Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 968: Powerful monster of the pastand... Backup?

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Chapter 968: Powerful monster of the pastand... Backup?

"Where is the cannon?!" Xian Kun went into a frenzy and his eyes became bloodshot as he searched everywhere in desperation.

The Cosmic Particle Canon was priceless!

Only Xian Kun knew how much he had paid his father to be able to borrow this cannon for a few months and if he lost it or something bad happened the consequences would be unbearable!

Thao Zhi also frowned feeling a bit uncomfortable as he looked at the human male closing the distance faster and faster.

What the hell had just happened with the cannon? Thao Zhi hadn't felt anything at all.

The Cosmic Particle Cannon was a large object, the body was approximately 10 meters wide and the cannon was over 60 meters long with a large muzzle of 5 meters wide through which enormous amounts of energy capable of blowing up an entire city passed.

Therefore, for such a large and powerful thing to disappear right before his eyes made Thao Zhi feel anything except a sense of relief.

Bai Zemin stopped 1 kilometer away from the base, and although his expression was indifferent he was actually sighing in relief in his heart.

The Cosmic Particle Cannon was naturally now in his possession. It was precisely at this point that the third skill Bai Zemin had raised using Soul Manipulation came in.

Without the power of his main weapon, he would have to rely on strategy in addition to his personal power to deal with this enemy, and Bai Zemin was quite proud of being quite cunning.

Thao Zhi soared through the air with gusts of wind around him that soon enclosed him in a semi-transparent sphere composed of nothing but air. He stopped 500 meters in front of Bai Zemin and after a brief silence said in a hoarse voice, "You want to fight in this place?"

"Follow me." Bai Zemin gestured with his head and without waiting for a reply kicked the air step under his feet, turning into a flash of golden light that disappeared into the distant horizon in an instant.

Thao Zhi looked at the members of the Transcendent faction, specifically at Feng Tian Wu who was looking at him indifferently. Instead of attacking, he followed Bai Zemin and soon disappeared from everyone's line of sight as well.

Bai Zemin and Thao Zhi were both aware that the battle between the two would be disastrous, neither of them wanted to involve their allies if possible.

In reality, Thao Zhi did not care about anyone but Xian Kun since his death would be a major problem for him. Therefore, he decided to play along with the human since it was to his advantage that way as well.

Bai Zemin knew that he had his time counted due to Feng Tian Wu, therefore, after using all his Strength and Agility powered by Overlap Regeneration, moving over 100 kilometers away in no time, he immediately turned around and began his assault.

A flash of golden light shot out from Bai Zemin's chest and Annihilation of the Falling Sky in the form of a bow appeared in his right hand at the same time as a fire arrow appeared in his left hand.

Thao Zhi did not even have time to stop as the fire arrow broke the sound barrier and fiercely exploded upon impacting the wind sphere surrounding him.

Bai Zemin did not stop when he saw the blue flames covering part of the sky but continued to attack fiercely, launching fire arrow after fire arrow. He let the liquid storage pearl fall to the ground, and the small object fell from the clouds disappearing in mere moments as the sky was tinged with deep blue.


The sky rumbled and the temperature rose higher and higher, causing the mountains below to begin to show signs of collapse.

Just at that moment, Bai Zemin sensed danger and hurriedly moved to his left at lightning speed, dodging by just a hair's breadth a thin beam of light blue light that shot out from the center of all the explosions caused by the arrows he launched.


Suddenly, all the blue flames surrounding Thao Zhi were easily expelled and he was revealed to be completely unharmed while the wind sphere still swirled around his body.

Seeing this, Bai Zemin's expression was a bit grim and he immediately realized that this battle was going to be disgustingly difficult to win.

Even though all those previous attacks seemed to be casual attacks, the truth was that each arrow had enough power to turn a city into an entire hell and wipe out the lives of hundreds of thousands in an instant!

The power of the Endless Blue Lotus Flame powered by a weapon with +8000 physical attack points added to Bai Zemin's nearly 6000 Strength points accompanied by the 65% power granted by God of War's Will skill charged to the maximum... Bai Zemin really wasn't holding back but the enemy repelled his attacks so easily!

The fact that the sky was rumbling non-stop with such loudness as if it was about to crash down on the world was proof of how terrifying the result of the union of so many attacks had been!

Thao Zhi waved his magic staff and chanted softly, "Suppress."

Bai Zemin's expression changed as he suddenly felt a surge of exhaustion at the same time as three messages flashed in his eyes.

[A weakening skill has been used on you.]

[You possess Soul Manipulation and Immovable Heart. The effect of the enemy skill is weakened].

[All stats -5% for the next 60 minutes.]


Bai Zemin heard a small sound of genuine surprise coming from his enemy, but he didn't have time to chat.

Since his enemy liked to play like this, then he would gladly play!


Bai Zemin's voice had only fallen when the entire sky suddenly changed its color.

The blue disappeared and was replaced by a blood-red color, the white clouds turned black, and on the distant horizon behind his enemy, Thao Zhi saw two thin fringes open abruptly, revealing two golden eyes that looked down on the world with coldness and disdain.


A pained expression crossed Thao Zhi's face as a message flashed in his eyes, shocking him to the marrow of his bones.

[You are now inside the Emperor Wolf Domain. All your natural stats drop by 20%]

In fact, as Thao Zhi was watched by those two giant golden eyes and he looked at the red wolf ghost behind the young human, he realized that the 20% was actually a bit higher, probably around 25% because of the red wolf.

