All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot-Chapter 768 - Hacking the System

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Chapter 768: Hacking the System

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Before Qin Sheng left, she arrogantly left a message, [I deleted a few files and tampered with some information. I also destroyed your protection system. This is the interest I collected. Take care of Zhao Xiang. Otherwise, I will come again next time.]

Then, Qin Sheng’s hacking mark disappeared.

The technician had no choice but to watch Qin Sheng escape from under his eyes.

He did not dare to delay and immediately reported this matter to the department head.

The department head paced back and forth in the room and asked anxiously, “Who is he?”

This was the first time the Zhao Corporation had encountered such a situation.

It was not that they had not been attacked by hackers before, but the Zhao Corporation’s protective system had blocked them from entering.

This was the first time someone had hacked into the Zhao Corporation’s computer system since its establishment.

The technical staff said respectfully, “I don’t know. I had no way of catching up to them. Furthermore, before they left, they gave us a warning.”

Some of the supervisors frowned. “What warning?”

“They said that if we didn’t manage the Young Miss properly, they will still come over,” the technical staff replied.

The department head was very puzzled. “Is it related to the Young Miss?”

“That’s what they said.”

“Alright, I got it. Now look after the company’s information. Don’t let any other hackers break in!”

The department head did not blame the technical staff for the matter.

This technical staff was a graduate of Peking University. His abilities were not bad, and the department head had seen it with his own eyes.

Someone who could attack the computers of the Zhao Corporation would probably be one of the best in the world.

If he couldn’t stop them, it was normal.

After the department head of the Technology Department explained the matter, he contacted Father Zhao.

He repeated the entire matter.

Father Zhao was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. He noticed a name. “Xiang Xiang?”

The department head replied, “That hacker who hacked into the company’s internal system did say so.”

“Alright, I got it.” Father Zhao’s face was gloomy. “Go and find someone to repair the firewall immediately. Also, think of a way to recover the deleted information.”

“As for the information that was tampered with…”

Father Zhao had a headache. This was more difficult. If the deleted files could not be recovered, they could make a new copy. However, the content that was tampered with was very difficult to find and would be confused. It would cause a huge loss to the company.

He thought for a moment and said, “See if you can find any traces of tampering.”

“Yes,” the department head agreed.

Of course, they would not be able to discover what Qin Sheng had done, let alone restore the documents.

Because of Qin Sheng’s intrusion this time, the Zhao Corporation had to bear a conservative loss of 100 million yuan.

Father Zhao was really angry that someone had provoked him like this. He was even worried that they would once again hack into the company’s protective system and cause the theft of the data.

To the company, Qin Sheng was a ticking time bomb.

Therefore, Father Zhao said in a deep voice, “Report the case! We must capture him.”

After hanging up the phone, Father Zhao came to the living room.

Zhao Xiang was talking to Mother Zhao.

Father Zhao only had one daughter, Zhao Xiang, and he loved her to the bone. Even though Qin Sheng said that it was because of Zhao Xiang that she invaded the Zhao Corporation… Father Zhao also asked very patiently, “Xiang Xiang, have you offended anyone recently?”

Zhao Xiang gritted her teeth and replied, “Yes, it’s that Qin Sheng that I told you about.”

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