Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0720: Li Rouyun

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Chapter 0720: Li Rouyun

This ferocious streak of sword light tore the void to shreds like a hot knife through butter. As the sword light descended, it annihilated the golden dragon claw, turning it into golden motes of light.

The sudden change caused Li Luo and the rest to turn pale. At this instant, they could distinctly feel a mighty resonant power undulation rushing from afar, and they turned to face the source.

Another ray of sword light raced across the sky at an indescribable speed from the edge of the horizon.

As it approached, one could see that the sword light had been formed by a longsword with a figure standing atop it. Majestic sword energy swept across everything, filling all of the space between the sky and the earth.

This person was a female with a beautiful face. She was garbed in a green dress and her long hair was tied up, revealing her slender, snow-white neck. Her figure was excellent and possessed a mature charm. However, what was most outstanding was her eyebrows, which were as thin as willow leaves, giving off a sharp aura.

When this lady appeared, the entire sky seemed to resound with the cries of sword chants.

Chi Chan, Duze Yan, and the rest looked at the new individual with solemn expressions. Based on the pressure that she was radiating, she was no weaker than the mysterious man. She was a sixth-grade Duke too!

This spawned a thought in their heads. Why were so many foreign Dukes rampaging around the Xia Kingdom recently?

However, what allowed them to heave a sigh of relief was that this lady had stopped Li Zhiqiu's assault. Although they did not know who she was or who she represented, it seemed to be a positive development.

Additionally, Li Zhiqiu having taken action against them meant that he didn't have any intentions of making friends with them.

Li Luo frowned as he glanced at the lady. Just because she had stepped into assist did not mean that he would lower his guard.

It was just that he had heard her thundering words shortly before she arrived.

"Is she also from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li? What is the Dragon's Fang Lineage and what does that mean?" Li Luo then turned towards Ox Biaobiao. Perhaps only Ox Biaobiao had an understanding of the situation amongst the people present, with the exception of the two newcomers.

Ox Biaobiao glared at the lady and his expression turned complicated. "The influence and significance of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li far surpasses your imagination. Nothing in the Xia Kingdom can compare with them. The Dragon's Fang Lineage is one lineage amongst many within the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li. Your father, Li Taixuan, is from the Dragon's Fang Lineage. And this lady before you... I recognize her. Her name is Li Rouyun and she is from the same lineage. In terms of seniority... you can refer to her as your aunt."

Li Luo was slightly taken aback. "Li Rouyun... my aunt?"

He stared at the green-robed lady who resembled a sword saint exuding fearsome sword energy that could sever the world in half. Clearly, she was a mighty Duke as well.

However, he was unfamiliar with the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li. Even though this lady was his aunt, he didn't have a good feeling about this, only frowning as he continued, "Why are the people from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li appearing in the Xia Kingdom?"

First it was Li Zhiqiu and now Li Rouyun. Furthermore, it looked like they were rushing towards him.

Ox Biaobiao sighed heavily as he glanced at the black plaque in Li Luo's hand. "My guess is that it has to do with this item. It is possible that those from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li sensed it when Pang Qianyuan activated it and were able to lock onto your position. However, you don't need to be too concerned. This should have been something that Li Taixuan expected and perhaps left it as a measure of last resort. Plus, utilizing the black plaque means that you were in an exceedingly perilous situation. It might have sent a message to the bloodline, and they dispatched experts that could possibly rescue you."

Li Luo pondered over this as he glanced at the black plaque in his hand. This thing was known as a Heavenly Emperor's Writ? Even its name seemed impressive. It was clearly no simple item; otherwise, Li Zhiqiu wouldn't have tried to trick him for it.

As numerous thoughts whizzed through his mind, Li Rouyun had already arrived atop her sword. Her icy tone was as sharp as the aura she gave off as she questioned the man. "Li Zhiqiu, what are you trying to do? You located him, but you did not choose to inform me?"

Li Zhiqiu remained nonchalant, only smiling. "I'm sorry, it slipped my mind. Didn't you get here in time anyway?"

"I'm afraid you didn't forget. You are just avaricious, coveting the Heavenly Emperor's Writ, wanting to steal it from the younger generation." Li Rouyun's grating words sliced straight to the point.

Li Zhiqiu slowly replied, "I'm simply following the clan's rules. The Heavenly Emperor's Writ can only be possessed by those who are capable. Li Taixuan must have known that others would covet it when he passed it on to his son. If his son was unable to protect the Heavenly Emperor's Writ, then it can only be said that it was not destined for him."

"The Heavenly Emperor's Writ was given to Li Taixuan by the ancestor because he appreciated his talent. If you have the ability to do so, why don't you go and beg the ancestor for one, then?" Li Rouyun retorted.

Li Zhiqiu's expression stiffened as he replied in an unpleasant tone, "You're such an annoying troublemaker."

"Li Zhiqiu, Li Taixuan is a member of the Dragon's Fang Lineage. His bloodline naturally also belongs to us. You can shelve the thought of trying to bully the younger generation, lest you want to be held in contempt by everyone who hears about this," Li Rouyun coolly replied. She then turned away, no longer bothering with him. Now she looked at the other group that was here.

She swept her gaze through the crowd and her eyes landed on Li Luo.

The youth was still drenched in blood and seemed a little miserable. However, his features reminded her a little of Li Taixuan. Although he still seemed a little green due to his youth, he still possessed an extraordinary demeanor... Perhaps the most important part was that he was even more good-looking than his father.

Li Rouyun's pointed gaze softened a little as her figure flashed forward to where Li Luo was standing.

"What is your name?" A slight smile formed on her beautiful face as she did her best to seem more friendly.

Being subject to the lady's benevolent gaze caused Li Luo to pause for a moment, but he eventually replied, "Li Luo."

"My name is Li Rouyun. I'm from the same lineage as your father, and in a certain way... I could be called your aunt," Li Rouyun softly replied.

Li Luo's gaze flickered. Unfortunately, the first interaction with Li Zhiqiu had left an indelible mark on him and he now had a bad impression of the entire bloodline. Even though this lady had tried to form a closer tie with him, he remained guarded, only tightly clutching the Heavenly Emperor's Writ. If the situation took a turn for the worse, he might very well have to struggle for his life.

Li Rouyun could clearly sense his guardedness, and a hint of fury could be seen in her eyes. However, it was not directed towards Li Luo but rather Li Zhiqiu!

That bastard's previous attempt to hoodwink the Heavenly Emperor's Writ had caused him to feel defensive, even towards her.

As she observed Li Luo, she could see that he was moving somewhat sluggishly. Because they were of the same bloodline, she could distinctly sense the loss of his bloodline power. It seemed that he had activated the Heavenly Emperor's Writ before this. What could force a child to utilize such a drastic measure to protect himself? It seemed he had just undergone quite a vicious and life-threatening situation.

As a result, her gaze became even more warm as she softly reassured him, "Child, I'm sorry for arriving late. However, you can rest assured. Now I'm here, no one will dare to bully you anymore."