Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 886: A fated betrayal (part 1)

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Chapter 886: A fated betrayal (part 1)


When Bai Zemin shouted the word Sacrifice, a strange sinister aura came out from the Soul Stone on the greatsword's guard. Soon, the entire blade was surrounded by a kind of blood-red mist and part of that mist coiled around his right arm like a snake.

50... 100... 150... 200... 250... 300...

In just an instant, 300 points of the Health stat were drained but he didn't stop.

Health was a stat that could not be messed with and that was precisely why Bai Zemin's second activation Overlap Regeneration did not allow him to touch the Health stat points. This was because the points of the Health stat represented more than recovery or regeneration rate; they were basically the life of each soul evolver.

By consuming health points, not only would wound recovery become significantly slower but the user would gradually begin to become weaker to the point where even the wind would be able to cause fatal damage.

In just a matter of seconds, Bai Zemin's Health stat had lost 500 points!

It wasn't until the 500 points of Health that Seraphina's skill conferred that Bai Zemin finally stopped the greedy sword or else he would really end up dead before even starting to fight.

"This kid really is crazy..." Zilug muttered as he watched in amazement at what Bai Zemin was doing.

Because the two major powers had not yet clashed, the battlefield had yet to become chaotic and thus Zilug's words were heard by all.

"Maybe it is precisely because of that madness of his that despite being only a First Order level 50 soul evolver he is able to fight against Ar'gon." Mei Lin's voice spread everywhere just like the mist coming out of her closed mouth.

The Demon Lord looked at the strange blood-red mist surrounding the enemy's weapon and just by staring at it he felt chills.

"Heh." He chuckled and his eyes flashed coldly as he said in a low voice, "Shadow Armor."

Bai Zemin narrowed his eyes as he watched the surrounding shadows move strangely and then disappear, merging with the Demon Lord's body and forming a sturdy armor filled with extremely powerful-looking thorns.

The Demon Lord's aura grew as that armor covered his body. However, not even a second later, the Demon Lord activated several skills at the same time, causing his aura to burst into a whirlpool of power that shattered the surroundings.

"Dark Possession."

"Flames of the Underworld."

"Eternal Agony."

"Power Surge."

"Shadow Steps."

The Demon Lord's entire body was surrounded by a night-black halo that seemed to reject all light. His power had suddenly grown so intense that the earth around him began to distort and sink slightly as he stood motionless.

His signature purple sword had been dyed black as a strange black flame joined the black flames that already danced around the sword, raising his aura that much higher.

Bai Zemin closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them there were no emotions in his pupils, only calm.

The Demon Lord knew that facing a calm enemy was dangerous, however, he did not dare to play the game of enraging the opponent in front of him; not after the lesson he learned during the last battle against Bai Zemin in which his power was greatly increased by the mere act of enraging.

Little did Ar'gon know that while it was easier for Bai Zemin to become more powerful when he got angry thanks to the skill God of War's Will and its second activation God of War's Partial Possession, this was something that would happen sooner or later in the middle of combat.

Bai Zemin opened his mouth and said in a voice as cold as ice, "Ruler of all Matter."

A strange ripple occurred around him, but to the naked eye, there was nothing unusual. However, when the Demon Lord squinted his eyes and took a better look he noticed that Bai Zemin's feet now hovered just inches above the ground.

Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack....

In fact, for every second that passed, more and more cracks began to appear around him even though he wasn't touching the ground and even the wind around him was pushed sideways as if it was being pushed back by something.

This was the first time Bai Zemin used the second activation of his skill Gravity Manipulation after he upgraded it to the Third Order the same night he evolved his skill Crimson Blood Judgment.

The effect of this second activation was truly amazing, this was an undeniable fact. However, it wasn't as if Bai Zemin didn't have to pay a certain price in return.

[Ruler of all Matter: Gravity depends on the mass of the objects and the distance that separates them. The more mass they have and the closer they are, the greater the force. When they are twice as far apart, the force is reduced to a quarter. Effect: By consuming 600 points of Mana to activate and 50 points of Stamina per second to maintain active for a maximum of 30 minutes you are granted the power to reduce the power of all attacks targeting in your direction by 50% and redirect the remaining 50% at the user's will by making use of the vector force behind the trajectory and force of the attack launched].

Bai Zemin did not stop there and as everything around him was expelled under his own will, he said in a cold voice: "Soul Manipulation."

"That skill..." The Demon Lord had a bad feeling so he immediately dashed forward.

The ground beneath his feet shattered into countless pieces and his body became a blur that no one could follow. It only took him a split second to arrive in front of Bai Zemin and slash with his flame-wrapped sword with the intention of cutting him in two.

It was just then that Bai Zemin's body was enveloped by that same golden halo that Demon Lord Ar'gon hated so much. However, this time the radiance of the golden halo was so bright that it was almost blindingly bright.


