All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 676 - Becoming the Spokesperson  

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Chapter 676: Becoming the Spokesperson

Lin Haocheng came to his senses and said in a low voice, “Didn’t he lure Sheng Sheng back home to be his girlfriend? Don’t blame me.”

The first time he provoked Fu Hanchuan was three years ago.

From then on, Lin Haocheng didn’t dare to provoke Fu Hanchuan.

But after meeting Qin Sheng, he also knew that Fu Hanchuan was eyeing Qin Sheng like a tiger. Lin Haocheng wanted to go up and separate them, so he was very uncomfortable.

He also found Fu Hanchuan to be an eyesore.

Therefore, he could not control himself.

He courted death time and time again.

When Yan Feng heard Lin Haocheng’s words, the veins on his forehead bulged. “Are you still not giving up? Are you still eyeing the woman Fu Hanchuan has his eyes on?”

Lin Haocheng retorted, “I’m treating her as my younger sister.”

Yan Feng rubbed his aching glabella. “They’re all the same. Lin Haocheng, you’re too good at courting death. I can’t save you. You should continue living the life you had a month ago.”

Lin Haocheng’s body trembled.

He tried to negotiate. “Can I not go?”

Yan Feng was expressionless. “No.”

He looked at the time. “Fu Hanchuan gave you 20 minutes. There are still 12 minutes left. You can go directly to HD Group. I’ll be there later.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

A busy tone came from the phone. Lin Haocheng’s hand that was holding the phone froze in midair.

Unresigned words were squeezed out through the gaps between his teeth. “Uncle Jiang, go to HD Group.”

HD Group had been moving to Imperial City since a long time ago.

Everything had been arranged very early.

Many people with status in Imperial City knew the location of HD Group.

Naturally, Lin Haocheng also knew.

At this moment, he was extremely resentful.

In his heart, he kept scolding Fu Hanchuan for being black-hearted and despicable.

Lin Haocheng suddenly had an idea. If Qin Sheng had an entertainment company under her name, would Fu Hanchuan not dare to squeeze him like this?

The more Lin Haocheng thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

He had to kidnap Qin Sheng to be his sister and then send Qin Sheng to an entertainment company.

He would come to Qin Sheng’s company to be an artist.

Thinking of professionalism, Lin Haocheng was even more determined to let Qin Sheng be his sister.

Over here, in the villa.

Fu Hanchuan hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Sheng Sheng, do you want to consider what Lin Haocheng said? Be his godsister.”

Qin Sheng said nonchalantly, “Brother Fu, I don’t value those so-called family ties anymore. I’m afraid.”

She lowered her eyes and said bitterly, “Even biological parents don’t treat their own biological daughter well, let alone outsiders.”

Qin Sheng didn’t dare to try again.

She was afraid that she would be hurt all over again.

Fu Hanchuan frowned slightly and didn’t force Qin Sheng anymore.

He picked up a piece of seafood and put it into Qin Sheng’s bowl.

“Sheng Sheng, no matter what your choice is, I’ll support you. Just follow your heart.”

Qin Sheng replied softly, “Okay.”

On the Internet, the voting for the school belle was still going on.

He Manyun and Zhao Xiang had both signed up on their own initiative. As for Ye Yutong, it was her friend who had helped her sign up. She had used carefully prepared photos and had also developed her beauty.

Qin Sheng, a hot figure with good grades, good looks, and a cold and noble temperament, was one of the few people in Imperial Capital University who could compare to Ye Yutong. Naturally, someone had also helped her sign up.

There were very few photos of Qin Sheng. There were only two. One was taken by the girl, and the other was taken by a reporter at the H City High School.

Neither of the two photos showed her beauty.

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