Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0722: Responsibility

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Chapter 0722: Responsibility

When Yu Hongxi and Vice Principal Su Xin descended as rainbows of light, they saw that a group had gathered. They were astonished by this before turning their attention to the two strangers.

Li Rouyun and Li Zhiqiu.

Just by being present, the aura that they gave off was oppressive.

However, what caused them to be at ease was that neither of them had launched an attack. This meant that the two mysterious Dukes were not enemies.

"Li Luo, what happened to Shen Jinxiao?" Vice Principal Su Xin surveilled the area and noticed that there were no traces of him. However, based on the resultant energy undulations that could be felt, a large fight had obviously occurred here.

"We seem to have arrived a little too late." Yu Hongxi had a look of apology on her face. "I was restrained by Zhu Qinghuo, and even though I injured him, he was able to restrict me for quite some time."

Li Luo first clasped his hands together and thanked them before giving them an explanation of what had happened.

"What? Qing'e sacrificially ignited her Heart of Light?" After hearing about what had happened to Jiang Qing'e, their expressions changed and they hurriedly rushed over to her, inspecting her condition carefully.

"Qing'e, you've been too hasty," Vice Principal Su Xin said with a pained tone. She was very clear of the implications. Jiang Qing'e was the Astral Sage College's brightest sprout, and her actions had doomed her life.

"This is a very intricate seal. It has indeed managed to suppress the burning of the Heart of Light. I think it should have bought a bit of time for you," Yu Hongxi commented as she inspected the dragon-shaped seal. The seal was something she could not grasp, so it must have been the work of the mysterious Dukes.

Li Luo expectantly looked at the two and asked, "Vice Principal, Aunt Yu, the two of you are well traveled and knowledgeable. Do you happen to know of any way to heal a sacrificially ignited Heart of Light?"

Vice Principal Su Xin and Yu Hongxi glanced at each other before falling into a moment of silence.

"An energy heart like this can only be condensed by individuals who are extremely talented. Once cultivated, it is of great benefit to their own growth and future development. It is akin to a divine tool. And as the energy heart is very pure, it will explode forth with terrifying power once it is sacrificially ignited. Resolving this is no easy task. I'm afraid even Principal Pang wouldn't be able to either." Vice Principal Su Xin bitterly smiled.

Yu Hongxi similarly nodded. Although she had been in charge of the Golden Dragon Bank's Xia Kingdom branch for a long time and had been exposed to all sorts of magical and mystifying treasures, a ninth-grade Heart of Light was something she had never seen, much less figure out a solution to resolve the sacrificial ignition.

Li Luo's gaze turned slightly dismayed.

He was already prepared for disappointment, but hearing the truth from the two of them personally still hurt.

"That damned Shen Jinxiao, he truly is a plague. It's all my fault that I was not more vigilant." Vice Principal Su Xin blamed herself. The entire situation at the college might have been orchestrated by the Origin Reversion Institute, but Shen Jinxiao was a critical part of their ploy. If he had not been allowed to sow seeds of corruption and weaken the foundations of the college, not as many Violet Vibrance mentors would have been controlled.

In fact, he wasn't just satisfied with destroying the college, he had even harmed Jiang Qing'e to such an extent.

This was a vile creature, one that instilled fury in everyone.

When Li Luo heard Shen Jinxiao's name, his eyes remained emotionless. It was not because he no longer wished to kill him, but rather the absolute loathing he felt towards that vile cretin was so immense that it no longer had to be revealed.

He no longer wished for Shen Jinxiao to die a quick death. Otherwise, how could he vent his frustrations on him in future?

Li Luo exhaled deeply, suppressing the restless emotions in his heart. All these thoughts of revenge were useless. He was currently too weak! Even if Shen Jinxiao were just a first-grade Duke, he'd still be able to easily steamroll him.

This encounter allowed him to further appreciate the importance of personal strength.

A Duke!

At this moment, a new obsession had taken root in his heart. He had to enter the Duke as swiftly as possible.

Only when he was able to do so could he possess sufficient strength to protect himself!

Of course, more importantly, he first had to resolve the issue of Jiang Qing'e's burning Heart of Light. Otherwise, it would threaten her life once again in three months, and this was something Li Luo did not want to see.

His mind blazed with numerous thoughts. Li Luo waved his hand to signal Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing to take care of Jiang Qing'e whilst he informed Yuan Qing and the rest to prepare to reorganize the convoy and head south.

At this point, Yu Hongxi and Vice Principal Su Xin were in conversation. They now knew that the two foreign figures had come from the Heavenly Origin Divine Continent and were also from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li.

"I never had expected Li Taixuan to be from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li. It is no wonder he demonstrated such amazing talent." Vice Principal Su Xin wryly smiled. As the college's vice principal, she naturally understood the behemoth that was their clan and how the powers of the East Divine Continent could not hold a candle to it.

A Heavenly Emperor expert was a figure that stood at the apex of the world. Each one of them was a giant in their own right, an invincible existence.

Even Principal Pang had to be respectful before such an expert.

Yu Hongxi's eyes flickered, but she still remained calm. The Golden Dragon Bank was also an extraordinary organization. The branch in the Xia Kingdom was just one of many, and it naturally could not compare with the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li. However, the headquarters of the Golden Dragon Bank held strength and background that was not inferior to the former.

To be fair, she already had an understanding of Li Taixuan's identity long ago.

Li Rouyun treated Vice Principal Su Xin and Yu Hongxi courteously and without arrogance despite her background. In a certain way, the Astral Sage College and the Golden Dragon Bank also possessed titanic influences that backed them. Whether it was the Academic Federation or the headquarters of the Golden Dragon Bank, both were organizations that could surpass their clan.

However, Li Zhiqiu was a little impatient, only disdainfully saying, "Li Rouyun, stop wasting time and complete our assignment. I don't want to spend more time in this backwater place. Now that we've found Li Luo, we can just bring him back."

When Li Luo heard those words, he frowned. He coldly stared at Li Zhiqiu. He had marked him in his heart.

He had clearly discovered them much earlier on and had not deigned to report the news to Li Rouyun. Instead, he had hidden at the side and watched Shen Jinxiao cause a ruckus. He could have intervened, and if he had, he could have easily repelled Shen Jinxiao.

If that happened, Li Luo would never have had to utilize the black plaque, nor would Jiang Qing'e have to sacrificially ignite her Heart of Light.

Everything could have been resolved easily, but this bastard had chosen to stand by idly and watch a show!

Of course, Li Zhiqiu and him did not have any sort of prior relationship, so Li Luo couldn't really blame him for not taking action. However, the moment he made his presence known, he attempted to fool him into handing over the Heavenly Emperor's Writ and even acted to hurt Jiang Qing'e, causing her situation to worsen!

This was something he could never forgive.

Li Luo's unfriendly gaze was not hidden, and Li Zhiqiu naturally felt it. Of course, he didn't care, only smiling. "Wow, what a vengeful brat. No matter, when you have the strength one day, feel free to come at me."

"Mhm. I will."

Li Zhiqiu nodded before he once again composed himself.

"Li Zhiqiu, can you shut up for a moment? I am the leader for this assignment. If you don't like it, you can leave," Li Rouyun icily warned him.

Li Zhiqiu coldly smiled and could not be bothered to bicker any longer. He turned and simply vanished.

Li Rouyun, on the other hand, was not concerned either, sighing deeply as she turned towards Li Luo.

"Li Luo, our task is indeed to bring you back to the clan. This is the message that Li Taixuan sent us, so I hope you can cooperate."