Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 1137 - All They Could Do Was Watch and Witness Everything That Happened

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Chapter 1137: All They Could Do Was Watch and Witness Everything That Happened


It was very difficult to deal with high-level monsters. On the other hand, there were many more low-level monsters. They were not that smart and were more like large, bloodthirsty animals. These low-level monsters were more timid than high-level monsters. They were afraid of the Bai family’s strength, so they would not take the initiative to attack the Bai family unless they were extremely hungry.

However, in the past few days, these low-level monsters seem to be unusually agitated. They took the initiative to pounce on the Bai family and cause trouble.

As the saying went, there must be something wrong when there were abnormal symptoms. Everyone in the Bai family felt that this phenomenon was not a good sign.

This was the first time Chi Jiao had seen the Bai family in such a sorry state. After some thought, she communicated with Quan Jue through her consciousness. “Brother Quan, do you think these monsters suddenly started to riot because of She Qi? According to Bai Jiao’er’s memories, She Qi hasn’t appeared since Bai Wanxi got married.”

She Qi was a paranoid pervert. His love for Bai Wanxi was filled with possessiveness. Logically speaking, She Qi would never accept Bai Wanxi becoming another man’s woman.

The fact that he had not taken any direct action yet didn’t mean they were safe. It only meant that he was planning something bigger!

“It’s most likely related to him. She Qi is now the vice sect master of the Xuan Sect. He has learned many forbidden techniques. It’s not difficult for him to control these low-level monsters,” Quan Jue said.

The reason why the Xuan Sect could last until modern times was because of its strength.

Nothing was impossible in the Xuan Sect. There were many books on spells in the Xuan Sect’s library, including some forbidden techniques.

She Qi was completely qualified to learn all kinds of forbidden techniques with his status as vice sect master. It was also because the Xuan Sect trusted people like She Qi too much that he was able to make use of the sect’s forbidden techniques to do all kinds of bad things.

It was also because of the sect’s bad experience with She Qi that the conditions to cultivate the Xuan Sect’s forbidden technique became stricter thereafter.

Only people like Quan Jue, who had attained the acknowledgment of everyone in the Xuan Sect, were qualified to learn a portion of the forbidden techniques. No one else was allowed.

“I knew this jerk wouldn’t let it go. What does he want to do? Could it be that he wants to kill Bai Wanxi in this way?” Chi Jiao couldn’t figure out what She Qi wanted to do. She only knew that She Qi was very dangerous. He was definitely concocting some major evil plan!

“Just some low-level monsters won’t be able to hurt the Bai family and Bai Wanxi. I think She Qi must have other motives. Moreover, with She Qi’s personality, do you think he will let Baili Yu off?” Quan Jue asked seriously.

Chi Jiao sighed and shook her head. “That’s what I’ve been worried about.”

She Qi would never let Baili Yu off.

In She Qi’s opinion, Baili Yu was the culprit who had stolen the person he loved. He probably wanted to skin Baili Yu alive. How could he let him off so easily?

“Don’t worry too much. We don’t know much now. All we can do is wait and see,” Quan Jue comforted her.

Chi Jiao sighed again.

How could she not know that they were helpless? Everything in the diary had already happened. Everything was set in stone. They were powerless to change it even if the diary ended in tragedy.

All they could do was watch and witness everything that happened.

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