Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 885: Blood Dragon Bringer of Doomfinally unsheathed!

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Chapter 885: Blood Dragon Bringer of Doomfinally unsheathed!

Bai Zemin's heart skipped a beat when he heard the words of the Collector's Pocket Watch. He was sure that the voice was the consciousness of the Collector's Pocket Watch, and Bai Zemin was not surprised by it since as a Demi-God grade treasure it would not be strange for such an object to possess a consciousness of its existence; after all, it was a treasure that was only one level below those treasures capable of challenging gods such as the Endless Blue Lotus Flame in its moment of glory.

His shock was at what the treasure's conscious voice had just told him.

Ten thousand years of lived experience? His face turned slightly pale as reality finally hit him.

It all made sense now, the reason why he suddenly had memories of having used some of his skills more efficiently and dexterously than he should have... But, rather than feeling relieved now that he knew what was hidden behind that seal, what he felt most was fear.

In 10,000 years of living it was simply impossible not to have become close to some people unless Bai Zemin had lived the life of a strand of grass, something he was sure had not happened. Then... was he forgetting important people? However, those people weren't really real... or were they? Bai Zemin's aura went out of control as his emotions got wild and even with the skill Immovable Heart it was becoming difficult for him to keep his composure.

"Don't overthink it... you'll remember what you have to remember when you have to remember it and you'll get what you have to get when you have to get it..... After all, you-"

The Collector's Pocket Watch's voice grew weaker and weaker until it finally cut out completely, probably going into deep sleep. As for when it would wake up again, Bai Zemin didn't know.

"Damn, old thing.... About to say important things only to stop halfway through." Bai Zemin gasped as he straightened his posture. "Am I the protagonist of a novel or what?"

Hearing Bai Zemin's words, Lilith finally breathed a sigh of relief in her heart and a bit of the worry shown on her face relaxed. Whatever was going on, it was clear that at least Bai Zemin had been able to recover considerably.

Actually, it wasn't that Bai Zemin had recovered. In fact, in his heart, he felt anxious and eager to regain those memories that may have been created in an illusion or did not belong to him. However, the words of the Collector's Pocket Watch had managed to calm his anxiety a little to have it all now.

"...You'll remember what you have to remember when you have to remember it and you'll get what you have to get when you have to get it..... " was what the watch had said, and Bai Zemin for some reason also believed that it was the case.

Besides, he was still a little afraid.... What was the use of remembering if at the end of the day he would not be able to do anything to embrace again whoever he had met in that illusion? It would only bring endless pain and would probably become a chain for him. Maybe it was a bit cowardly, but Bai Zemin preferred to be realistic, and the reality was that at least the current him didn't have the ability to do anything but cry in a corner for whatever he had lost.

What Bai Zemin did not know was that what the future undoubtedly held for him was interesting and surprising beyond his imagination. Whenever it rained, it stopped; one only had to see if one was able to ride out the storm until sunrise to enjoy the rainbow.

Bai Zemin's body was soon enveloped by a golden light, and just before he was teleported to the bottom of the Staircase to Heaven, a thought flashed through his head as he looked at the 10,000th step that he never stepped on.

Perhaps, the Soul Record and the Collector's Pocket Watch realized that no matter what kind of illusion they launched would not be able to stop Bai Zemin's footsteps and determination; even when he was thrown into illusions of his family being killed, it was not enough to stop him.

From the beginning, his entire path up the staircase had been smooth and his steps had never stopped, because he knew that stopping meant failure and the true death of his loved ones. Therefore, Bai Zemin was thrown into an illusion that he might never want to get out of and it would be up to him to be able to return to the path he walked.

As to whether that was the case or not.... Bai Zemin would probably only find out in the future.


When Bai Zemin was teleported along with the other humans he was immediately overwhelmed with questions, especially by Seraphina who even forgot where they were to cling to him with tears at the edge of her eyes.

It was really a problem for him to explain that he was fine and he even smiled bitterly several times when the same question was asked over and over again.

"Big brother, have you become more handsome or is it just an illusion on my part?" Gu Lim carefully squared his eyes at Bai Zemin and muttered under his breath, "You are now ALMOST as handsome as me."

