All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot-Chapter 976 - 976 Exposed, Creating a Scandal

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976 Exposed, Creating a Scandal

“Can’t control it? Is this the reason you stole my boyfriend?”

Qin Churou grabbed the woman’s hand and said pitifully, “Yi Qing, don’t blame me. I had no choice. We’re good friends. Can’t you be more understanding?”

“Oh, then what do you want to do?” the woman said sarcastically.

Qin Churou quickly said, “I know it’s hard for you to give Ah Huai to me. but we can be together with Ah Huai. Yi Qing, isn’t this good for the three of us? ”

The woman shook Qin Churou off in disgust. “How thick is your skin to make such a request?”

This time, Li Wen did not go easy on her either.

Qin Churou’s knee hit the floor, breaking and bleeding.

Qin Churou frowned. Li Huai walked over and pulled Qin Churou up from the ground, carefully examining her wound. “After this, I’ll immediately send you to the hospital for a checkup.”

“Su Yiqing, you’re too jealous!” He turned to the woman.

The woman said sarcastically, “Yes, I’m jealous and I’m not considerate enough. Then you can live with her from now on. I wish you two a happy life together.”

She left without any hesitation.

Li Huai still had feelings for her, so he subconsciously wanted to chase after her.

“Hiss.” Qin Churou cried out in pain.

Li Huai couldn’t care less about the other woman. He said with heartache, “I’ll send you to the hospital immediately.”

“Ah Huai, I’m fine.” Qin Churou shook her head. “Yi Qing only did such an irrational thing because she couldn’t control her anger. Ah Huai, don’t misunderstand her.”

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“But…” Qin Churou frowned. “Yi Qing won’t empathize with you, and she won’t think from your point of view.”

Hearing Qin Churou’s words, Li Huai felt angry. “It’s okay to break up with that kind of woman. Rou’er, I’m fine as long as I have you.”

Qin Churou hugged Li Huai.

“Yes,” she replied, blushing.

A round of enthusiastic applause rang out around them.

“Good, this is really good.”

The human resources manager was stunned. He didn’t expect Qin Churou’s acting skills to be so good.

Su Yixiu glanced at the human resources manager, who quickly retracted his expression.

“President Su,” she said with a smile.

Qin Churou looked at the human resources manager’s expression and knew that she had a high chance of entering Shenghe Entertainment.

She let out a heavy breath.

She said very politely, “President Su, I’m done acting.”

Su Yixiu said expressionlessly, “Qin Churou, your acting skills are not bad. I think you act like this often.”

Qin Churou couldn’t understand the deeper meaning in Su Yixiu’s words.

She thought that Su Yixiu was complimenting her, so she smiled and said, “Because I wanted to be an actress since I was a child, so I often practice.”

Su Yixiu replied indifferently.

“Qin Churou,” he said directly, “you know that we were in the same high school in H City. You’ve been involved in a lot of scandals.”

Su Yixiu began to point them out one by one. “You used Zhao Jia to deal with Qin Sheng, ridiculed your classmates, and spread rumors that Qin Sheng is a kept woman.”

“That’s all fake!” Before Su Yixiu could finish, he was interrupted by Qin Churou’s agitated voice.

If Su Yixiu hadn’t mentioned it, Qin Churou would have almost forgotten about it.

Before coming to the Capital Film and Television University, she had already asked Qin Hai to help her cover up everything.

Therefore, when the media reporters investigated Qin Churou’s identity and background, they didn’t manage to find out about the things on the forum.

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