All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 648 - He’s Teasing Me  

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Chapter 648: He’s Teasing Me

After hearing that, Hong Yuan’s face turned black.

He said faintly, “Why aren’t you going to work? Aren’t you guys too free?”

Liu Cheng and Yu Bei shook their heads together. “No, we’re very busy. We’ll go to work first.”

Don’t look at Hong Yuan who was usually easy to talk to.

Actually, he was very strict. If they did anything wrong, Hong Yuan would use a lot of work to oppress them.

Now that Hong Yuan said so, they did not dare to stay any longer.

Hong Yuan returned to his office.

He heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

The stone that had been weighing on his heart for a long time had also fallen.

Thinking about it, Du Kaifeng would not have an easy time in the future. He had finally taken revenge.

And this was all thanks to Qin Sheng’s help.

The last time Ye Yutong returned to H City, she did not have the chance to see Fu Hanchuan for a whole week.

She had something to do at school again.

Ye Yutong also went back.

Imperial Capital University also released news that the top scorer of the college entrance examination, Qin Sheng, would go to Imperial Capital University to study medicine.

Fu Shihan learned about this news.

Fu Shihan applied to Capital Film and Television University.

With Fu Shihan’s results, she naturally would not be able to get into Capital Film and Television University. It was only because the Fu family donated a large sum of money to Capital Film and Television University that Fu Shihan got this opportunity.

Even though Qin Sheng had a perfect score in the college entrance examination, and she was the top scorer in the national college entrance examination,Fu Shihan still looked down on Qin Sheng.

She thought that Qin Sheng was far less powerful than Ye Yutong, and that Ye Yutong was more suitable to be her sister-in-law.

Fu Shihan had a strong hostility toward Qin Sheng the moment she saw her. She felt that Qin Sheng had stolen Fu Hanchuan away.

For this reason, she had often badmouthed Qin Sheng in front of Old Master Fu.

Old Master Fu trusted Fu Shihan very much. He was already very displeased with Qin Sheng. Now, he loathed Qin Sheng even more.

He had made up his mind that he would break up her and Fu Hanchuan one day.

However, Fu Hanchuan had warned him and he did not dare to do anything to Fu Hanchuan.

Now, Old Master Fu only hoped that Ye Yutong could charm Fu Hanchuan.

Old Master Fu sat on the sofa in the living room. He closed his eyes and massaged the space between his eyebrows. He felt a headache coming on.

Fu Hongyi walked in with a nervous expression. “Dad.”

Old Master Fu glanced at him. When he saw Fu Hongyi’s expression, he was disappointed that he did not live up to his expectations.

How could a useless person like Fu Hongyi appear in the Fu family!?

He was not capable.

He was only causing trouble for him.

In the entire Fu family, Fu Hanchuan was the most capable. Unfortunately, Fu Hanchuan was a rebellious person. He didn’t listen to him and wasn’t willing to help the company through the difficult times.

Old Master Fu had a headache.

He was already old and didn’t have the energy to deal with the matters of the company.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of asking Fu Mingxu for help, but Fu Mingxu was too filial. He was worried that Fu Mingxu would be instigated by Zhou Sihui to take over the company.

Fu Hongyi walked up to Old Master Fu.

He lowered his head.

Old Master Fu frowned. “Didn’t you go to talk about a partnership? Why are you back so soon?”

As he thought of something, Old Master Fu’s face suddenly darkened. “You didn’t succeed?”

“Yes.” Fu Hongyi nodded.

Old Master Fu stared at Fu Hongyi, his face frighteningly dark. “Didn’t I already have a deal with him? It’s just a contract. How can you mess up something as simple as this?”

“Dad, it’s not my problem. He’s just teasing me. That person didn’t think about signing the contract,” Fu Hongyi retorted.

Old Master Fu frowned. “What’s going on?”

This time, Fu Hongyi didn’t exaggerate and told the truth.

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