Bringing Culture to a Different World-Chapter 1072

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Chapter 1072

1072 Chapter 1,996. Sign Up

Josh followed his eldest daughter into the White Briar Theater.

In two years, Josh had only made three movies, one of which was the movie version of the Sherlock Holmes series, the other two were the mysteries of Cinema Paradiso and the Sherlock Holmes series, while the other was the murder of the Orient Express, which was also Josh’s latest movie.

Although it was the latest, it was actually half a year ago. Recently, Mrs. Caesar had contacted Josh to see if he was interested in producing a series, but he refused on the grounds that he was “Sorry I was too busy with the kids”.


Josh did not come here to watch a movie. Instead of walking to the box office, she walked to the museum hall of the White Thorn Garden Theater.

This was a product of the third expansion of the White Thorn Garden Theater. Inside, there were various items from the White Thorn Garden Jazz Collection and some props and egg items from the movie.

It was like the gold dress that Enoch wore in the first movie beauty and the Devil, and the Bible that Andy used to hide the hammer in Shawshank Redemption, and the axe that the hero used to break down the door in the shining.

It wasn’t Josh’s first visit; he had brought her here last time.

She had spent a lot of time in the “Not too cold demon”and “The eight faithful dogs”sections.

Although the girl’s personality was as tough as her mother’s, deep down Josh still had a part of himself as a little girl.

Including the star-chasing aspect… It wasn’t the first time Josh had seen his eldest daughter line up specifically to buy records and memorabilia from movies.

Josh slowly walked in the White Thorn Flower Museum. She paused for a short while on a huge photo.

The content of the photo… Josh remembered that when Tyreen held her first concert, thousand faces took a close-up photo of Tyreen as a front-line reporter.

This was also the most dazzling moment of the frost elf. Recently, Tyreen was still working at Nolan television station and composing her own music.

However, she had also acquired a lot of new skills, including gardening skills in knitting sweaters. Her whole life had become very… healthy.

Josh looked up very intently at the photo that was as tall as two people.

Josh could see the emotion called desire in his daughter’s eyes. This emotion did not last long and quickly disappeared. She seemed to have sensed something and turned her head to look behind her.

Fortunately, Josh reacted in time. The moment his daughter turned her head, he hid behind the replica of the Loyal Dog Ba Gong statue.

There were not many people in the museum hall. After all, the museum hall had been open for almost a year.

When it first opened, it was full almost every day. Now, only a few people who came to Nolan to visit would come here.

Her eldest daughter’s alertness was weaker than Josh had imagined. Perhaps because she was in a hurry, she did not notice Josh, who was hiding behind the statue, and walked directly to the other side of the museum hall.

There was a long table in the corner of the museum hall, and two attendants sat behind the long table.

“Miss, if you go further ahead, you will find the resting place for the actors.”

The attendant saw Josh and immediately asked her to stop.

“Is this the place to sign up for the Nolan Choir?”

Josh took out the poster Herland gave her from his hairy eight-shoulder bag.

“This is the place for the Nolan Choir, but the rookie group is full,”the attendant said.


Josh picked up the poster and glanced at the advertisements. This time, the world singers were divided into two categories, the newcomer group and the Shining Star Group.

The first time the poster advertised was half a month ago, and Josh hadn’t expected that there would be a limited number of seats.

“Then I want to participate in the shining star group’s competition!”Josh said.

When Josh made this suggestion, one of the attendants had an embarrassed expression on his face, while the other one secretly held back his laughter.

“The shining star group’s quota is indeed not full, but miss, are you a contestant of the Devil’s Web Music?”The attendant asked.

“I’m also listening to the Devil’s web music… What do you mean by contestant?”

When Josh heard that there was still a slot left, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, the following question made her very confused.

“They are singers that have been officially recognized by Devil’s web music. Each of them has a large number of fans.”Another attendant had already started to tidy up the items on the table. “Only contestants from Devil’s web music are qualified to register for the Shining Stars Competition.”

“Just like Miss Tyreen?”

Josh recalled that there were many creators in the magic net music group, but the creators who ranked at the top all had a lightning-like symbol.

“Miss Tyreen is the most famous singer in the magic net music group. Of course she is qualified. Moreover, she is also a candidate for this competition. Unfortunately, Miss Tyreen… perhaps you can try it next time?”

One of the attendants spoke in a very reserved manner, but the meaning was very obvious. It was that Josh, who appeared out of nowhere, was not qualified to participate in the highest level of the Nolan Choir competition.

“Even Miss Tyreen will participate in the competition.”

When Josh heard this, he already knew how high the standard was. She seemed to be a little timid.

But after hesitating for a while, she shook her hands, as if she had made up her mind.

“There’s still some time before the competition… let me give it a try!”

“Becoming a contestant of the Devil’s web music in less than fifteen days? Do you know how difficult it is to get a contract slot?”Another attendant seemed to be a little impatient.


“Please go back, Miss, it’s time to recruit.”

At this time, the attendant had already packed up the items on the table and was preparing to leave.

Jose, who was hiding at the side, naturally saw all of this… Although Jose did not know why his eldest daughter would participate in the Nolan’s choir competition.


‘Sir White Thorn Flower! Hurry and come to your museum!’

Jose immediately sent a message to Sir White Thorn Flower.

‘Mr. Jose? What’s wrong?’

In the past two years, Sir White Thorn Flower’s life had changed a lot, including him and Lady Marina finally getting married, which also made up for Sir White Thorn Flower’s terrible asset management.

‘there’s a girl in the museum hall who wants to sign up for the world’s choir’s shining group. Hurry up and let her pass.’Jose sent another message.

Although Sir White Thorn Flower was terrible at managing assets, she was excellent and fast in carrying out Jose’s orders.

‘also, don’t let her feel that you’re doing her a favor on purpose, or accidentally…’Jose didn’t think of any good adjectives.

‘accidentally?’Sir White Thorn Flower didn’t understand either.

‘It’s time for you to show your acting skills.’

Josh could only watch as the two servants carried away the materials while Josh chatted with Sir White Thorn.