Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 860 - Ruthless

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Chapter 860: Ruthless

Kang Sinuo shook her head as she wiped away her tears. They didn’t understand. They wouldn’t understand. So all she could say was, “I received too big of a shock.”

Yes, when she said that, everyone felt sad. They lowered their heads and wished they could cry with her. Who wouldn’t be agitated by this news?


Jin Tao felt that something was wrong with him. Something was very wrong. He was originally a playboy, the kind who did not have to be responsible when he was with girls. Some girls liked his status, so it was a mutually beneficial relationship. However… Recently, when he went to the hotel, he realized that he had lost a certain ability that he was once proud of. Every girl wanted to laugh in front of him, but they did not dare to. They would hurt themselves trying to hold back their laughter. Looking at them like that made him angry.

“Young Master Jin, next time, then.” The girls would carry their bags and walk away…

Jin Tao was so angry that he smashed his cup into pieces.

And just like that, he became a complete joke in the circle. Everyone laughed when they saw him.

Jin Tao was furious, but he had no way to vent his anger. Who was he going to settle the score with? Could it be himself?

One day, Jin Lu had something to tell him. As Jin Lu’s identity could not be exposed in front of others, they often met in a dimly lit place. As soon as Jin Tao entered, he felt a little hot and tugged at his collar.

When Jin Lu was giving him instructions, his eyes kept glancing at Jin Lu’s Adam’s apple and chest. His gaze continued to slide down Jin Lu’s long and strong legs.

He suddenly felt even hotter. He took a big gulp of the chilled wine and forced himself to calm down.

Jin Lu could tell that he was distracted and immediately knocked on the table. When he looked up again and saw Jin Tao’s gaze, he was stunned. Then, a strong look of disgust flashed across his eyes. “Don’t look at me like that.”

After he finished speaking, Jin Tao subconsciously shivered. In the end, he was still afraid of him. However, he could not defeat the desire in his heart…

Jin Lu stood up. He really could not stay any longer. “Let’s call it a day.”

Jin Tao suddenly lost control of his body and hugged Jin Lu’s thigh. His eyes were like those of a greedy beast.

Jin Lu kicked him away. His forehead hit the crystal table, and blood immediately flowed down from the wound.

The intense smell of blood calmed Jin Tao down. He muttered, “What… What am I doing?”

He looked blank.

Jin Lu took tissue paper to wrap his hand and grabbed Jin Tao’s face tightly. Then, he mercilessly slammed his head against the crystal table. “You can’t even tell that you’ve been drugged, you idiot!”

There was a ruthlessness in his eyes that showed no pity for human life. He was a completely different person from the modest gentleman on campus.

“Drugged?” Jin Tao suddenly remembered. “Sheng Yang! Sheng Yang drugged me!”

Hearing this name, Jin Lu stopped what he was doing and looked at Jin Tao. “You’re talking about her?”

“Yes, when I bullied her friend, I vaguely remember that she gave me a gray pill. At that time, I thought it was an illusion.” Jin Tao couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

She was too f*cking sinister!

Just as this thought crossed his mind, he was suddenly hit on the head several times by a chair. The wound that had just dried up tore again, and blood flowed non-stop.

If this continued, Jin Tao would either be beaten to death or die from excessive blood loss.

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