Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 935 - Sheng Yang's Bad Idea

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Chapter 935: Sheng Yang’s Bad Idea

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“Change it back?” Ding Xing was amused by her words.

Hearing the movement under the tree, the young man on the tree, Lan Yu, slowly opened his eyes. He looked under the tree, and his gaze froze.

The original mechanical chicken’s appearance had been changed. It had even become the natural enemy of chickens. It was now a brand new mechanical fox. How did this happen?!

That stupid Ding Xing would not have been able to change the program. Only then did Lan Yu dare to climb down the tree. He asked slowly, “What happened?”

Ding Xing snapped, “I was going to ask you that!”

Lan Yu looked at Sheng Yang strangely. It could only be her.

Seeing that Lan Yu had already come down and the voice of rescue in her mind was gone, Sheng Yang closed her eyes. “As long as you promise me not to scare him again, I can change the program back.”

“No!” At this moment, it was Lan Yu who spoke. He looked at Sheng Yang fixedly and believed that this new pretty girl was unfathomable.

“Are you kidding?! I don’t believe she can change this program. How is it possible for a newcomer to do it?” Ding Xing looked around. “Lan Yu, did you find external help? No, there aren’t many people who can change my aunt’s program. Unless…”

His eyes flashed with infinite reverence. “It’s one of the Four Gods.”

Sheng Yang suddenly remembered that when she came in, the group of guards had said that four others had the same results as her.

It looked like she would go up against these four people.

“Where are the Four Gods?” she asked smoothly enough.

Both men looked at her as if she’d asked the wrong question.

Seeing this, Sheng Yang stopped asking. She knew that neither of them would answer her.

“It doesn’t matter. There’s still time.”

“Since you don’t want to change it, I’ll leave first.” Sheng Yang still had a lot to do. Ding Xing blocked Sheng Yang’s path with his muscular body. “Hey, don’t go. You were here just now, so you’re a witness. You have to tell me who the external help is, or you can forget about leaving…”

At this moment, people began to pass by. However, in the face of Ding Xing’s provocation and mischief, everyone chose to ignore him.

Lanca was a place where strength spoke.

This young man was from the Lanca Academy, and his aunt was from the famous Lanca Research Institute. They could not afford to offend him.

Sheng Yang looked at him wordlessly. “Are you sure?”

There was something creepy about that look.

While afraid, Ding Xing thought she was about to confess. “Of course. Tell me and I’ll let you go. Otherwise…”

He shook his fist. “There’s no law against hitting a woman in Lanca. Bullying the weak is the way to go!”

“Oh?” Sheng Yang raised her eyebrows. Bullying the weak… That was a good reason for her.

She looked sideways at Lan Yu and whispered something.

Lan Yu understood immediately. He immediately leaned closer and told her.

He was no longer as standoffish as before. Now, he was obedient and obsequious.

Sheng Yang was familiar with that expression. She’d seen it before.

She rubbed her brow.

It was only her first day here. Had she taken in another fanboy?

Sheng Yang squatted down and lifted the panel on the fox’s head again. Then, her fingers began to move nimbly.

Previously, when she was modifying the program, she still had to think as she operated. Now that she had gone through it once and was completely familiar with it, she did not even need to observe it anymore.

At first, Ding Xing’s eyes were wide open, but gradually, his eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets. His mouth was wide open, and he completely lost control of his expression!

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