Almighty Sword Domain-Chapter 2341 – Who Do You Think You Are?

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Chapter 2341 – Who Do You Think You Are?

Yang Ye slowly descended from high above in the clouds.

Meanwhile, the woman in the aqua blue dress gazed at him. She sized up Yang Ye in a gaze of superiority, true superiority, like a human looking at an ant!

Yang Ye waved his right hand and Invincible returned to him. He fell silent as he gazed at the cracks saber before him, and a few breaths of time passed before he waved his hand and put it within the Primordial Pagoda.

“The True Dao Realm!” Meanwhile, the woman spoke abruptly, “A True Dao Realm cultivator actually forced my Immortal Estate to such an extent.”

She looked down at the estate below and said, “Who’s the current Estate Master?”

The beautiful woman from before appeared and bowed slightly to her, “Founding Ancestor, the Estate Master isn’t here. But I’ve notified him, and he should be on the way back!”

She glanced at the estate below and continued, “Is there no one capable left in the Immortal Estate?”

Her voice was icy cold and without any emotion.

The beautiful woman was terrified, and she quickly lowered her head and didn’t dare speak a word.

The woman glanced coldly at the estate. In the end, she glanced at the sky, “What are all of you doing here? Scram!”

She waved her hand lightly as she spoke.


The space in a huge area shook violently, and then countless explosions resounded. At the same time, auras retreated like a receding tide.

In just a few breaths of time, only Yang Ye and her remained in the sky above the Immortal Estate.

She gazed at Yang Ye, “This clone of mine can only be summoned thrice. I’ve been summoned twice now, and the last was because of someone called the Initial Emperor. He was quite the figure. But you seem to be much weaker than him.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “I’ve been to the six clans, and I’ve practically met all of their ancestors. But I never expected even the Immortal Estate to have one. Sigh, it’s really nice to have backing!”


All along his journey, his greatest backing had always been his father. Unfortunately, his father was gone now. Of course, he wasn’t complaining about that because he’d always believed in one thing all through his journey—The best thing to rely on is always one’s self!

The woman placed her hands behind her back, “Come, let me see if there’s anything special about the geniuses of this era.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Alright!”

Yang Ye stomped his right foot down and shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

A ray of sword energy flashed while a sword howl surged into the sky.

Everywhere it passed, space was torn open, and a huge rift was opened up in the sky above the Immortal Estate.

The Sword Domain!

Yang Ye didn’t dare to act carelessly or underestimate the woman, and he’d immediately used the Sword Domain.

The woman’s face remained indifferent, and it was like she was looking at an ant. There was no disdain, only indifference in her eyes.

When Yang Ye’s sword was around 3m away from her, she suddenly stretched out two fingers.


Along with a clear and melodious clang, the sky suddenly fell silent.

The tip of Yang Ye’s sword had stopped half an inch away from her forehead, and two fingers had clamped down on the tip of his sword!

Yang Ye’s powerful attack had been forcefully stopped like that!

She glanced at him and flicked lightly.

Yang Ye was instantly blasted over 30km away with his sword!


The space behind Yang Ye exploded apart as he flew through it, and the cracks were stretching rapidly toward the surroundings.

The entire sky was like a spiderweb!

The experts of the Immortal Estate were visibly delighted from the sight of this.

No matter how strong Yang Ye was, he wasn’t stronger than their founder, even if their founder was just a clone!

The woman glanced at her hand, and there was a tiny mark on her finger. An extremely disdainful smile appeared on her face when she saw that, and she looked up at Yang Ye, “Are you that weak?”

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and then he looked down at the Sword Supreme. There were cracks all around it. While they were tiny cracks, they were still cracks.

The number one sword of the large universe!

This number one sword of the large universe had never been harmed, yet now, it had.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly.


While she was just a clone, her strength far surpassed him. An expert like this wasn’t someone he could fight at all. Moreover, if her main body was here, then even Auntie Vege and Wang Erya’s grandfather would probably be no match for her!


Yang Ye abandoned that thought as soon as it appeared to him.

At the moment he chose to come to the Immortal Estate, he’d never thought of fleeing. He couldn’t flee either. He was really in a hopeless situation.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, and then a strand of powerful sword intent swept out from him.

True Dao Realm sword intent!

With the Sword Gourd’s help, he’d improved his sword intent to the True Dao Realm, and this sword intent surged incessantly into the Sword Supreme.

The Sword Supreme trembled, and a sword howl resounded through the sky.

“True Dao Realm sword intent!” The woman spoke indifferently, “Coupled with your Sword Domain, it does make things a little interesting. I hope you don’t disappoint…”

Suddenly, a ray of sword energy flashed.

