Bringing Culture to a Different World - Chapter 433 - , the competition

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Chapter 433: Chapter 437, the competition

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Late at night.

After visiting the Hearthstone Tavern on the Commercial Street, Joshua returned to his own residence.

On the prophet’s side, Sir White Thorn Flower drove them back to the Faroese mansion.

“Is this another new BUG?”

Right now, Joshua was programming runes. Ever since he learned the usual spell caster skill, meditation, he no longer needed to rely on his hands to type the code.

Closing his eyes, the interface of the weave would appear in front of Joshua’s eyes. He only needed to rely on his own thoughts to edit this piece of code.

Meditation was originally used by spell casters to gather the magic power in their bodies. Through thinking, they would use more time to think about the composition of the runes.

In this state, Joshua’s programming speed was about five to six times faster than the traditional typing speed with a keyboard.

“The ultimate meaning of coding…”

Joshua looked at the dense string of code in front of him. When he opened his eyes again, only about ten minutes had passed.

“Were you writing a program just now?”

Hiri took the dinner that night and walked into Joshua’s study. Judging from the aroma, it seemed that what Lady Marina made today was mushroom soup.

“Hearthstone’s legendary new card bag and adventure.”Josh opened the magic web and looked at what he had just written. “At this rate, I should be able to finish it within a month.”

“Didn’t you just launch an adventure last week? I haven’t even played my normal mode Kel ‘Thuzad yet,”Healy complained to Josh.

“Because I’m going to have a Hearthstone competition in Nolan. It’ll be more exciting if there are more cards,”Josh said.


“Competition? Well… I might not be able to participate.”Healy seemed very interested in the Hearthstone legend competition, but as an apprentice of the purple-clad man, healy had no time to fish except for her weekly weekend. “But I can still help you draw cards. The purple-clad man’s teaching also includes drawing exercises. I can bring my sister’s drawing machine.”

According to Hearthstone legends, most of the card cards were drawn by Hiri after Joshua gave them a draft.

As for the dubbing, Joshua invited many ‘professionals’. The Frost Axe Dwarves shared a lot of the dubbing for the cards, as well as the actors from the White Thorn Theatre.

However, in order to catch up with the new card package, Joshua temporarily postponed the dubbing work.

“Then I’ll… draw the draft today.”

Joshua originally planned to draw the card personally, but the spellcaster lady was full of enthusiasm, so he did not plan to refuse.

Hiri’s seriousness and enthusiasm in producing the original Hearthstone also made Joshua temporarily have no intention of looking for other painters.

“Eat dinner first. I’ll post an announcement about the competition on the Spellcaster Forum later.”

Today, Jose had strolled around the whole of Nolan without eating much. Smelling the mushroom soup in the room, he felt extremely hungry.

… ..

Steel country, Orson Castle.

“Miss Dorothy, there’s no need to hesitate. I can fulfill all of your wishes tonight.”

The eldest son of the count sat opposite Dorothy and said in an elegant tone.

Fulfill all his wishes? Can you restore the reputation of my family’s Chamber of Commerce?

Wait… It seems that you can.

Dorothy looked at the menu in front of her with mixed feelings.

She was sitting in an extremely luxurious restaurant in Orson Castle. Those who could dine here were undoubtedly nobles.

Therefore, the prices of the food on the menu were so expensive that Dorothy looked a little ‘scared’.

Dorothy could see that the eldest son was pursuing her.

This was undoubtedly an opportunity. Once she married into the family of an earl, her father’s Chamber of Commerce would definitely be able to bring back the dead.

This was a very simple method. The bargaining chip was probably her virginity for the rest of her life.

However, Dorothy was not willing to entrust her life to someone she did not know so easily.

For this, Dorothy had tried many ways to resist, and today, there was finally a glimmer of hope.

“Mr. Edke, please order first.”

Dorothy handed the menu to the eldest son of the count sitting across from her. She didn’t intend to let the eldest son treat her. To be precise, she didn’t want to owe the person in front of her a favor.

“No problem, attendant!”

The eldest son called the attendant over and told him a series of high-quality ingredients.

Dorothy’s attention was on the magic net interface in front of her.

She carried the small wooden box with her. Dorothy knew that it was inappropriate, but it was the only way to establish a connection with the magic net.

“I can’t Wait!”

“Taste my axe!”

Dorothy heard the roar of an orc named Grom. She looked at the interface of the magic net.

She controlled the enraged Grom Hellscream to charge at the opposing wizard, Gianna.

Along with Grom’s attack, the Wizard Gianna lost 10 hp! This was fatal damage to Gianna, who only had 7 hp!

She won.

Dorothy looked at the victory in front of her. Since she downloaded the game called “Hearthstone Legend”, she had played more than 20 rounds.

And there was only one opponent in each match, and that was Fuya!

From the moment she became familiar with the game, Dorothy had been losing to Fuya. After losing 23 rounds in a row, Dorothy had once suspected that her opponent was undefeatable, she finally relied on this orc named Grom to win.

This victory made Dorothy want to laugh and cheer, but Dorothy quickly noticed the current situation and controlled her smile to be extremely ‘ladylike’.

“Miss Dorothy, you don’t have to be so excited. If you’re willing, tonight is just the beginning.”However, the eldest son misunderstood Dorothy’s smile.

Not excited? You’ve been suppressed by others for almost three hours, and you suddenly defeated them. This feeling can not be described as excitement!

Of course, Dorothy did not reveal her true thoughts.

Sure enough, the game on the magic web was very interesting.

Dorothy looked at the inquiry sent from Fuya and held back her desire to fight Fuya in the next round. She began to focus on dealing with the eldest son of the castellan in front of her.

“I’m very satisfied today, Lord Edke.”Dorothy didn’t plan to spend the night outside. She was saving her time tonight for the legend of Hearthstone!


The eldest son raised a glass full of red wine.

“Miss Dorothy, actually, when I first met you, I had a suffocating feeling that my heart was constricted.”


Dorothy instantly understood what he was going to say next. She was considering whether she should interrupt the affectionate confession of the son of the castellan.

But soon, a new message popped up on the interface of the Spellcaster Forum. Dorothy tilted her head and looked at the interface on the magic net.

‘Hearthstone legend: Nolan Open Competition! Prove to Nolan that you are the strongest hearthstone player!’

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