Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce - Chapter 442 - misunderstanding  

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Chapter 442: Chapter 442, misunderstanding

After Qian Qingyu returned to her room, she remembered how Ma Ya had taken care of her for the past three years.

If she agreed to Ma Ya’s request and did not send her off, she would be letting Ma ya down.

Qian Qingyu made up her mind. Even if her highness scolded her, she would personally send Ma ya off to get married.

Even if she did not have a carriage maid from the Prince’s mansion, she still had money on her.

It was only a day’s journey from Chang ‘an to Luoyang by carriage. In such a short time, it should be fine for her to go alone.

Qian qingyu left a letter in the room and dug out the clothes that Lu ang had not thrown away in the past. At that time, Lu Ang’s figure was almost the same as her current figure.

Qian Qingyu changed into Lu Ang’s clothes and sent away an old woman who was in charge of a side door. After leaving through the side door, she went to the courier station in Chang ‘an.

In the courier station, she easily rented a horse carriage with Lu Ang’s jade pendant.

When the horse carriage left the city gate of Chang ‘an, Qian Qingyu’s heart beat very fast. She did not know how many people would be implicated. This was also the first time she did it so smoothly.

Qian Qingyu did not dare to let anyone down. She forced herself to be alert and opened the curtain of the horse carriage. It was very dark outside.

Qian Qingyu clenched the dagger in her hand..

It was not until the sound of a rooster crowing was heard and the sunlight penetrated through the curtain of the carriage that Qian Qingyu slightly relaxed her vigilance. When she heard the voices with different accents, she pulled open the curtain and looked at the words ‘Luoyang’. She let out a sigh of relief, they had already arrived at the borders of Luoyang.

Qian qingyu showed the groom the location of the wedding invitation. It took another two hours before she arrived in front of the horse residence.

Ma Ya’s father was a sixth-pin judge in Luoyang city. There were many guests coming and going to celebrate the wedding of their daughter. Qian Qingyu handed over the wedding invitation, and the maids beside Ma Ya came out to welcome her, “Miss Qian, you’re finally here. My miss has been waiting for you!”

Qian qingyu smiled and said, “I’m finally here.”

After entering Ma Ya’s room, the inside was already covered with the words “Wedding”. The bright red wedding dress was hung on the clothes rack. Ma Ya was going to be married tomorrow, and the residence was very busy today.

Ma Ya held onto Qian Qingyu’s hand and said, “Qingyu, why are you so pale? Do you see Black and blue under your eyes?”

Qian qingyu said, “I had to travel all night last night.”

Ma Ya said guiltily, “It’s been hard on you, quickly take a rest. I’ll get a servant girl to bring you to the guest room to sleep.”

Qian Qingyu was really tired and could not hold it in any longer. She went to the guest room to rest for a while. When she woke up, Ma Ya’s room was filled with sisters who came to add makeup.

Qian Qingyu said to Ma ya, “I won’t stay any longer. After all, I’m a servant in the mansion. It’s not appropriate for me to come out rashly. I’ll leave first.”

Ma Ya held Qian Qingyu’s hand and said reluctantly, “Aren’t you going to watch me leave after I Get Married Tomorrow?”

Qian qingyu said, “I… I’m sorry, Yaya.”

Ma Ya said, “What’s there to be sorry about? It’s just that I want you to see how I look when I’m wearing my wedding dress. It’s not easy for you either. You should be careful on the way back to Chang ‘an.”

“Okay.”Qian Qingyu agreed and then left the horse mansion.

Qian Qingyu knew that Lu ang was in Luoyang city and she had not seen him on the 12th day. Qian Qingyu missed him very much and came to Luoyang from both sides. She wanted to take a look at Lu Ang.

When she arrived outside the Luoyang Palace, she saw Lu Ang, neon, Qiao Nishang, Qian Yu, and a few others riding on horses. She did not know where they were going.

Qian Qingyu got on the carriage and let the coachman follow them. He watched them arrive at a mountain in Luoyang and play games in a pavilion in the mountain. Lu ang smiled very happily. When he was with Miss Nishang, they were perfect for each other.