Everyone rolled their eyes. Gu Lim was average at best when compared to other soul evolvers of his level but he really had a lot of confidence in his physical appearance.

Bai Zemin couldn't help but shake his head at his words. However, it was the pixie princess who approached and looked at him carefully before pointing out in a clear voice, "You really have changed, though it's nothing physical."

"Uh?" Bai Zemin looked at her in confusion. He had built a small friendship with Scarlet before, but it was nothing big compared to the friendship Bai Zemin had built with people like Gu Lim.

In fact, Seraphina and the others looked at the pixie princess curiously waiting for an explanation.

The pixie princess looked at Gu Lim and said in a clear voice, "The reason why you feel that Bai Zemin has become more handsome is because his aura and demeanor are now much more mature than before, which causes even his expressions to be more relaxed and composed compared to the past."

She looked at Bai Zemin and continued, "It was probably because of that illusion you were in before. Your aura underwent several abrupt changes one after another, and now it feels relaxed like a lake but at the same time has a hint of melancholy that attracts people."

Honestly, Bai Zemin had no idea what the pixie princess was saying. However, it was true that he could feel a certain melancholy in his heart, and if he were to look in a mirror he would notice that even his eyes were slightly melancholy and more mature than before.

Be that as it may, Bai Zemin had to put an end to all this. He would have time later to sit down and better analyze what had happened.

He looked at all the soul evolvers of other races present and shouted in a deep voice, "Everyone who doesn't want to get caught up in what is about to happen should better leave this dungeon as soon as possible!"

Everyone's expression suddenly changed upon hearing his words, some even turned pale as they realized that with all that had happened they had ignored the fact that although the treasure was now in Bai Zemin's hands, that could change depending on whether he had the strength to keep it or not.

Besides, they could all sense that the battle restriction was gradually being lifted and it probably wouldn't be a minute before this place turned into a hell of death.

Bai Zemin sneered in his heart as he saw that everyone ignored his warning. The Soul Record had sent a message to everyone present to confirm if they wanted to be sent back outside the dungeon, but since no one was leaving, it meant they were willing to take the risk for the sake of obtaining the treasure.

"Well, the way it should be, I guess." Bai Zemin said as he pulled out the Collector's Pocket Watch, attracting everyone's attention.

Under the greedy eyes of everyone present, especially the Demon Lord, he dropped a drop of blood on the bronze-colored, antique-looking pocket watch. A faint golden colored light covered the watch and the next moment it became a flash of light that disappeared into his body.

"At the end of the day, we are all soul evolvers fighting against fate." He said as he temporarily ignored the Soul Record messages to focus on the battle to come.

Everyone was shocked as this was probably the first time any of them had seen a human forming a Soul Contract with a treasure. After all, Soul Contracts were known to everyone for mutant beasts or other creatures but not for treasures.

The demon generals and the Wyvern of Purple Flames moved away from the Demon Lord, leaving him on his own battlefield.

The same happened to all the Third Order powers near Bai Zemin, all of them focused on their enemy to face.

"Big brother, when we get out of here let me take you for a ride to my place. My family's wine is the best in the world!" Gu Lim's voice sounded somewhat robotic inside his armor as he raised a thumbs up towards Bai Zemin.

Bai Zemin chuckled and nodded, "Sure."

Seraphina said nothing, she waved her staff and several lights surrounded the Third Order soul evolvers of her group about to fight. Several messages flashed in everyone's eyes.

[World Priestess Seraphina Di Gales has used a buff skill on you. For the next 20 minutes, your Agility stat increases by +120 points].

[World Priestess Seraphina Di Gales has used a buff skill on you. For the next 20 minutes, your Strength stat increases by +120 points].

[World Priestess Seraphina Di Gales has used a buff skill on you. For the next 20 minutes, your Stamina stat is increased by +120 points and consumption is reduced by 20%].

However, Bai Zemin received another message that no one else received.

[World Priestess Seraphina Di Gales has used a buff skill on you. For the next 60 minutes, health stat +500 points and all damage received is reduced by 10%].

