All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot-Chapter 767 - Make Qin Sheng Drop Out of School

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Chapter 767: Make Qin Sheng Drop Out of School

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Zhao Xiang’s expression was very ugly. “Don’t worry about them. He’s just sitting in a car that’s worth a few million yuan. What’s there to be proud of? Even if he gets cheated on, he’ll help Qin Sheng cover it up.”

Shen Jiayue echoed, “Right, Xiang Xiang. We don’t need to care about a man like him.”

She thought of something and voiced out her guess. “Xiang Xiang, could it be that he doesn’t dare to admit it and is afraid of losing face? Maybe he’ll only vent his emotions after he leaves.”

Zhao Xiang felt that Shen Jiayue’s words were very reasonable.

She said sarcastically, “Let’s wait and see. Even if Qin Sheng isn’t abandoned by him, her life will not be easy.”

At this moment, Zhao Xiang did not want to snatch Fu Hanchuan away from Qin Sheng anymore.

Fu Hanchuan had been used by Qin Sheng. Although he was extremely handsome, she was not a garbage collector.

Even if Fu Hanchuan begged her in the future and wanted to be with her, she would not care.

She would not bother with him.

Hearing this, Shen Jiayue nodded repeatedly. “Yes.”

Meng Fangfei had always been invisible and rarely spoke during the whole process.

At this moment, she could not hold it in anymore. “Jiayue, Xiang Xiang, it’s getting late. Shall we go back?”

She still needed to read and study.

She did not have much time to waste here.

Zhao Xiang said in a deep voice, “Go back.”

She wanted to find her father and kick Qin Sheng out of Imperial Capital University.

Zhao Xiang was extremely displeased with Qin Sheng.

Zhao Xiang did not go back to school that night. Instead, she went back to the Zhao family and told Father Zhao about Qin Sheng’s incident.

Father Zhao slammed the coffee table hard. “How dare she bully my daughter!”

Zhao Xiang hugged Father Zhao’s arm. “Father, you must avenge me. It’s best if you can get her to drop out of school.”

“Don’t worry. I can handle a small fry.” Father Zhao was very confident.

Zhao Xiang was delighted. “Then, Dad, why did you come to school?”

“I don’t have time tomorrow. I’ll be free the day after tomorrow. I’ll go directly to the principal,” Father Zhao replied. Qin Sheng was just an ordinary person. He could still get an ordinary student to drop out of school.

Zhao Xiang was relieved. “Okay, I’ll have to trouble you, Dad.”

Her eyes were full of pride. Qin Sheng had been kicked out of Imperial Capital University. In the future, she would be the best person in the Medical Department. No one would compete with her.

At night, Qin Sheng returned to her room.

She immediately turned on the computer and her fingertips were typing rapidly on the computer keyboard.

Lines of code appeared on the computer.

She was now hacking into the Zhao Corporation’s system.

She would not let go of those who had provoked Fu Hanchuan.

Shengshi Technology had no conflict with the Zhao Corporation. Qin Sheng had not intended to attack the Zhao Corporation at first.

However, Zhao Xiang could only blame herself for provoking the wrong person.

The Zhao Corporation’s defense system was well designed, but Qin Sheng still hacked into the Zhao Corporation’s internal system in less than thirty minutes.

There was a lot of information inside.

Qin Sheng leisurely walked around inside and slowly curved her lips.

The speed of her typing on the computer keyboard was very fast.

She directly deleted several important documents of the Zhao Corporation and then modified some of the information inside.

After doing this, Qin Sheng began to exit the system.

She deliberately touched an alarm.

The alarm system of the Zhao Corporation sounded.

The technician who was playing with his phone was stunned for a moment. He hurriedly logged into the computer to check.

Qin Sheng was destroying the protective system.

Seeing that someone was coming, Qin Sheng did not speed up, but the technician was still unable to catch Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng curled her lips and pressed the enter key. The protective system of the Zhao Corporation was completely destroyed.

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