Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 1128 - Don't Act Rashly

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Chapter 1128: Don’t Act Rashly


Quan Yan didn’t believe that Quan Jue relied on his own abilities to do business. In his opinion, everyone in the Quan family had to rely on the Quans’ reputation.

It would be treason if Quan Jue didn’t help and protect them as a member of the Quan family.

Moreover, Quan Jue actually said that he had nothing to do with the Quan family. It was even more ridiculous.

In Quan Yan’s opinion, Quan Jue’s nonsense was just blatant lies that could only fool a child. Would Quan Yan be deceived by him? Dream on.

“I’m not sure about the exact situation. But, anyway, Master Quan has been in a bad mood these past few days. First Young Master, you should follow his instructions and quickly prepare to hand the company over to him.” Butler Wang advised him.

Quan Yan didn’t agree. He immediately shook his head. “That won’t do. Quan Jue made Dad suffer, so how can I sit back and do nothing? Just you wait. I’ll use these three days to give Quan Jue a hard time and help avenge Dad! By then, Daddy will be pleased and won’t need to take my company away.”

Butler Wang was shocked by his plan and hurriedly advised him, “First Young Master, don’t act rashly. Master just warned you not to provoke Third Young Master Quan Jue, yet you’re going to do so. Aren’t you asking for trouble?”

Quan Yan waved his hand, indicating for him to calm down. “I’m not a fool. Quan Jue is so cunning. What if I fall into his trap? To deal with Quan Jue, you cannot attack him directly. But I have other ways.”

With that, Quan Yan seemed to have thought of a good idea. He gave an evil laugh and strode away.

Butler Wang was very puzzled when he saw Quan Yan leave, but he didn’t dare to stop him.

The next morning, outside a company in Sea City.

Chi Mingwei’s chauffeur looked angry as he confronted the company’s security guards. “What’s the meaning of this? My boss received an invitation to discuss a collaboration with your boss today! Is this how your boss treats his guests?”

The security guards were equally unyielding. They all had stern expressions and said seriously, “I’m really sorry. Mr. Chi, our boss said that he will be in trouble if we cooperate with you. He doesn’t dare to take the risk.”

Chi Mingwei narrowed his eyes. He was still very calm and didn’t show anger even after being stood up. “It’s indeed a pity that we can’t cooperate. It’s not that you can’t reject me, but you have to at least give me a reason.”

“Given our low status, how can we know the reason? Mr. Chi, don’t make things difficult for us.” The security guards felt very awkward when they saw how polite Chi Mingwei was.

“Then please call someone who can explain to me. Otherwise, I won’t leave today,” Chi Mingwei said stubbornly.

The security guards couldn’t really be rough with Chi Mingwei. They looked at each other before one of them entered the company to call someone.

Soon, the secretary to the company boss emerged.

Chi Mingwei had seen this secretary before. He stared at him expressionlessly and said coldly, “Secretary Cao, your boss was the one who came looking for me to discuss a collaboration. Now, your boss isn’t even willing to meet me. Isn’t that a little too much?”

Chi Mingwei did not lower his voice and successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

Many onlookers had already gathered on the street. Passers-by slowed down and curiously looked over.

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