From Afar, they could hear Qiao Nishang’s voice from the other side. “Today is the birthday of the two birthday stars. It’s your turn to drink.”

Qian Qingyu slowly realized that Lu Ang’s birthday was only a few days away. It turned out that his and Qiao Nihon’s birthdays were also very similar.

Lu ang said, “I’ll drink it. You’re not allowed to bully Nihon. I’ll drink her wine too.”

“Brother Ang, don’t get drunk.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get drunk.”

Qian Qingyu looked at Lu Ang who was drinking for Qiao Nihon. A tear fell from her eye. She hated alcohol. When her father was drunk when he was young, he would beat her up.

Alcohol was not cheap. There was no savings at home. She was often hungry, but her father always borrowed money to drink. The rice that her aunt used to help them was also used by her father to exchange for alcohol.

Lu Ang had promised himself twice not to drink too much, and he drank so much.

“Miss, are you still leaving? Chang ‘an has a curfew. If you don’t Leave Now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to make it back before the curfew.”

Qian Qingyu got on the carriage and returned to Chang ‘an. However, she didn’t expect that it was already curfew time when she arrived at the Courier station outside Chang ‘an. The Courier Station was already full of people.

Qian Qingyu went to the city gate and took out the silver taels and Lu Ang’s jade token. She wanted to enter the city, the city guard said, “No, there are many distinguished people in Chang ‘an these days. No one can open the city gate without permission. You can wait outside the city until midnight before you enter.”

A sudden clap of thunder came from the sky and the rain started to fall.

The carriage was already in the courier station. Qian Qingyu hid by the city gate without an umbrella. However, the heavy rain and wind still made her wet.

Qian qingyu squatted by the city wall, hoping that the rain would stop soon.

Unexpectedly, the rain continued to fall until the morning. When the city gate opened, Qian Qingyu walked for more than an hour before she arrived at the gate of the Prince’s mansion. As soon as she entered the mansion, she could not help but faint when she saw lucky.

Lucky hugged Qian Qingyu and said to nanny ning, “Nanny Ning, Qingyu is back, but she was caught in the Rain…”

Nanny Ning came out and frowned. “Why Bother? Someone, quickly get a doctor.”

When Qian Qingyu woke up, she woke up from the pain caused by the medicine, when Lucky saw Qian qingyu wake up, he said, “You finally woke up. You secretly left the Prince’s residence and Nanny Ning was angry. You went to Luoyang, why didn’t you come back with the Prince?”

Qian qingyu forced herself to stand up and said, “The prince is so happy in Luoyang, why should I bother him?”

Lu Ang liked Qiao Nichang. With the real master around, a fake like her would only make the prince unhappy.

On the 10th of April, Lu Ang and the others came back from Luoyang.

After Lu ang came back, he took the things he bought from Luoyang and went to the room. “Qingyu, these are all brought to you from Luoyang.”

Qian Qingyu looked at the things in the hands of Lu Ang and the manservant behind her and smiled. “Thank you for Remembering Me, Your Highness.”

She thought that when Lu Ang and Miss Nichang were playing together, she would not be in his heart. His Highness still remembered that she brought so much food for her to eat and play with.

Lu ang smelled the scent of medicine on Qian Qingyu and heard her hoarse voice. “Are you sick?”

Qian qingyu coughed twice. “I caught a cold in the rain a few days ago. I’m much better now.”

Lu ang walked up to Qian Qingyu, hugged her, and kissed her on the face. “I haven’t seen you for so many days. I miss you so much.”

Qian qingyu said, “Me too. I Miss Your Highness very much.”

Lu ang spread the curtain and whispered into Qian Qingyu’s ear, “Then let me see how much you miss me!”

Qian qingyu said, “Your Highness… I’m sick. Don’t give me your sickness…”

“It’s okay.”Lu ang really missed Qian Qingyu. Next time he went to Luoyang, he must bring Qian Qingyu with him.

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