Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0711: Devil Resonance

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Chapter 0711: Devil Resonance

"Enemy attack!"

When Shen Jinxiao appeared from the fog, the guards of the House Luolan convoy immediately prepared to attack. Led by Yuan Qing, the expressions of all of the elites of House Luolan changed as his stern warning alerted all of them.


All of the House Luolan's guards immediately drew their weapons, and resonant power of all kinds blazed like lit lamps, lighting up the entire road. From a bird's eye view, it was a beautiful spectacle.

Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e had calm expressions on their faces as the two glared at the figure that had just appeared with all the killing intent they could muster.

"Beast Shen, you've actually appeared," Li Luo said.

Shen Jinxiao gave a slight smile. "Student Li Luo, being disrespectful to a mentor leads to punishment, you know?"

Li Luo looked at Shen Jinxiao with a despising gaze. "You still have the cheek to call yourself a mentor? If Vice Principal Su Xin were here, I'm afraid she would tear your mouth off directly. The college has never mistreated you, and they even provided you with ample amounts of cultivation resources. In the end, you joined the Origin Reversion Institute and even destroyed the college's Tree of Resonant Power, causing everyone to migrate in fear. You are truly the most evil and despicable person I have ever seen."

Faced with Li Luo's piercing words, Shen Jinxiao took them in stride, not denying any of them as he gave a gentle smile and shook his head. "I remained in the college not to merely enjoy their resources... I have similarly worked hard, so this has just been a transaction of benefits between me and the college. Talking about betrayal isn't appropriate! The Origin Reversion Institute gave me an irresistible offer, so it was only natural that I chose to abandon ship. The school being destroyed...?" Shen Jinxiao grinned.

"That was just the college being incapable. What does that have to do with me? Enough, Li Luo. Lets stop spouting these useless words."

His gaze then landed on Li Luo before turning to Jiang Qing'e. At this point, an incomparably passionate and greedy expression could be seen in his eyes. He had always suppressed himself in the college as he would have been exposed the moment his lust for Jiang Qing'e was revealed.

But things were different today—he no longer had to hide it.

"Student Qing'e, do you know how long I've waited for this day?" Shen Jinxiao gently asked.

"From the day I met you... your holy and unblemished heart of light had given birth to an insatiable desire which I never knew was within me. I can barely think of anything else that could possibly be more perfect in this world..."

Jiang Qing'e stared at the raving and excited Shen Jinxiao, who was expressing his undisguised and warped desire for her as she indifferently replied, "So what you really want is my Heart of Light."

It was no wonder she could always keenly feel a discreet hint of covetousness towards her from Shen Jinxiao. This sort of desire was a little different in that it wasn't one of wanton lust towards her body, it was actually the desire for her Heart of Light, which had been formed by her light resonant energy.

It was this very same Heart of Light that allowed Jiang Qing'e to keenly feel others’ intentions and thoughts. This was why she could keenly sense Shen Jinxiao's desire and also the malicious intent he had towards her. Eventually, she had chosen a different mentor as a result.

"A ninth-grade light resonance's Heart of Light is the purest object in the world. It is also an incomparable delicacy! However, I don't merely want a pure Heart of Light, what I want is one without a hint of negative emotions!" Shen Jinxiao's voice turned gentle once again. "When a strong negative emotion appears within a pristine Heart of Light, the combination of the two is the most wondrous thing in the world. Do you know why this is the case?" When he finished his sentence, shadows and light intertwined behind him, taking the shape of a strange creature with a white, mouse-like head.

When it appeared, all of the people present seemed to have seen an illusion that stole their spirits away.

"This is Shen Jinxiao's second resonance, the Heart Beast resonance." Mentor Chi Chan's cold voice echoed throughout the ears of everyone present as she placed herself between the two and Shen Jinxiao.

"This resonance has a strange ability to beguile and confuse one's heart. To resist it, one has to keep their heart clear at all times." Mentor Chi Chan stared daggers at Shen Jinxiao. "But I have never heard of the Heart Beast resonance coveting the Heart of Light."

"Heart Beast resonance?" Shen Jinxiao's lips curved into a mocking smile. "Chi Chan, what you know is what I chose to let the college know. From the very beginning, my second resonance was not the Heart Beast resonance."

As he spoke, Li Luo and the rest saw the mouse-like creature's figure begin to tremble, then its flesh and blood were torn apart and a black liquid flowed forth. At the same time, the flesh and blood churned, gradually turning into a pitch-black, distorted object.

It looked like a grotesque heart that was made of black blood and flesh. Embedded into it were four dark-red pupils that blinked, and below it was a gigantic mouth akin to an abyss that leaked black liquid. A thick and strange smell wafted from it.

When Chi Chan saw this, a trace of surprise arose in her eyes.

"Is that a devil resonance?!"

Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e were taken aback by this statement. "Mentor, what is a devil resonance?"

Mentor Chi Chan's voice turned heavy. "Amongst the myriad of different resonances, most can be sorted into one of two kinds: elemental resonances and beast resonances... However, there is a sort of acquired resonance called devil resonance. This seems to be the pursuit and aim of the Origin Reversion Institute. Their aim is to assimilate with Others, the ultimate goal being to obtain a new type of resonance, one that has been corrupted and sublimated, known as a devil resonance. Shen Jinxiao's Heart Beast resonance has undergone this change, so it should now be a Heart Devil resonance. It is no wonder why he has always targeted you, finding all sorts of methods to set you back. His aim was to use you as a medium to create flaws in Jiang Qing'e's unblemished heart, to plant seeds of corruption that he would corrupt over time. Eventually, the Heart of Light would be polluted by it and he would then be able to devour it, elevating his devil resonance."

Li Luo squinted upon hearing the entire explanation. Everything made sense now. Shen Jinxiao had targeted him specifically from the moment he had entered the college. From an outsider's perspective, it looked as though he was simply jealous of the engagement agreement with Jiang Qing'e. The truth of the matter was that he wanted to deliver a blow to her Heart of Light and insidiously corrupt it.

"It looks like he truly was the mastermind behind Pei Hao." Li Luo's expression turned stormy.

Shen Jinxiao smiled and nodded as he frankly answered, "Indeed. I wanted to use him to defeat you and take over House Luolan, dealing a blow to Jiang Qing'e. It was a pity that that piece of trash was even more useless than I had expected. Either way, it doesn't matter. After so long, I've realized that you, Li Luo, are the flaw in Jiang Qing'e's heart." He grinned happily as he stared at Li Luo, an unsettling and cold look in his eyes.

"Thus, today... I will kill you right before her."


A frightening blade light exploded forth from the last carriage. It possessed unimaginable amounts of fiendish energy, and it seemed as though all of the corruption in the world had been blown away and shredded into pieces by its presence.

A single blade chopped out. The skies and the earth were rent apart.

This strike was aimed directly at Shen Jinxiao.