Bai Zemin's body was forced back several tens of meters as he was struck in the chest by the Demon Lord's attack. Although there was a thin trickle of blood running from the corner of his lips his expression was unperturbed, and in fact, there was a slight tinge of mockery in his eyes as he stared at the Demon Lord who had stopped after an attack.

Under everyone's shocked eyes, the Demon Lord's face frowned slightly and slowly a thin trickle of purple blood slid from the corner of his mouth. However, the most surprising thing was that this blood seemed to turn into a parasite as in an instant the entire area of the Demon Lord's mouth began to bleed and for every thousandth of a second that passed it was getting worse!

"Damn it!" Ar'gon roared and with a powerful wave of mana that consumed more than he expected for this to be just the beginning of the battle he managed to expel the invading mana. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at Bai Zemin viciously, but everyone could see that he had truly just experienced a great deal of pain.

"Really, I don't know why I didn't notice it before." Bai Zemin wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said self-mockingly, "The blood is full of iron but I overlooked such a thing until now."

What the Demon Lord had just experienced was no different from being stabbed a thousand times at the same time and in fact some of his internal organs had suffered moderately from that attack.

The Demon Lord lunged forward again, this time even faster than before!

When he slashed with his sword, the earth shook and the sky rumbled as if it was about to collapse. The black flames dancing on the blade followed the slashing motion, forming a huge black arc that cut the sky into two halves.

The Demon Lord's power was truly terrifying. Even the most powerful soul evolvers had no time to react at all and could only tremble as they watched that huge blade of black flames slashing towards Bai Zemin who seemed to have no intention of moving from there.

Red flames suddenly burned on Bai Zemin's greatsword and the next moment blue flames appeared and interlaced with the other flames to give birth to a bright purple flame.

Bai Zemin's body turned into a blur, catching up in a second to the Demon Lord who was charging towards him.


The two shouted in perfect unison as their weapons met in mid-swing.




"Damn it, get out of my way!"

"Fuc- cough! "


When the shockwave resulting from the clash between Bai Zemin and the Demon Lord spread outward, several soul evolvers of different races were not lucky enough. Many of them exploded in a bloody mist and that blood soon turned into a cloud of hot steam as it was devoured by the purple and black flames that danced fiercely around.

In just an instant, over 100 Second Order soul evolvers of diverse races disappeared forever and all their efforts evaporated as they found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Greed was truly terrifying, even though Bai Zemin had warned them all no one listened to his words and that is why so many lives were lost. They had only themselves to blame for being blinded by greed and desire.

Bai Zemin's body was forced back over 100 meters while the Demon Lord only 80 meters after colliding. However, none of the demon generals had time to celebrate as what happened next made everyone panic.


A beast-like howl of pain escaped from deep within the Demon Lord's throat and even though there was no visible wound on his body he used his left hand to tightly clench his right arm with which he held his sword.

In fact, no one understood what was going on and they had to look several times before making sure that none of the Demon Lord's bones were broken, because from the way he was starting to sweat that seemed to be the case.

"Hey, hey... Don't tell me that's all you have to give, Ar'gon." Bai Zemin looked at the Demon Lord who was staring at him with wide eyes in shock. He frowned and tilted his head slightly to the side as he said casually, "If this is your all then you made me prepare for nothing?"

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Gu Lim started laughing out loud, he laughed until tears of joy began to fall down his face. He looked at the demon general Dezgard who was looking at him deathly and said still laughing, "Looks like your great lord can't hold a candle in the face of my big brother, demon race bitch!"

Gu Lim did not wait for a reply when the nucleus on the chest of his armor lit up. He stomped the ground hard and turned into a blur, appearing before the demon general Dezgard in an instant and slashing fiercely with his lightsaber, "DIE!!!"

"The one who will die is you, you fucking human who doesn't know his place!!!" Dezgard was no vegetarian, he too raised his weapon and a red flame burned on the blade as he slashed fiercely towards his enemy with the intention of splitting him in half.


The explosion caused by the attack of the two seemed to become the final spark that unleashed the other battlefields.

The most powerful soul evolvers remaining alive from the human race seemed to see victory when they heard the Demon Lord's cry of pain so they all went on full unleash, attacking the general demons with ferocity even at the cost of some wounds.


The earth shook and the sky trembled as around twenty Third Order existences clashed at the same time.

Only seconds had passed since the Wyvern of Purple Flames and the seven general demons began to fight against the ferocious humans who were letting out all their anger accumulated for years but the number of victims provoked by the shock waves and lost attacks was not small.

Soon, space itself began to shake and black cracks began to appear in the surroundings, spreading out more and more each time causing the pressure to increase and the suction force to build up.

This was how Bai Zemin's last battle in Eventide World started.

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