All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 675 - He Was Very Well-Behaved  

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Chapter 675: He Was Very Well-Behaved


After Lin Haocheng comforted himself, he thought of something and said to Qin Sheng with a hopeful expression, “Sheng Sheng, why don’t you be my sister? I have an elder brother and a grandfather. Even my father likes girls very much. Moreover, the Lin family is very powerful in the capital.”

He tried to seduce Qin Sheng.

“Sheng Sheng, if you become my little sister, you can do whatever you want in the capital. Furthermore, you can also focus on being a rice worm. You can eat and wait for death every day. You can wear gold and silver every day. You can buy whatever you want. Our Lin family has the money to support you.”

Lin Haocheng was very generous.

However, the Lin family indeed had the ability to do so.

He also dared to guarantee that his grandfather and his father would definitely like Qin Sheng.

Right now, Lin Haocheng’s mind was filled with thoughts of bringing Qin Sheng home to be his sister.

Fu Hanchuan did not stop Lin Haocheng.

Even he had to admit that if Qin Sheng entered the Lin family, it would be the best choice.

Qin Sheng had never experienced family love.

Perhaps the Lin family could give her these.

Qin Sheng rejected without even thinking. “I don’t need them.”

She did not dare to hope for any kinship now.

Hence, Qin Sheng did not dare to think about Lin Haocheng’s suggestion.

Lin Haocheng did not give up. “Sheng Sheng, aren’t you going to consider it?”

Qin Sheng lowered her eyes and remained silent.

Fu Hanchuan frowned. “Lin Haocheng, you can go.”

His gaze was very cold.

Lin Haocheng did not dare to bring up this matter for the time being. He coughed and said, “Then I’ll be leaving.”

Before he left, he did not forget to remind him.

“Sheng Sheng, Fu Hanchuan is a wolf with a big tail. Don’t let your heart sink in.”

Lin Haocheng came to the entrance of the villa. He turned on his phone and it was a picture of Qin Sheng eating in the restaurant.

Lin Haocheng heaved a sigh of relief.

This trip was not in vain.

If he added the pictures of Qin Sheng on the Internet, it should be enough.

He could not get Qin Sheng to be his sister.

Then, he would let his grandfather do it.

His grandfather’s ability to trick people was better than his.

With his help, there would be no problem.

Lin Haocheng rushed home happily.

However, while he was on the way, his manager called him. Lin Haocheng had a bad feeling.

He picked up the call, and his manager’s roar came from the phone. “Lin Haocheng, what did you do?”

Lin Haocheng held the phone a little further away.

He picked his ears.

Then he answered, “I was very well-behaved. I didn’t do anything.”

Yan Feng laughed coldly. “Nothing? Fu Hanchuan came to the company for no reason?”

Lin Haocheng’s heart skipped a beat.

He asked weakly, “Brother Feng, what did he come to you for?”

Yan Feng said snappily, “He asked you to be the spokesperson for the three brands under his company.”

Lin Haocheng: “…”

He leaned back in his seat, feeling very helpless. He was really done for. Fu Hanchuan would definitely torture him to death.

He really did not want to experience what happened a month ago again.

F*ck, how ruthless!

Yan Feng rubbed the space between his brows and said with a headache, “Lin Haocheng, tell me, can’t you be a little more obedient? It has only been a short while, and you’ve already provoked him again? Can’t you learn a lesson?!”

Lin Haocheng had a look of despair on his face and did not hear Yan Feng’s words clearly.

Yan Feng was very helpless towards Lin Haocheng.

He was very clear that at this time, Lin Haocheng must have put his phone far away.

Yan Feng’s voice rose, shouting: “Lin Haocheng, Fu Hanchuan cannot be provoked, cannot be provoked!”

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