All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 153 - Salted Fish and Garlic

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Chapter 153: Salted Fish and Garlic

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“Lin Shuya, let me tell you, if you take over my son and forbid him to go out and find a woman, I won’t let you off.”


“You married my son for nineteen years and gave birth to a loser. How could my old Qin family let you in?”

“Lin Shuya, you’re living in our old Qin family now. If the Lin family doesn’t want you, you have to be honest with me.”

“No, I have to tell my son every day. I can’t take a woman like you.”

Lin Shuya listened and only wanted to find a hole to hide in. It was too embarrassing.

She really wanted to scold Old Madam Qin back, but because of Qin Hai, she didn’t dare to oppose Old Madam Qin.

Old Madam Qin was not a kind person. People she couldn’t stand, she would not give them face at all.

She was also a talkative person. It was more than an hour’s journey from the airport to the Qin family. She pointed at Lin Shuya and scolded her in all kinds of ways.

In the beginning, Old Madam Qin treated Lin Shuya extremely well. Lin Shuya also felt that Old Madam Qin treated her better than her own mother.

However, after the Lin family broke off their relationship with Lin Shuya, and Lin Shuya gave all the money she took from the Lin family to Qin Hai, Lin Shuya had no value left to be used. Old Madam Qin exposed her true nature and said all kinds of things about her and ordered her to work.

As the Qin family’s real estate grew bigger and bigger, Old Madam Qin also became more and more displeased with Lin Shuya.

She also began to think about giving Qin Hai women.

Old Madam Qin also often criticized Lin Shuya in front of Qin Hai.

Fortunately, Qin Hai did not have an affair with those women, so Lin Shuya did not mess with Qin Hai.

As soon as Lin Shuya returned to the Qin family, she entered the room.

Old Madam Qin looked at the dressing in the living room and frowned.

She ordered the maid, “Bring me five flower pots and plant garlic in them.”

“Also, take out all the salted fish that I put in the suitcase and cook them for dinner tonight.”

A maid was confused and asked the maid beside her, “Are you really going to do it?”

This villa was worth at least ten million yuan. Planting garlic sprouts and cooking salted fish in it, wouldn’t that lower the quality of the villa?

Another servant replied, “Do as she says. She is the Master’s mother, and Master is filial. Master won’t dare to disobey her words. As for her salted fish, just get used to it in the future.”

“Okay.” The servant nodded.

There weren’t that many garlic bulbs in the house, so she went outside to buy some. She cut out the garlic and planted it in the flower pot.

Lin Shuya didn’t want to see Old Madam Qin, so she stayed in her room.

Old Madam Qin went over to call her out.

Knock, knock, knock.”

Old Madam Qin knocked on the bedroom door very loudly.

Old Madam Qin said loudly, “You hide in your room all day long! Are you decent? Are you just waiting for people to serve you? Do you really think you are the eldest daughter of the Lin family? Wherever you go, you have your big brother spoiling you, and your parents protecting you?”

“Now that you’ve severed your relationship with the Lin family, if you know what’s good for you, then work hard. Don’t act like the daughter of a wealthy family.”

“My son is tired from working outside every day. The money he earns is all spent on you guys. I don’t expect you to earn money like Ah Hai, but at least you can do your family’s work well and not let him worry outside.”

“What about you? You’ve been sleeping all day. What else can you do?”

Lin Shuya was taking an afternoon nap. When she heard Old Madam Qin’s loud voice, she lifted the quilt. Her head was buzzing non-stop.

Lin Shuya really hated Old Madam Qin, but with Qin Hai’s protection, she did not dare to do anything.

Old Madam Qin was right. If Qin Hai and Lin Shuya divorced, since she had followed Qin Hai without graduating from university, it would be difficult for her to find a job outside.

Lin Shuya was really afraid to break up with Qin Hai.

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