Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0710: Heart Stealer

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Chapter 0710: Heart Stealer

House Luolan's convoy continued to unhurriedly move down the spacious road while elite cavalry guards continued to patrol up and down, attentively watching every direction for even the most minute movement.

Li Luo continued to sit atop his wildebeest, carefully inspecting his surroundings. There was a gray fog of corruption that permeated every inch of his surroundings like a cloud, affecting the vision of everyone within the convoy. The corruption was more intense in the deeper parts of the forest, and there seemed to be some movement, almost as though strange things were wriggling and being born from it.

There was a pervasive cold and oppressive feeling throughout the entire area.

Li Luo remembered that a year ago, when he had first entered Xia City, this road was full of beautiful scenery, one that would even cause others to stop and linger just to admire.

But everything had been ruined

The wide road was filled with escaping refugees. Panic could be felt in the air, and everyone could feel that something big was coming.

Li Luo sighed in his heart. He remembered the scenes of the destroyed Blackwind Empire during the Holy Grail Meet. Would this place end up the same? Of course, he truly didn't hope for such a result, where the Xia Kingdom would turn into a land of death and decay.

At the end of the day, he was born in the Xia Kingdom, so he felt a sense of attachment to it.

It was unfortunate that the current him did not possess the means to rescue it. Even now, he was still struggling on his own battlefields, with a tight countdown on his life.

Li Luo's gaze deepened before he closed his eyes, feeling the changes within his own body.

He had just entered the Fiend Palace Tier Stage, and after a month's worth of cultivation, his three resonant palaces had been completely tempered. Li Luo had fully stepped into the Fiend Palace Tier.

Still, all of them could only be considered to be at the Lesser Fiend Palace Tier.

With three resonant palaces, Li Luo possessed resonant power that was far more dense and bountiful when compared to someone at the Greater Fiend Palace Tier.

Li Luo focused upon his waterlight resonance palace. There was a mysterious light flitting within it, almost like a bird. This was the abstruse fiend light he had spent much effort bitterly cultivating for.

It was the foundation of an Earth Fiend cultivator's strength.

Not only would its existence help with continuously tempering his resonant palace and making it more tenacious and mighty, it could also be used in battle to amplify his resonant power, greatly enhancing his combat abilities.

This was the reason why an Earth Fiend Stage cultivator had battle strength that far surpassed a Resonant Master.

"Three hundred and seventy-eight strands of abstruse fiend light..."

Li Luo swept his focus over the strands of light that were flying around the inside of his resonant palace. This was the result of a month's worth of endless effort. It couldn't be considered slow, and this was also Three Revolutions Draconic Breath abstruse fiend light.

As a Five Fiends Art, it had a refining efficacy that even caused Li Luo to sigh in amazement.

There was a saying about the Fiend Palace Tier. Three thousand strands Lesser Fiend, eight thousand strands Greater Fiend.

It meant that a Lesser Fiend Palace could only hold up to three thousand strands of abstruse fiend light, whilst the Greater Fiend Palace could have eight thousand strands.

At the same time, this referred to the lower limits. The limit of one's Fiend Palace also had to do with the individual’s fiend art compatibility with their resonances. If one had a greater affinity, their body would be able to hold much more strands of the abstruse fiend light.

This was why Li Luo had such great results.

Simply speaking, he possessed triple resonant palaces.

If someone with one Fiend Palace could hold three thousand strands of abstruse fiend light, then in Li Luo's case, as he had three resonant palaces, he could thus hold at least nine thousand strands of abstruse fiend light even in the Lesser Fiend Palace Stage... and that was not even his limit!

Based on his estimations, by the time he reached the Greater Fiend Palace Tier, he would have a terrifying amount of abstruse fiend light. And such a foundation would allow him to leap into the Fiend Body Tier with a single step.

At the same time, filling up his resonant palaces completely would also require significantly more time and resources compared to the average fellow.

"It would be great if I had even higher-grade cultivation resources..." Li Luo sighed in his heart. Although House Luolan had a decent foundation, advanced cultivation resources were not always easy to find. And at the end of the day, the East Divine Continent was considered an outer divine continent, so the resources available were lacking to begin with.

Li Luo opened his eyes and looked at the scarlet bracelet on his wrist.

That was where the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf was housed.

The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf had not moved ever since the Housemeet. It seemed as though the final fight had affected it greatly. However, Li Luo could occasionally feel that the resonant power fluctuations coming from the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf were gradually intensifying.

A faint trace of a Duke's pressure could be felt coming from it.

It was clear that the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf's transformation had very much to do with the ten drops of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li blood essence.

"Is the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li that useful?" Li Luo rubbed his chin. He could feel that he had undervalued this blood essence of his and sold it off for cheap! In the future, he would have to be careful when giving it out to others. He also could feel that if he squeezed out too much of it, it would have negative repercussions.

Thinking of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li, Li Luo flipped his palm over, and a black plaque appeared in his hand.

This was a token of authority of Heavenly Emperor Li.

His finger caressed the mottled surface of the cold plaque as he closely observed the mysterious and ancient "Li" character engraved upon it. He had a guess that the origin of this plaque might not have been as simple as he had expected. It might even have come directly from the hands of Heavenly Emperor Li.

Was Heavenly Emperor Li an ancestor of his?

The Heavenly Emperor Stage was an unfathomable idea to him.

It was an existence that existed at the pinnacle of the world. They could move the oceans and shift the mountains with a wave, causing all creatures to tremble before their might.

Having such a background seemed incomprehensible. As he was born in the Xia Kingdom, the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li was a foreign concept to him. However, based on Li Taixuan's grudging confession, he seemed to have an inexplicable connection with them as well.

If the opportunity came by in the future, he would look more deeply into it.

At this point, Li Luo's expression suddenly changed. He raised his head and glanced around his surroundings. He could suddenly feel that the corruption around them had become significantly more dense.

Rustling noises could be heard.

On both sides of the road were large trees whose lush branches and leaves suddenly stretched out and blocked the path in a threatening way, giving everyone a strange and icy feeling.

Li Luo remained expressionless as he waved his hand, and the Onyx-Elephant Blade appeared within his grasp.

On the other side, Jiang Qing'e had similarly unsheathed her golden sword.

The two stared at the foggy road before them. The corruption seemed to swirl and ripple as a familiar figure strode out.

His gaze was piercing, landing squarely on Jiang Qing'e. He gave a slight smile.

"Student Qing'e, I'm here to steal your heart away."

The entire atmosphere seemed to explode with murderous intent at this moment.