Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 531 - Do You Think You’re the Only One Who Knows Fortune-Telling?

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Chapter 531: Do You Think You’re the Only One Who Knows Fortune-Telling?

Chi Jiao disdained to waste her supernatural power against a character like him.

Sheng Qian looked at her with a conflicted expression.

He really didn’t expect this frail-looking girl to be so capable.

She even knew his most hidden secret.

So she wasn’t lying when she said that he would die?

At this thought, Sheng Qian panicked.

However, he had just mocked Chi Jiao. Wouldn’t it be too embarrassing if he admitted defeat now?

Ruan Xiaoxiao seemed to have seen through Sheng Qian’s dilemma and said slowly, “Jiaojiao, were you really not kidding when you said that Mr. Sheng was about to die?”

Chi Jiao smirked lazily. “I never joke with strangers.”

Hearing her words, Sheng Qian’s heart skipped a beat and he panicked.

He originally didn’t believe in Feng Shui and divination, but now, he had no choice but to change his entire worldview.

“Is there any way to resolve this?” Ruan Xiaoxiao asked.

“Cousin, your friend doesn’t believe in things like Feng Shui and divination. Why are you asking so much for him?” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

Sheng Qian: “…”

He didn’t believe in such things earlier, but he did now!

His internal conflict was written all over his face, but Sheng Qian refused to say a word.

“Jiaojiao, do you know how Sheng Qian will die?” Yan Qingqing asked excitedly.

Sheng Qian immediately looked at Chi Jiao nervously.

Perhaps if he knew how he was going to die, he could work hard to avoid the tragedy.

“This is a secret that belongs to the heavens and cannot be divulged.” Chi Jiao looked at Yan Qingqing deeply.

When she met Chi Jiao’s eyes, Yan Qingqing immediately understood what she meant.

Having worked with her for a long time, Yan Qingqing had already developed a tacit understanding with her.

With just one look from Chi Jiao, Yan Qingqing knew that she was just playing with Sheng Qian.

“Then, how do we resolve it? Huh?” Sheng Qian couldn’t help asking Chi Jiao now.

He was still young and did not want to die yet!

“Mr. Sheng, you disdain fortune-telling, right? Why are you asking our Jiaojiao?” Yan Qingqing looked at him with a faint smile.

“I…!” Sheng Qian couldn’t retort. His face was burning.

He had finally experienced what it meant to slap oneself in the face.

“Do you think you’re the only one who knows fortune-telling? There are so many masters out there. It’s the same even if I ask others for help!” Sheng Qian said coldly. He couldn’t stand Yan Qingqing’s sarcasm.

“Mr. Sheng, please find someone else then. But I still want to remind you…” Chi Jiao smiled nonchalantly.

Sheng Qian turned his gaze and happened to meet her dark eyes.

Those bright and clear eyes seemed to be hiding an endless abyss, making it impossible to see the end.

An inexplicable sharp pain shot through his head. Sheng Qian frowned fiercely.

However, it was only for a moment before the strange pain disappeared.

“What did you want to remind me about?” Sheng Qian asked coldly.

Chi Jiao smiled brightly, but her words made his heart turn cold.

“Your misfortune will occur very soon. I hope you can find a solution as soon as possible.”

Sheng Qian glared at her and ignored Yun Yumeng and Ruan Xiaoxiao as he turned around and left.

“Jiaojiao, you went a little overboard today,” Ruan Xiaoxiao said helplessly.

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