Bai Zemin would be lying if he said he didn't feel his heart warming up. After all, the skill that Seraphina had just used on him was undoubtedly one of her strongest skills and the reason why she had chosen that skill was because she had seen the stats of the greatsword that Kali had made for him.

"Thank you, Ponytails. This will make everything so much easier now." He said with a gentle smile.

Seraphina blushed slightly and snorted as she looked away, causing her ponytails to flap in the wind.

"Looks like we finally got to this after all." Smiled the Demon Lord, it was as if he regained all confidence after several minutes and indeed the glint in his eyes said that victory was already his.

Everyone had already taken their own enemies.

Wyvern of Purple Flames vs Mei Lin in her true 800-meter snake form + King Philip of the Gales Kingdom.

Brenorath vs Queen Eloise of the Pralan Kingdom + King Felix of the Dazia Kingdom + two other Third Order soul evolvers.

Xongran vs King Antony of the Khagia Kingdom + King Edward of the Lidora Kingdom + Zilug in his most powerful form of giant jade orc.

Moroth vs King Anston of the Irania Kingdom + Queen Ingrid of the Gridia Kingdom.

Igmerun vs King Kolin of the Learia Kingdom.

Bozzon vs Liam Anworth + Seraphina Di Gales + 1 soul evolvers of the Third Order.

Dezgard vs Gu Lim.

Zoganos vs Ellis + 2 Third Order soul evolvers.

At first glance it seemed that the human side had the advantage due to their numbers, however, everyone knew in their hearts that this was not the case. This was because the demons had much more powerful physical bodies, especially Brenorath and Xongran who ranked top 1 and top 2 as the most powerful demons besides the ruler of their race.

Bai Zemin looked at the Demon Lord indifferently, and without saying a word, he took out his weapon from his storage ring.


The weapon was so heavy that Bai Zemin couldn't lift it so he simply held onto the hilt and let it hit the ground in front of him, causing a powerful explosion and shaking the earth.

"Eh?" The Demon Lord's eyes widened in shock and his pupils trembled as he felt the terrifying aura surrounding the blood-red weapon that the human in front of him had just pulled out.

That weapon was dangerous... tremendously dangerous!

Why hadn't he received any notification of it?! Ar'gon thought he had Bai Zemin well monitored but only now did he realize he was wrong!

The records of the weapon flashed in Bai Zemin's eyes.

[Blood Dragon Bringer of Doom -]

[Type: Magical Heavy Sword]

[Rank: 4]

[Physical Attack Power: +14,250]

[Magical Attack Power: +15,100]

[Durability: +25,000]

[Options -]

[1) The user can call it at will. It is currently attached to Bai Zemin's blood].

[2) Increases the damage of physical attacks by 40% when fighting enemies that exceed the user's size by more than 3 times].

[3) When colliding with another sword-type weapon, suppresses the enemy weapon's strength by 30% as long as it is not a Rank 4 or higher weapon].

[4) Reduces the cooldown of all attack skills by 50% while Blood Dragon Bringer of Doom is being wielded].

[Characteristics -]

1) Blood Dragon Bringer of Doom cannot be wielded unless a sacrifice is made. Causes wounds that consume 1 Health point per second].

2) Multiplies the pain the enemy receives when attacked by Blood Dragon Bringer of Doom by 20% for every 100 points of Health sacrificed].

[Attached Skill -]

[Doom Bringer: After consuming 30% of the user's Health during combat, the skill Doom Bringer can be activated. Effect: Launches a curse on the enemy that drains 50% of its Health stat and this effect cannot be avoided or dodged, works on beings up to a maximum of 2 Orders above the user].

[Description: A heavy sword that was born as a miracle of a blacksmith's efforts. The rune writer possesses otherworldly talent and skill, bringing the weapon to a godlike level compared to its predecessor. This weapon is only meant to be wielded by those willing to die at every juncture].

The runes Kali had drawn were undoubtedly cruel, even Bai Zemin suffered from them. However, just as she had said, this type of weapon was suited to the path he walked.

Bai Zemin activated the weapon sacrifice and his Health began to drop as he suffered internal damage. He raised the greatsword with ease and pointed at the Demon Lord as he said in a cold voice, "Come, I will finish everything in less than 10 minutes."

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