Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 598 - Obtain the Resplendent Gem!

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Chapter 598: Obtain the Resplendent Gem!

Although many things had happened, everything was happening at the same time.

The entire Kardas auction house was surging with undercurrents!

Countless pairs of eyes were staring at the big screen. The countdown on the big screen had entered the final moment.

5 seconds…

4 seconds…

3 seconds…

Everyone held their breaths. Everyone was anticipating whether the resplendent gemstone would be able to refresh the bidding of the existence in VIP Room 5.

“What a pity. Mr. Joelson will never see such an exciting auction.”

Elena looked at the big screen with some regret.

At this moment, the number on the big screen had turned to zero!

The countdown had ended!

No one placed a bid. This officially announced to everyone that this resplendent gemstone belonged to the mysterious guest in VIP Room 5.

After the auction ended, the lights slowly lit up.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

They could see the intense shock in each other’s eyes.

That’s right, even though they knew the legend of Lorna and knew that the resplendent gem was the key to entering Lorna…

But they didn’t know the method at all!

They also didn’t know how to find the entrance to Lorna.

But at this moment, the big families of the inner city in the VIP area were able to pay such a huge price for the resplendent gem. They most likely knew the method to enter Lorna.

At this moment, they were only lacking the resplendent gemstone.

And with the resplendent gemstone, they had the qualifications to head to Lorna.

Once any family in the inner city sent people into Lorna and successfully returned, it was likely that that family’s status in the inner city would soar!

It would even grow to the level of being on par with the imperial family.

This was too shocking.

However, everyone in the auction venue was very tactful. They weren’t prepared to stay in the auction venue for too long.

They knew that the families in the inner city would definitely not let this matter rest.

Since they had already stopped using the auction method to obtain the resplendent gem, these arrogant fellows would definitely use violent methods to obtain the resplendent gem.

A bloody storm would likely appear in the Kardas auction house.

As weak as they were, they definitely wouldn’t be able to survive the battle between these enormous creatures in the inner city.

The most rational method at the moment was to quickly leave this land of chaos!

Before the battle between the inner city families erupted!

Some people hurriedly stood up. They didn’t even have the time to pick up the things that had dropped before they immediately ran out of the auction house.

There were quite a number of people who did this in the auction house.

Unfortunately, Elena did not understand why the people around her were in such a hurry to leave. They did not even have time to pick up the items.

Elena placed her small hand on her chin and revealed a puzzled expression.

“Why is everyone so anxious to leave the auction house?”

“Don’t tell me there’s an important auction waiting for them?”

Elena didn’t understand and didn’t think any further. She slowly stood up and waited for the crowd to disperse before leaving the auction house.

Meanwhile, in VIP Room No. 5, Joelson also slowly stood up and put on the mask of the King of Spades.

The hidden door behind the VIP room slowly opened. The tall and thin middle-aged man who had brought Joelson into the VIP room also appeared.

He spoke to Joelson very respectfully.

“Congratulations, sir. You have successfully bid for the resplendent gem.”

“Please follow me to the VIP’s exclusive processing hall to go through your procedures. At the same time, you can also take away the item that you have bid for.”

Joelson nodded and did not say anything else. He followed behind the tall and thin middle-aged man and entered the hidden door.

Behind the door was a long secret passage that spiraled around.

Only one person was allowed to pass through. The tall and coquettish man was in front. After Joelson’s disaster, the two of them slowly walked forward.

Under the probing of magic power, Joelson discovered that this secret passage was actually five hundred meters long. The bricks surrounding this secret passage were all meticulously engraved with magic.

Even for a mage of the divine realm, it would be extremely difficult for them to sense Joelson’s existence.

Of course, to Joelson, who was at the peak of the demigod realm and was able to easily insta-kill someone of the same level and battle someone of a higher level, these wall bricks were practically useless.

However, this didn’t affect the practicality of these wall bricks.

In addition, the number of bricks used in this five hundred meter passage was probably not a small number.

After all, every brick carved with magic cost a lot of money.

Joelson thought to himself. It seemed that the Kardas family had spent a lot of money to keep the existence of the VIP area a secret.

After about two minutes, the two of them walked out of the secret room.

When they opened the door, the auction building was still outside, but the location had changed.

This was an extremely spacious hall. The floor was made of exquisite marble tiles.

The red walls and thick pillars made this place a little high-end.

Obviously, Joelson did not care too much about these things. He only wanted to get his hands on the resplendent gem as soon as possible.

“Sir, please sign here.”

The tall, middle-aged man respectfully took out a piece of gilded paper from the side. There were a lot of rules written densely on it.

Joelson raised his eyebrows, and his magic power directly covered the gilded paper.

Although it was written in a complicated manner, the content was probably just some disclaimer clauses. It specifically stated that once the auction item was obtained, it would have nothing to do with the Kardas family. Even if it was dropped later, or if it would still be snatched away by others, he couldn’t turn back to look for the Kardas family.

Seeing this, Joelson couldn’t help but burst out laughing in his heart.

According to the behavior of those families in the inner city, it was very likely that they had already sent people to investigate his background.

Once the investigation was done and they confirmed that he didn’t have any background in the underground city, these large families in the inner city would immediately launch an attack on him.

However, all of this was a matter for later. If those large families in the inner city wanted to snatch the resplendent gemstone in his hands, the prerequisite was that they would be able to find him.

Through so many concealment methods, even Elena, who was by his side, wasn’t clear about his true identity. How could he possibly expose himself?

Joelson handed over a fire attribute demigod weapon spear from the system space to the tall and coquettish man in front of him.

As soon as this demigod artifact spear appeared in Joelson’s hand, it immediately emitted a fiery aura.

For a time, the temperature in the hall rose by a lot.

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