Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse-Chapter 1071 Frightening Higher Existences & Praise Of The Phoenix Empress

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When it came to the law of gravity, there was no Higher Existence capable of matching Bai Zemin. Among all of them, probably only amazingly talented and connoisseur mages like Fire Sorrow, Uriel, Gabriel, and maybe a few others would be able to plant a little challenge in this field in front of him.

At the end of the day, Bai Zemin had the skill Gravity Manipulation. Although he was still far from reaching the level of the God of Gravity, his ability to manipulate such a law was higher than that of any living being in existence.

Therefore, none of those present noticed until several moments later that instead of a single barrier Bai Zemin had erected two barriers attached to each other!

The first barrier was formed by the natural gravitational surge of the Earth multiplied 60 times, and its purpose was to hinder and sink the magic of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon.

As for the second barrier, the second barrier had been erected in front of Bai Zemin by himself by dividing the natural gravity of the planet 60 times. Its purpose was to deflect and slow down the advance of the enemy’s magical attack.

Although the two barriers only extended 100 meters to either side, it was more than enough.

Approximately 3 seconds later, four thin magical beams struck Bai Zemin’s body and the surrounding area.

The earth split into pieces and a great cloud of dust rose up, but not even an instant later an even more powerful explosion expelled all that dust revealing Bai Zemin on his feet in his place without having taken even half a step back.

Without any injuries at all, he looked to the north as he lowered his outstretched left hand. 

Under everyone’s wide eyes, he extended his right hand and in an instant everyone saw a golden flash flying towards him.


Bai Zemin tightened his grip on Annihilation of the Falling Sky, and after appreciating the golden spear he calmly looked at the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon.

Before the giant beast had time to do anything, the white head froze as he finally noticed something that shouldn’t be there.

“You… Was it at that time?!” The beast roared furiously and quickly tried to suppress the small spark of deep blue fire that like a cunning snake crawled into his blood directly towards the brain of the white head.

There was no need for the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon to think too hard; Bai Zemin had only managed to hit the white head once in the entire battle!

If the spark of blue fire reached the brain and ignited or exploded there… The consequences were too terrifying to even think about!

However, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon soon found another problem.

“Damn, damn, damn!!!!”

Bai Zemin calmly watched as his enemy writhed in despair.

His Mana consumption was high, especially now that he had used Immortal’s Blood. But he didn’t stop using Blood Manipulation even for a second since the battle began; not even when he almost died.

He didn’t use blood chains, he didn’t use blood spears, he didn’t use blood shields… He suppressed his skill all in order to take the Endless Blue Lotus Flame spark that he had hidden in his initial attack.

Using Blood Manipulation to cover up the Endless Blue Lotus Flame, Bai Zemin managed to bring his faithful companion to the white head. All his efforts were for this moment.

The 9-Headed Immortal Dragon tried to control his blood flow and push it back. Expending large amounts of Mana was possible since it was his own body. However, how could he compare to Bai Zemin whose magic power was not at all below his and who also had Blood Manipulation in the Fifth Order?

His body was surrounded by golden light to the point where his hair seemed to have turned golden. Her golden eyes were so calm that it was to some extent scary to look at, and as he watched as the white head trembled and the other eight heads twisted nervously he lit his beautiful blue flame on his golden spear.


Bai Zemin heard the authoritative voice of the same man who had spoken to the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon before. However, even if the Sky God himself descended in front of him he would not be able to stop Bai Zemin.

Temporarily exchanging Mana for Strength, the muscles in Bai Zemin’s right arm tensed as he moved his hand backwards at the same time as he took a step forward.

“Stop!!!” Long Tian roared with wide eyes as he stared at the audacious Lower Existence that dared to ignore his words.

Bai Zemin’s right arm swung from back to front like a whip, and with over 16.000 points of Strength, Annihilation of the Falling Sky shot out towards the beast in the distance like a torpedo after he released his grip on it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!Boom!

The atmosphere exploded several times as the speed of the spear became faster and faster as it advanced. Its body spun like a drill and the tip of the spear cut through all opposition like a hot knife cutting through butter.

The eyes of all the Higher Existences were fixed on the thin but bright blue line that traversed the skies in an ascending manner.

“You are just a human-!!!”

