyes.” Zhu Qinghuo smiled inspidly.

“Once the two brats die, there will be no need to guard House Luolan anymore, right?”

Ox Biaobiao merely glanced mockingly at Zhu Qinghuo.

“I feel that the one that will die… won’t be them.”

At this very moment, Jiang Qing’e suddenly closed her eyes. Her slender fingers formed a hand seal, a clear voice ringing out in her heart.

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“Duke Art, Heaven Hibernating, Sacred Change Art.”

One of the Heavenly Pearls behind Jiang Qing’e shattered at that instant. At the same time, the void trembled and the resonant power that radiated from her underwent another titanic transformation.

The grin on Pei Hao’s face finally receded.

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