Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 1095 - As If Her Beloved Family Member Had Passed Away

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Chapter 1095: As If Her Beloved Family Member Had Passed Away

Chi Jiao didn’t know what was wrong with her.

Her tears flowed uncontrollably like pearls from a broken necklace. They flowed out one after another from her eyes. She looked at Bai Wanxi’s corpse and thought of her death. She suddenly felt a sense of sorrow as she looked at her cold corpse.

It was as if her beloved family member had passed away. As if Bai Wanxi was really her sister.

She felt immense sorrow because of Bai Wanxi’s death, because of the sight of her corpse.

“Brother Quan…” Chi Jiao didn’t know how to describe her feelings. She didn’t know how to explain her sadness.

However, the uneasiness in her heart instantly dissipated when she looked up and met Quan Jue’s complicated gaze.

At that moment, Chi Jiao realized that Quan Jue’s state of mind was the same as hers. He was also sad about Bai Wanxi’s death.

Chi Jiao and Quan Jue were now certain that they had a special relationship with this woman called Bai Wanxi.

“Take her away first. Take Pan Xiaomeng’s corpse, too. We’ll bury them together when we find Pan Guming’s corpse,” Quan Jue comforted her.

Chi Jiao nodded and informed 117 to send a helicopter over. They dragged the crystal coffin and Pan Xiaomeng’s unrecognizable corpse away.

Chi Jiao placed Bai Wanxi’s crystal coffin in the basement of the 117 Building. The temperature in the basement could be adjusted. Chi Jiao specially asked the staff to lower the temperature in the basement in order to better preserve Bai Wanxi’s body.

“Master, you don’t have to worry so much. The crystal coffin Bai Wanxi is in is made of a very special material. It can ensure that the corpse won’t rot all year round.” The little heart stayed obediently on Chi Jiao’s neck. It assured her kindly when it saw that she seemed to be very worried about Bai Wanxi.

Chi Jiao stood in the control room in the basement. Of course, she already knew what the little heart was telling her.

She could already guess the effects of the crystal coffin when she saw that Bai Wanxi’s corpse was placed in the crystal coffin without any signs of decay. However, Chi Jiao still couldn’t help worrying even though she knew this.

Her heart stirred. It was as if Bai Wanxi’s existence could easily affect her emotions, causing the usually calm Chi Jiao to feel shaken.

Chi Jiao had always been a calm and composed person. However, she found it difficult to control herself when faced with Bai Wanxi.

“Take good care of this corpse. Nothing must happen to it, understand?” Chi Jiao specially instructed her subordinates before leaving the basement.

“Yes!” The staff immediately nodded and watched her leave respectfully.

Chi Jiao left the basement and returned to her office.

Chi Jiao could clearly smell the fragrance of porridge in the air just as she pushed open the office door.

It was a tempting fragrance that immediately roused her appetite.

Quan Jue had breakfast prepared. He was just setting up the table when Chi Jiao entered. Hearing the door open, he turned to look at her and waved. “I just got Yin Yong to send breakfast over. Come and eat.”

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