Bringing Culture to a Different World - Chapter 434 - running away from marriage

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Chapter 434: Chapter 438, running away from marriage

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The month of flowers at the end of spring.

Dorothy sat in front of the dressing table and looked at the magic net screen while she fixed her messy long hair.

‘haven’t you passed the hero difficulty of Black Rock Mountain Yet?’a text message popped up from Fuya.

‘that black dragonnamed Nefarian will fly into the sky at the second stage. How troublesome.’

Dorothy put down the comb in her hand and immediately typed a reply to Fuya.

A week ago, Dorothy found that many brand new cards had appeared in the Hearthstone legend that she was playing.

According to the Spellcasters’forum, it seemed to be called a ‘version update’.

In Dorothy’s eyes, this feeling was like the model of a magic-conducting machine. As the update was updated, the magic-conducting machine itself was constantly improved.

This time, the Hearthstone legend update brought players to a mountain range that was filled with lava and sulfur. They had also personally participated in the battle between the Balrog King and a black dragon.

Dorothy and Fuya studied it together for a week. Along the way, they led their subordinates to pummel the various dungeon leaders of Black Rock Mountain. They arrived before the black dragonnamed Nefarian.

The final battle did not last long..

‘I’ve killed the Black Dragon in Hero mode!’

Dorothy looked at the smug black dragon on the opposite side who was beaten to pieces by her entourage. She raised her hands and cheered in a low voice.

“Miss. .”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.


When Dorothy, the dragon-slaying warrior, heard the maid’s shout, she remembered that she had not dressed properly this morning.

“What’s Wrong?”

Dorothy immediately picked up a comb and began to comb her long wine-red hair.

“Lord Edke came to look for you again.”The maid’s voice sounded very excited. “He brought a truckload of heart roses today.”

Dorothy’s hand movements paused slightly when she heard the news.

She could understand why the maid was excited.

For the son of the Earl, who was high up in the city, to be able to pursue a girl with such infatuation was something worth being excited about for any girl.

However, Dorothy had investigated, or rather, all the residents of Orson Castle basically knew some rumors.

That was, she was not the first girl that the son of the earl was infatuated with.

Moreover, Dorothy was not the kind of naive girl who would fall into a trance just by sending flowers and saying a few affectionate confessions.

“I got it. Tell him to wait for a while,”Dorothy said to the maid.

“Yes, miss. .”

There was no sound outside the door. Dorothy held the comb and fell into deep thought.

Dorothy knew that her father had long given up on resisting. He had given up his honor and dignity as the manager of this trading firm. All he wanted to do was sell himself as a commodity and continue to live a luxurious life.

However, Dorothy was not willing to give up everything so easily.

She turned her head to look at the Spellcaster Forum of the magic net. The forum displayed a post with more than five thousand replies.

It was the Hearthstone legend Nolan Open tournament

Dorothy noticed that the prize for first place was a twig of the world tree.

There must be a lot of leaves on the twigs, right?

This tournament gave Dorothy the chance to get the leaves of the world tree, but the condition was to win this tournament, which all the Hearthstone players in Nolan would participate in.

Could she win? The only players Dorothy had fought in this period of time were only ‘Fuya’and ‘Flossie flower’.

The former was too strong, while the latter was completely at the level of a newbie.

No… she had to try.

Dorothy put on a man’s suit that was easy to move in front of the dressing mirror, tied up her eye-catching wine-red long hair, and then put on a hat.

In the mirror, Dorothy looked like an ordinary traveler.

Today was the opening time of the teleportation gate at the center of Orson Castle. The teleportation gate would last for twelve days.

Nolan’s competition only lasted for about five days. Dorothy had enough reasons to go back and forth to Nolan after the competition was over.

“Still not done yet! Dorothy! Hurry up! Lord Edke seems to be here to propose to you today!”

Her father’s voice came from outside the door again. Perhaps her father felt that he had achieved his goal and was only one step away from marrying Dorothy into the family of the earl, so his voice sounded especially excited.

Hearing her father’s voice, Dorothy indeed hesitated.

She didn’t need to do these unnecessary things. As long as she agreed to the proposal of the eldest son of the Earl, her future life would be far more luxurious than that in the trading company.

Reason told Dorothy that the best choice was to open the door and meet the eldest son of the count with her father.


Dorothy took a look at the screen of her “Hearthstone legend”. The reward after defeating nefarian still appeared on the interface, the card back named “Black Stone hero”seemed to be describing one glorious victory after another.

‘I’m planning to participate in Nolan’s open competition,’Dorothy sent a text message to Fuya.

In Dorothy’s opinion, Fuya was definitely a powerful hearthstone player. When the time came, she should also go to Nolan to participate in the competition.

‘competition… I Can’t go,’Fuya quickly replied.

Can’t go..

Dorothy did not ask about the reason. There was a common rule in the text message, which was not to ask about the other party’s matters in reality.

“Dorothy! What are you doing in there again!”

The person waiting outside the door was clearly impatient and kept twisting the doorknob.

“Then I’ll take part in the competition for you.”

Dorothy sent this message to Fuya, then immediately ran to the other side of the room and pulled open the tightly shut curtains and windows.

Her room was located on the second floor of the trading firm. This height was not considered high for a spell caster.

Dorothy took out her magic staff. As the runes appeared beside her, she cast a spell called ‘levitation’on her body.

This spell allowed Dorothy to levitate, but it could temporarily reduce the weight of her body.

Dorothy had already heard the sound of the key being inserted into the keyhole. At this moment, Dorothy jumped out of the window with her suitcase and landed steadily on the street outside the window.

This sudden action attracted the attention of the pedestrians around her. Dorothy lowered the brim of her hat and immediately ran towards the teleportation portal in the center of Osenberg.

She spent more than an hour rushing to the teleportation portal in Osenberg.

The building looked like a giant circle that was spinning non-stop from the outside. The enforcers from Nolan were checking the identity of the pedestrians passing by the teleportation portal.

“Your name is Dorothy? What are you doing in Nolan?”

A enforcer checked Dorothy’s ‘Identity Book’and asked.

“Traveling,”Dorothy answered immediately.

After the enforcer finished checking her luggage, he let her go.

On the way, Dorothy avoided her father’s pursuit and came to the portal. When Dorothy was about to step into the portal, she heard her father’s shout behind her.

“Dorothy! Where do you want to Go!”

She turned around and glanced at the man who was rushing over with a few attendants. Without any hesitation, she quickly walked into the portal.

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