The 9-Headed Immoratl Dragon was desperate, but he certainly did not stand still before the terrifying spear. 

It was too late to launch an attack, so without hesitation he moved two of the yellow-colored heads. The defense of each of these heads was three times his entire body! That was the magical skill of each yellow head!


[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

Time seemed to move in slow motion for the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon. The white head’s golden eyes flashed with shock as its wide-open pupils reflected the blue flame-wrapped spear piercing the two yellow heads with ease, turning them both into flesh paste and continuing its trajectory towards it.

Magic Break was a skill that until now Bai Zemin had only used to break magic, that was its use after all… But, the existence of the skill granted his eyes the ability to notice weak points of anything that had magic in it… and the heads of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon were packed with magic!

With God Mode activated, the mind of Bai Zemin was calm and thus he could abuse all of his combat experience to 200%. In addition, he had just recovered memories that had been sealed, adn therefore his combat experience was many times higher than in the past.

For him to make a perfect shot was not challenging after correctly judging what his enemy would do considering the situation he had put him in.

However, the battlefield was susceptible to change. Even if Bai Zemin was a genius who had everything he had no way of reading the thoughts of his desperate enemy.

For the first time since God Mode was activated, a small sound slipped out of his mouth as he watched his opponent’s unexpected move, “Oh?” 


Half of the white head suddenly exploded, and with it the Endless Blue Lotus Flame’s spark also exploded, which ended up incinerating half of the brain. 


The blue flame wrapped spear that was half a flicker away from hitting the white head and turning it into meat paste missed and passed beyond the hole that the sudden explosion had left behind, soaring into the sky and disappearing into the horizon before hitting a mountain in the distance.


With the hell of blue flames rising behind him in the background, the white head slowly began to glow and all the wounds began to heal, “You think you can kill me with just this?! Dream on!”

“Incompetent trash, dodge!!!”

Long Tian’s roar shook the skies, and right at that moment the pupils of all the still remaining heads of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon contracted to the size of needles.


With nothing but the sharp sound of the wind being cut in two, a flash of crimson light brightened the sky for an instant before disappearing without a trace.

For a brief second, everyone seemed to freeze in shock. 

Only Bai Zemin standing in the distance did not seem surprised at all. In his golden eyes, the image of the completely shattered neck of the now missing white head was reflected along with the now six heads writhing in pain.


The cry of despair that came from the six heads of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon along with his out-of-control aura caused the sky to darken and lightning began to gather above his head.

“What have you done?! Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!!!” The beast roared as he took several steps back, his necks swinging and firing uncontrolled attacks all over the place.

The whole area became an inferno of ice, fire, poison, and lightning.

“Really scary…” Gabriel had a smile that showed his fear was real as he looked off into the distance. A bead of sweat slid down from his forehead to his left cheek before falling to the ground, “This is the result of God Mode plus the combat experience of the Heavenly Wolf…?”

In the distance, right where the mountain had exploded after being hit by Annihilation of the Falling Sky, a clone of Bai Zemin was standing in front of a large cannon whose muzzle was still glowing red hot as proof that it had just fired.

Using the shadow of Annihilation of the Falling Sky to hide his clone and the Cosmic Particle Cannon coupled with the skill Invisibility, Bai Zemin had managed to attack the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon from behind at his weakest and most confident moment, just after he thought he had escaped danger.

“… Impressive.” Eternal Phoenix couldn’t help but praise from the heart. The way she looked at the human male she had so far ignored despite all the surprises he had pulled out from under his sleeve changed completely. “Even I might not have pulled something like that out so fast.”

“Hahahaha!” Lucifer laughed good-naturedly and slapped his knee hard as he said happily, “To think that you, Eternal Phoenix, would praise a Lower Existence. It seems that the little wolf’s feat is indeed worthy of praise!”

If Uriel had been considered the most beautiful beauty of all until Lilith’s appearance then Eternal Phoenix was the proudest woman in the universe. She didn’t praise anyone, particularly not males, so hearing her first praise should be surprise enough.

But who she was praising was none other than a level 100 soul evolver, a Lower Existence!

“Well…” Lucifer looked at Bai Zemin with glittering eyes and seeing his golden eyes said in a low voice, “With this, the battle is closed.”

* * * * * * *

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