Complete Martial Arts Attributes - Chapter 926 - That's Quite Sudden~ (1)  

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Chapter 926: That’s Quite Sudden~ (1)

How… violent!

Olivia, Clive, and the young people gulped, their goosebumps standing on end.

A giant dark apparition, who was known for his strong and tough body, was beaten to death by Wang Teng.

This fellow was scary!

He was a violent man!

If they remembered correctly, Wang Teng was a planetary-stage martial warrior. Yet he killed a devil king. This was amazing.

Clive felt fortunate that he hadn’t offended Wang Teng. The consequences would have been unbearable.

The fourth level Strength of Ultima is indeed powerful. Wang Teng looked at his fist and gave a bright smile.

Clive shuddered when he saw his pearly white teeth. He looked scary!

He wouldn’t provoke him in the future.

Wang Teng collected the attribute bubbles dropped by the dead giant devil king.

Constellation Force (Dark)*11500

Emperor-Level Dark Talent*350

Planetary Realm Spirit*300

Strength of Ultima*500

Devil Transformation*100

The constellation dark Force surged into Wang Teng’s body and ended up in the dark constellation. The points of his dark Force rose again.

Constellation Dark Force: 17500/30000 (planetary stage third level)

The emperor-level dark talent points merged into Wang Teng’s dark talent, increasing his dark talent.

Emperor-Level Dark Talent: 2290/10000

The 300 points of Planetary Realm Spirit got converted to 30 points of Celestial Realm Spirit. It was negligible when compared with the 50-thousand upper limit of the Celestial Realm Spirit.

He also collected 500 points of Strength of Ultima. He was surprised that a giant apparition managed to grasp the Strength of Ultima. The other party was just unlucky to have met him.

Wang Teng raised his Strength of Ultima to the fourth level and beat the giant apparition’s third-level Ultima.

The 500 points of Strength of Ultima the giant apparition left behind became Wang Teng’s Strength of Ultima’s building block.

Strength of Ultima: 1500/3000 (fourth level)

He received some new enlightenment regarding the Strength of Ultima. He digested them quickly and made them his own.

Finally, there were 100 points of devil transformation. Wang Teng didn’t know what to feel about it. This attribute made its appearance again after he left Earth.

However, he still accepted it. He might need it in the future.

Devil Transformation: 150/300 (well-versed)


The martial warriors around Wang Teng got invigorated upon seeing him kill a devil king. Right then, a violent explosion came from a corner of the defensive array.


The howls of the dark apparitions swept over continuously. Everyone turned around and was appalled.

The defensive array was broken!

A huge hole had appeared in a corner of the array where numerous dark apparitions crawled in like ants. It was a chilling sight. There seemed no end to them.


“Stop them! Don’t let them enter the array!” A celestial-stage martial warrior from the Great Qian Empire gave a thunderous roar as he glared at this scene in anger.

Martial warriors bolted toward the hole to stop the dark apparitions.


The martial warriors’ eyes were bloodshot. Battle cries shot through the sky. Everyone knew what would happen if the dark apparitions entered the fortress. They had no choice but to guard the breach with their lives.

“Move back!”

The heavy weapons within the battle fortress were finally put to use. Force congregated into balls of light and shot toward the hole. The weapons had a large area of effect, clearing an entire patch of dark apparitions.



The Force ball exploded among the dark apparitions. These low-class dark apparitions couldn’t withstand such an attack. Their bodies torn to shreds, black blood and broken limbs scattered across the ground.

“Guard it”

“Guard it”

The martial warriors screamed at the top of their lungs as they charged toward the injured dark apparitions.

These low-class dark apparitions had no mind of their own. Even after a group of them died, they continued swarming forward fearlessly.

“Let’s go and help!” Olivia furrowed her brows as she called her friends over.

Wang Teng was faster than them, rushing ahead of the group and arriving above the hole. He pointed his blade at the sky. Waves tossed and turned in the air.

“Move!” Wang Teng bellowed.

The martial warriors below saw the towering waves behind him and stepped back in astonishment.

Wang Teng slashed his sword down.

Ultima·Thousand Crashing Ripples!


The multiple layers of waves formed from Force crashed into the ground, sweeping the majority of dark apparitions and mincing them to death on the spot.

Olivia and her friends lost their voices when they saw this scene.

This fierce attack suited Wang Teng’s style!

Changing their direction, they flew toward the other dark apparitions and continued fighting with them. All of them had reached the planetary stage, so they weren’t weak. They were like killing machines when they entered the pool of dark apparitions. Numerous heads were chopped instantly.

Of course, the dark apparitions wouldn’t sit and let this happen again. A few devil lords zoomed out and attacked Olivia and her friends.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This was an intense battle. Both parties were on par in strength.

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time. He kept killing dark apparitions and the dark Force in his body shot up without stopping.

This felt refreshing!

Some powerful dark apparitions were hitting the defense array outside. They wanted to destroy it entirely and enter the fortress.

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