An instant later, it arrived above the woman.

The Sword Domain!

The Sword Domain combined with True Dao Realm sword intent, and it was even two overlapped attacks!

This time, Yang Ye had executed two overlapped strikes!

It was simply capable of obliterating the world!

The woman’s eyes narrowed slightly, yet she still didn’t dodge. At the instant Yang Ye’s second swing descended, a pair of pure white hands suddenly clamped down upon his sword.

She’d caught his sword, but she was pushed three steps back, and every step back she took caused the space beneath her to be obliterated. It was obvious how terrifying Yang Ye’s attack was.

But she was completely unharmed!

Yang Ye held his sword with both hands. No matter how hard he pushed, his sword couldn’t move down even a little!

Yang Ye decisively abandoned his sword, and then an expanse of saber energy instantly enveloped her.

Madness Saber Technique!

Swing after swing was completely like a flash of lightning and without even the slightest gap between them. However, every swing of Yang Ye’s hit nothing but air!

Every single one of them missed!

It was like she knew where it would strike, so she’d moved before they even descended, so only saber energy and the sound of space being torn apart resounded.

Two breaths of time later.

Yang Ye stopped. The woman was still standing before him. Her position hadn’t changed at all! Moreover, she still had the Sword Supreme clamped between her hands!

A wisp of ridicule curled up on her lips, “Is that all!”

She flicked the Sword Supreme, and it shot forward.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly, and he caught the Sword Supreme with both hands. However, the powerful force it carries instantly blasted him away, and he flew over 10km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, Yang Ye’s arms cracked open and blood seeped out from them. Moreover, another wisp of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

“Geniuses? Monstrous geniuses?” Meanwhile, the woman suddenly laughed coldly, “During my era, there were too many like you, and countless geniuses like you died at my hands. This is my final clone, and it will vanish in two hours. After that, nothing I left behind will remain in the Immortal Estate. Come, let me see what other trump cards you have.”


She was absolutely confident when facing Yang Ye, both in how she spoke and mentally as well!

Of course, she had the right to. After all, they weren’t from the same era. It could be said that Yang Ye hadn’t even been born when she commanded great respect all those years ago.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly.

A moment of silence ensued, and then Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes. At the instant he did that, a ray of sword energy flashed. A moment later, the sword energy appeared above her.

One swing!

Two swings!

Three swings!

Three swings with the Sword Domain!

Yang Ye’s ultimate limit!

At the instant the third strike descended, the space above the Immortal Estate was instantly obliterated and turned completely pitch black. Moreover, the powerful sword energy caused the estate below to start collapsing inch by inch.

It was truly capable of obliterating the world!


In the sky, a beautiful figure was blasted almost 3km away!

It was the founding ancestor of the Immortal Estate!

At this moment, her body had become quite ethereal.

As for Yang Ye’s body, it was cracking apart inch by inch, and blood was seeping out incessantly from him. In just a short while, he was covered in blood. But in just a short while, the blood vanished because it had been absorbed by Invincible!

It was absorbing his blood!

The woman glanced at her palm, and there was an extremely deep cut there. It had cut open her palm and damaged her clone!

A moment of silence ensued, and then she looked up at Yang Ye. At this moment, she thought of something. The man before her was only at the True Dao Realm!

She restrained her thoughts, and then she started walking slowly in his direction, “I have to admit that you have some skill. However, it’s just a little!”

She waved her right hand once she finished speaking.


A wave of powerful energy instantly blasted Yang Ye over 3km away.

Mouthfuls of blood sprayed from Yang Ye, and the cracks throughout his body grew wider. While his body had cracked open earlier, the Primordial Violet Energy within him had been healing him madly, so it wasn’t lethal. Now, after suffering that attack from her, it wasn’t just Yang Ye’s body that cracked open, even his internal organs had cracked open!

She didn’t stop and continued toward Yang Ye, “I’m not interested in slaughtering an ant. However, I’m quite interested in slaughtering you. Isn’t your recovery very fast? Come, let me see if your recovery is fast, or my destruction is faster?”

She raised her right hand and was about to attack again once she finished speaking.

Suddenly, she frowned slightly and looked up into the sky. A ray of dark light shot down, and her expression changed slightly. She swiftly slammed her right fist at it.


A wave of powerful energy rippled out toward the dark light, but the dark light blasted it apart.

An instant later, a petite girl appeared before her. Moreover, the girl was holding her by the throat!

The petite girl looked her in the eyes, “Slaughter him? Who do you think you are?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the girl squeezed down slowly, and the clone of the Immortal Estate’s founding ancestor instantly turned ethereal.

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