Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce - Chapter 441 - Qingyu wanted to leave the imperial residence

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Chapter 441: Chapter 441, Qingyu wanted to leave the imperial residence


Qiao Ruoyun and Qian Yin were overjoyed. If it were not for Qiao Ruoyi and her husband’s ugly expressions, Qiao Ruoyun would have really wanted to settle the marriage on the spot. Wouldn’t it be better if they were to kiss and marry?


In the Prince’s residence of Pingliang.

After Lu ang returned, he found Qian Qingyu playing with a little parrot in front of the light. He did not know why his mother had given Qian qingyu a parrot. Usually, she looked at the parrot much better than she looked at herself.

Lu Ang put the red packet in front of Qian Qingyu.

Qian Qingyu saw the red packet and bowed, “Your Highness, where did you get this Red Packet?”

“Mother gave us the lucky money. One for you and one for me.”Lu Ang put the red packet in Qian Qingyu’s hand.

Qian Qingyu opened the red packet and saw two banknotes of 100 taels of silver inside. She asked in surprise, “So much?”

“Mother has plenty of silver.”Lu ang said, “I’ll give you this too.”

Qian qingyu said, “Isn’t this too much?”

Lu ang smiled and said, “Is that too much? Then in the future, the entire mansion will be given to you…”

Qian Qingyu did not wait for Lu Ang to finish his words and whispered, “Your Highness, don’t Make Fun of me. I’ll take it.”

Qian Qingyu did not want to hear the joke about the whole mansion being given to her. She did not want the whole mansion. She only wanted Lu ang.


After the New Year, the spring examinations would be held once every three years. This time, the number of women participating in the spring examinations was the highest since the imperial examinations began.

Qian qingyu rarely left the mansion. She could only listen to the little maidservants in the mansion talking about the bustle outside.

In the past, when Qian Qingyu was in the West Mountain Academy, she would always hear those female students studying the scriptures and preparing for the imperial examinations reciting books day and night. She was in the embroidery class, so she did not need to recite books day and night. She only needed to know how to read.

At that time, Qian Qingyu was envious of those girls. In the future, when those girls went out to the West Mountain Academy, they would at least be able to become teachers in other academies.

There were very few slots in that academy, and it was unknown if there would be any classmates going to take the examinations this year.

Lucky took out a post and gave it to Qian qingyu, “Qingyu, this is a post given to you by someone outside the door.”

Qian Qingyu opened it and saw that it was a post from Ma Ya. Today, the results were released, and Ma Ya had invited Qian Qingyu to watch the show.

Qian Qingyu had not left the prince’s mansion for a long time. Recently, the imperial examinations had been very busy, and Lu ang was usually very busy, so Qian Qingyu followed Ma Ya to the taste pavilion beside the results.

When Ma Ya saw Qian Qingyu, she did not dare to recognize the woman in front of her. “Qingyu, you’ve changed too much, haven’t you? No Wonder His Highness did not let you go out. You’re so beautiful that even I don’t allow you to go out.”

Qian Qingyu’s face heated up slightly. “Don’t make fun of me.”

The private rooms in the savant pavilion had already been booked long ago. The two of them stood by the window near the corner of the street. The results were about to be released, and there were many people standing outside.

Ma Ya said, “After three years, I also want to take the exam and have a try. I don’t know if there will be children at that time. Qingyu, I’m getting married. It will be at the end of March. Could you come to send me off?”

Qian qingyu said, “I will definitely come. How come I haven’t heard you mention it before?”

Ma Ya said, “The marriage is set in a hurry. You must remember to come.”

Qian qingyu nodded. “Don’t worry, I will definitely go.”

In the darkest three years of her life, it was Ma ya who constantly helped her and trusted her. If it weren’t for Ma Ya, she would have died long ago.

Qian Qingyu would always remember this friendship.

After the results were released, some people in the crowd cried, some laughed, some knelt down, and some even did a backflip in front of everyone.

Qian Qingyu looked over and saw Lu ang in the crowd. Beside Lu ang were the neon and Neon Sisters. When they saw their names on the list, they were extremely happy.

Qiao neon was so excited and happy that she hugged Lu ang.

This scene deeply stung Qian Qingyu’s eyes.

Qian Qingyu no longer looked over. She took a sip of tea and suppressed the pain in her heart.

After that, Qian Qingyu could tell that Lu ang was in a good mood.

After the court examination, the rankings were determined. The Qiao sisters were both among the top this time.

Qian Qingyu knew that Lu ang must be very happy, so she asked the kitchen to cook a lot of Lu Ang’s favorite dishes to celebrate.

However, Lu Ang did not return at night.

The servant beside Lu ang came over and said, “Miss Qingyu, the two Qiao girls have won the title. His Highness will take the two Qiao girls to visit the manor in Luoyang City for half a month. You Don’t have to wait for His Highness to come back for this half a month.”

Qian qingyu said, “Okay, Tell His Highness to drink less.”

Qian Qingyu had her period today. Although she had taken medicine to recuperate for half a year, there were times when the pain was unbearable. Since Lu Ang was not there, she simply stayed in the room to rest.

On the carriage out of Luoyang, Qiao Nihong teased Lu ang and said, “You have followed us to Luoyang for half a month. Don’t You Miss Your Precious Servant Girl? She hasn’t been to Luoyang City, right? Call her along.”

Lu ang said, “That won’t do. Her period is coming. Every time her period comes, she will feel unbearable pain. Just let her recuperate in the residence.”

This trip to Luoyang city was to celebrate the two of them getting a good ranking and also to celebrate Qiao Nichang’s birthday.

The Xie family had already prepared a birthday banquet for Qiao Nichang in Chang ‘an. However, there were many people at the birthday banquet, so it was better to go to Luoyang city to celebrate her birthday.

Lu Ang and Qiao Nichang’s birthdays were close, so they celebrated together in Luoyang.

At the end of March, Qian Qingyu remembered her promise to Ma Ya. When the time was near, Qian Qingyu found out that Ma Ya’s family was in Luoyang. She had promised earlier and could not go back on her word now.

Moreover, Ma Ya had done a lot for her.

Lu Ang did not come back, so Qian Qingyu could only tell Nanny Ning. After all, the journey to Luoyang was neither far nor near, and they had to use a carriage.

Moreover, after three days of traveling back and forth in Luoyang, Qian Qingyu did not dare to leave the mansion for three days.

Nanny Ning heard her and said, “If Miss Qingyu wants to go out and play in Chang ‘an city, I will definitely prepare a carriage for you. But this is going to Luoyang city. Please forgive me for not being able to prepare a carriage for you.”

Qian qingyu said gently, “Nanny, Maya is really important to me. I Can’t not go to her wedding. Once she is married, I will rush back. I beg for your forgiveness.”

Nanny Ning said, “Miss, please don’t make things difficult for me. I don’t know what will happen on the three-day journey to Luoyang. If anything happens, I won’t be able to bear the consequences if the Lord blames me.”.

“If you really think that Miss Ma is important to you, I can ask the servants of the manor to apply makeup in the name of the Lord’s Manor. This can be considered miss’kind gesture.”

Qian Qingyu was helpless. She did not read the wedding invitation in the beginning. Now there were only three days left for the divorce..

She could not get Lu Ang to agree.

Nanny Ning said, “Miss Qingyu, do you want me to find a servant girl to apply makeup on Miss Ma?”

Qian qingyu bowed and said, “Thank you, Nanny.”

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