Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce - Chapter 555 - Bad News   

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Chapter 555: 554 Bad News


There was still no news of Shen Yan.

Fu Hang pursed his lips and said, “Is the scenic area of Wuzi Mountain closed?”

“When we received the news, we had already closed the scenic area of Wuzi Mountain.”

Fu Hang nodded slightly and said, “Can you take me there?”

Fu Hang thought of the text message that Lin Tao had sent him. In the text message, she mentioned that she wanted Shen Yan to be buried in Wuzi Mountain. There were many surveillance cameras on Wuzi Mountain. If the kidnappers wanted to bring Shen Yan up, they would choose a path without surveillance cameras.

Now, he wanted to go over and see if he could discover anything.

Li Qing agreed with his idea. He also wanted to go to Wuzi Mountain to look closely.

On the way to Wuzi Mountain, Li Qing asked Fu Hang about the details of the kidnapping.

Fu hang also told Li Qing about the matter that Lin Tao had been preparing for half a month.

Li Qing frowned when she heard that. She said, “No matter what, she’s just a woman. She can’t do so many things at the same time. If I’m not wrong, she should be hiring help. There will be a fluctuation in her assets. Did you check this aspect?”

Li Qing’s words instantly woke Fu Hang up. Lin Tao must have hired a lot of people this time. How did she hire them?

Either Lin Tao cast a wide net and randomly found them, or she found a middleman.

For Lin Tao, finding a middleman was the most reliable.

Fu Hang hurriedly called Lin Nan and told him about this matter. Finally, he looked at Li Qing gratefully. “Thank you so much, Captain Li!”

Li Qing’s expression was calm as he asked, “Mr Fu, I want to take the liberty of asking you a question!”


“I think with Miss Shen’s intelligence. She should know that it was Lin Tao who kidnapped her. Under such circumstances, what would Miss Shen do?”

His words woke up the person in the dream.

Only then did Fu Hang realize that he had messed up before.

The Shen Yan he knew was intelligent and quick-witted. She was not someone who would sit and wait for death.

How could Shen Yan obediently die? She would try her best to fight her way out.

However, Shen Yan had a chance to escape last night.

Why didn’t she escape?

“I received an email. It shows the video of Shen Yan and Fu Xiaoxiao being kidnapped!”

Li Qing heard Fu Hang’s words and frowned. She said, “Mr Fu, can you show me this video later?”


After a while, the car stopped at the ticket counter of Wuzi Mountain.

Li Qing took out his ID card and led Fu Hang up the mountain.

At this time, the tourists in the scenic area had also been canceled.

Li Qing led Fu Hang into the surveillance room. The two of them looked at the topographic map of Wuzi Mountain and chose two routes that the kidnappers might choose.

Wuzi Mountain was only about 200 meters above sea level. Although it was not high, some places were very steep. When Fu Hang and Li Qing climbed the mountain, he stood at the top of the hill and looked down. Immediately, he felt dizzy.

Fu Hang could not imagine what would happen if Shen Yan fell from there.

The sky gradually turned dark. Li Qing handed Fu Hang a box lunch. Li Qing advised, “Mr Fu, I can understand your current mood, but if you don’t eat and can’t take care of your own body, how can you have the energy to save Miss Shen?”

Fu Hang took the box lunch and thanked Li Qing. He had no appetite and just stuffed the lunch into his mouth.

Fu Hang and the criminal police team had been looking for Shen Yan on the mountain, but they didn’t find any news about Shen Yan.

At eight o’clock that night, Fu Hang received a call from Lin Nan.

Lin Tao had left An City this morning and seemed to have arrived in Ye City at noon.

However, Lin Tao was too cautious. She directly disposed of her SIM card. Any traces of her disappeared.

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