Feeling his right hand trembling as he clutched his magic staff, his reptilian lips curved upward slightly. He had deciphered where that 5% was coming from, and thus could now do something about it.

"I see."

Thao Zhí removed his hood, surprising Bai Zemin as he revealed an alligator-like head covered in light blue scales and glowing golden eyes with two thin straight lines in the shape of pupils.

"You certainly are impressive. Even your killing intent is surprisingly high." Thao Zhi praised in a hoarse voice. "I still don't quite understand what's happening in this world but you certainly are interesting."

Bai Zemin frowned as he sensed a bad premonition and without delay turned Annihilation of the Falling Sky into a golden spear that he threw with all his might towards his enemy after activating Crimson Flame.

The jade-colored stone on top of Thao Zhi's magic staff glowed and the same emerald-colored barrier from before appeared before him, successfully blocking Annihilation of the Falling Sky's advance.



The spear spun like a drill trying to pierce the barrier at the same time as fierce gusts of wind danced around the tip of the spear. However, the barrier barely flinched and after several seconds the spear lost its strength before it began to fall.

Bai Zemin reached out his right hand, and as he caught his spear he couldn't help but be surprised to see a red aura begin to surround the alligator man's body.

To his utter disbelief, the image of the red wolf behind him became fainter and fainter until it soon disappeared without a trace. At the same time, the red aura surrounding Thao Zhi became fainter and fainter before fading away.

Both killing intentions had been nullified.

However, Bai Zemin was not the only one surprised.

"To think that a child like you can match my killing intent..." Thao Zhi burst out laughing and said loudly, "Looks like I wasn't wrong when I got ready beforehand! It will be really fun to kill you before eating you, human warrior!"

Thao Zhi's identity was a lot more surprising than Bai Zemin thought, that was why Thao Zhi was so surprised to find such a young person who had been evolving for such a short time able to accomplish such things.

Even now, despite being able to nullify the red wolf's killing intent, Thao Zhi was still weakened by the enemy Domain. At the end of the day, a Domain was the highest level a skill could theoretically reach and they were not easy to break or evade.

However, Bai Zemin had no time to chat to learn more about his enemy.

He coldly snorted and without delay lunged forward at the same time as the golden spear in his hands turned into a greatsword as shiny as gold.

Thao Zhi waved his magic staff, and in less than a second the whole sky was filled with magic circles of all kinds of gold tones.

Bai Zemin's feeling of danger practically paralyzed him as the danger of death filled him. This was the second time since he had started evolving that he felt so small and insignificant, this was a very similar if not identical feeling to the one he felt when he was stuck in the spatial crack with Ghost Emperor Jack.

"Bright World!"

Thao Zhi's voice had barely fallen when Bai Zemin was immediately surrounded by hundreds of thousands of golden light swords raining down from the thousands of magic circles at breakneck speeds.

Mages were truly terrifying, and Thao Zhi's magic power was so horrifying that Bai Zemin felt small even with all the boosts he had.

He did not dare to take those attacks head-on in any way, and despite his anxiety to end it all as quickly as possible Bai Zemin had no choice but to stop his charge halfway through.

With a sudden gold flash, the golden greatsword turned into a long golden whip and with astonishingly fast movements Bai Zemin began to swing the whip up into the sky and down to the ground causing the surroundings to glow in the radiance of Annihilation of the Falling Sky.

As Thao Zhi watched with ever-widening eyes as each lash shattered the golden light swords, he couldn't help but mutter in astonishment, "He is... breaking my magic...?"

The Bright World skill was a Third Order level 5 skill, and despite not being Thao Zhi's most powerful it was one of the best when it came to covering several kilometers in length and breadth to finish off several enemies at the same time or to put one in a tight spot just like in this case.

If Bai Zemin used a shield or some other method to block his magic skill then Thao Zhi would accept it, but to use physical attacks to break and in the process completely nullify the power of a magic skill... This was something even he, a monster with millions of years of life, had never seen.

"... Looks like I'll have to finish the game early. This isn't fun anymore." Thao Zhi muttered as he pointed his magic staff at the back of Bai Zemin, who was several hundred meters ahead battling to break all the magic swords.

The green-colored stone on top of the magic staff glowed, and a very huge silver magic circle appeared a few centimeters from the stone.

Bai Zemin naturally sensed the huge fluctuation of mana and magic power at his back and knew that the skill on the way might be too much for him to handle simply by using Magic Break.

Unfortunately, this was one of the disadvantages of not knowing anything about the enemy one will face... If he had known that his enemy was a mage he had used Soul Manipulation to raise the Order of Magic Break by one stage!

Bai Zemin didn't even have room to move as he was surrounded by magic swords making any dodging whatsoever not an option. Even if he dodged the magic attack from behind, his body would be hit by thousands of magic swords, and considering how high the enemy's magical power was he would definitely end up with medium-grade injuries at the very least.

'Should I use that...? But! If I use Blood Manipulation to create weapons or shields my plan will go to waste and it will be practically impossible for me to kill this alligator!'

Just as Bai Zemin found himself in a great predicament from which he had no way to escape on his own, a high-pitched sound similar to a phoenix's cry echoed from the distance, and out of the corner of his eye, he could just barely see a flash of purple light passing by him.

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