Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 859 - Lost Before Love

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Chapter 859: Lost Before Love


‘Isn’t it a little unkind to aim so high up?’

Sheng Yang pursed her lips. ‘Forget it. The next best thing is to poach the vice president.’

No one knew what was going on in her mind at this moment.

Everyone’s problems were resolved. Only Kang Sinuo didn’t ask Sheng Yang for help. Everyone was instantly embarrassed.

This young lady was brought here by Kang Sinuo. Initially, Kang Sinuo was the closest to Sheng Yang, but they were the ones who sought help from Sheng Yang first. They immediately felt a little embarrassed and encouraged Kang Sinuo to ask questions.

There was a stubborn streak in Kang Sinuo’s bones, so she said, “No!”

She was Sheng Yang’s cousin. She had to settle her problems herself.

Hence, she walked forward and recalled the guidance the boss had given her. The boss must be stronger than Sheng Yang, so how could she lose with the boss backing her up?

Sheng Yang stood at the side and watched her operate. She was happy to relax.

Kang Sinuo took a deep breath and began to work. It was true that she had imprinted the boss’ words in the deepest part of her heart, and in the end, she managed to avoid many of her usual mistakes. Coupled with the fact that she couldn’t embarrass herself in front of Sheng Yang, she was more determined!

When she was done, she looked at the data on the big screen and won a round of applause.

“As expected of our K9’s flower. She can clearly rely on her looks, but she chose to count on her talent.”

Even Sheng Yang raised her eyelids with a rare look of approval. “Not bad. Looks like I can leave K9 to you. I haven’t chosen the person in charge yet. You can have the position.”

Kang Sinuo: “???”

The others: “???”

Who was she to decide who was in charge?

At that moment, the burly Lemon suddenly jumped in like a muscular turkey. “Boss, why didn’t you tell me you were coming to the company? You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Ever since Lemon took charge of Shengrui for Sheng Yang, he had been suffering. He couldn’t wait to leave his post.

He was already a single man, but his situation was taking a turn for the worse.

Sheng Yang rubbed her forehead. She had deliberately not told him. If she had, she would have been greeted by a flood of paperwork.

Even Kang Sinuo rarely saw Sheng Yang this helpless. She seemed to have a real headache, but… No, that wasn’t the point!

Sheng Yang thought for a moment. “I won’t handle the paperwork. I’ll give you a raise.”

Lemon said sincerely, “I’ve long escaped the shackles of wealth. Money is just a number in my eyes.”

“…So what do you want?”

“A girlfriend.” The single man made a bitter appeal.


Everyone could tell that this conversation was unusual. Lemon was already second only to the company’s president. How could this girl give him a raise?


“You are…” The answer was obvious, but no one could believe it.

This place was filled with highly intelligent people. They thought about what had happened just now. The young lady had not hesitated from the moment she entered. She acted completely like she was the owner of this place. However, they just thought that she was putting on airs at that time. Now that they thought about it, they were the fools.

After the shock had passed, Kang Sinuo hung her head. She was embarrassed, desperate, and heartbroken.

She was unilaterally heartbroken!

How could she be so ridiculous? She actually had… a special fondness for this person, yet it was Sheng Yang, whom she didn’t like before!!!

“Why are you crying, Sinuo?”

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