Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 1265 - Dear Brothers, Please Take Care of Me

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Chapter 1265: Dear Brothers, Please Take Care of Me

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This thing in front of them was clearly the devil incarnate. Would they be tricked by it if they worked together?

Shen Xing smiled sweetly as it ate its lollipop. “Big brothers, please take care of me.”

The Xuan Sect members, including Teng Ying, nodded vigorously. They didn’t dare to be careless and quickly agreed.

At this point, the sky turned completely dark.

A cold night breeze blew past. There was no one in the quiet villa. A strange magnetic field gradually appeared, alerting all the Espers present.

“There’s indeed something wrong here. Jiaojiao, have you thought about how to deal with it?” Pei Yao looked at her worriedly.

Chi Jiao nodded. “I roughly know what’s going on. This time, it’ll just be me, the two of you, and Xu Ye who will go in. The rest of you will wait outside. We have to finish this quickly and save the hostages as soon as possible.”

“Wait Boss, you want to bring Xu Ye in?” Beitang Lie asked in surprise.

“Yes, Xu Ye wants to come along,” Chi Jiao said indulgently.

Beitang Lie and Pei Yao looked at each other. They both felt that Chi Jiao seemed to have endless patience with Bai Wanxi and especially doted on her.

However, since it was already decided, they couldn’t say anything else. They agreed with Chi Jiao.

“Let’s go.” Chi Jiao led the three of them towards the villa.

Huo Chen looked at their backs as they left and instructed worriedly, “Be careful. Finish it as soon as possible.”

Huo Chen’s heart was in his throat as he watched them walk away. He stood there nervously and waited.

Unlike during the day, the moment Chi Jiao and Bai Wanxi stepped into the villa, they could clearly feel a strange magnetic field sweeping over them, causing their hearts to tighten.

“Jiaojiao, the magnetic field now is different from before,” Bai Wanxi said with a serious expression.

Pei Yao asked in surprise, “Can you feel the changes in the magnetic field?”

Xu Ye didn’t have any special abilities, so logically speaking, he shouldn’t be able to sense the magnetic field. But Bai Wanxi was clearly reacting to it.

Seeing everyone’s surprise, Bai Wanxi smiled and nodded in embarrassment. “Yes, but I don’t have any special ability. I can only feel some changes in the magnetic field. I hope I won’t be a burden to everyone.”

“Although the magnetic field has changed, the room is still quiet. It seems like the owner of this villa doesn’t want to talk to us.” Chi Jiao leaned against the sofa and looked at the empty hall. She smiled and said, “I know you’re here. Come out. There’s no need to be timid.”

The room was quiet and still, making Chi Jiao look like a fool talking to thin air.

“Boss, this kid doesn’t seem to have any intention of responding to you.” Beitang Lie and the others could clearly sense that there was something strange about this villa. An Esper must be hiding in the dark, watching them closely.

Bai Wanxi looked at her uneasily and asked worriedly, “Jiaojiao, the other party isn’t willing to come out. What should we do next?”

Chi Jiao thought for a moment. Then, she looked around and said, “Smash everything.”

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