Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 936 - The Young Man Who Looks Kind But Has A Dark Side

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Chapter 936: The Young Man Who Looks Kind But Has A Dark Side

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When Sheng Yang was done, she straightened up. Her exquisite face, her slightly pursed cherry lips, and her god-like operation added a halo to her. In Ding Xing’s daze, he seemed to see a fairy. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. She was still like a fairy.

Suddenly, they heard a sound. Everyone looked in the direction of the sound and saw the mechanical fox changing rapidly. First, its arms, then its legs, and finally, its head. Suddenly, silver scales appeared on its body.

The sense of panic came all at once as if an invisible hand was choking Ding Xing. He began to have difficulty breathing.

He realized what the fairy-like girl had done, but damn it, he was so afraid he couldn’t move his legs. He just stood rooted to the spot, his legs shaking uncontrollably.

After the transformation, the machine stuck to the ground and quickly slithered over. It was exactly the same as the real thing.

“Help… Help…” A tragic cry sounded. The same thing actually happened again. It was exactly the same as when Lan Yu was forced to climb a tree.

Lan Yu could barely contain his smile, but he would never admit that he was gloating.

The tyrannical Ding Xing also had such a day.

“Eh? Sister, are you leaving just like that?” At some point, the girl beside him had already taken a few steps forward. Lan Yu hurriedly followed.

“I’m not going to stay here and waste time.”

“Oh.” Lan Yu bowed his head sullenly, but he had to admit that he felt like a fool in the face of the young woman’s questioning. After a moment’s thought, he stammered and pointed a short distance away. “Shall we leave him there, then?”

He looked at Ding Xing, who was not far away. Although he felt like he had gotten his revenge to his heart’s content, Ding Xing’s tears and snot were flying everywhere. Ding Xing, who looked like he was about to faint from shock, looked quite pitiful.

After all, they were in the same class.

“You want me to save him?” Sheng Yang raised an eyebrow at him. She wasn’t a nosy person. Since she had saved this young man, it wasn’t a big deal to agree to another simple request.

Ding Xing heard their conversation and was overjoyed.

He was most afraid of snakes. He was terribly afraid.

He knew that Lan Yu was soft-hearted and would definitely not be serious about leaving him here!

Lan Yu was silent for a moment. He tugged on the corner of his shirt as if he were struggling.

A moment passed. “I’d rather not.”

Then, he walked away without looking back.

Ding Xing: “…”

Sheng Yang smiled at his back.

This scheming child!

“Lan Yu, I won’t let you off! Never!” Ding Xing’s heart-wrenching roar came from behind.


Although she was new here, Sheng Yang didn’t stay in a hotel because her grandmother and uncle had already made arrangements. She silently looked at the building in front of her. It seemed to be the most conspicuous one in the inner district area.

Lan Yu had been following Sheng Yang like a shadow. When he saw the building, he was dumbfounded. “Sister, are you sure you’re in the right place?”

This was the territory of one of the most powerful families in Lanca, the Kang family.

“Why haven’t you left?” Sheng Yang’s voice was cold and emotionless.

“I…” Lan Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, “Sister, you’re very powerful. I want to take you as my master!”

Sheng Yang ignored him and continued walking.

Lan Yu knew that he could not enter. He stood where he was and clenched his fists. He vowed, “Sister, I’ll come again!”

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