Complete Martial Arts Attributes - Chapter 927 - That's Quite Sudden~ (2)

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Chapter 927: That’s Quite Sudden~ (2)


The array trembled under their attacks, and the situation worsened.

“Runemasters, where are the runemasters? Hurry up and repair the arrays!”

“Martial warriors, protect the runemasters!”

The roars spread throughout the battle fortress.

The runemasters had already left for the damaged areas, beginning the repair. Many martial warriors surrounded them in a protective circle.

Wang Teng looked over and noticed that although the runemasters were anxious, they were unable to repair the arrays. On the other hand, the dark apparitions’ rate of destruction was going up.

“If this goes on, the array would be destroyed!” Wang Teng frowned.

“Wang Teng, go and help them stabilize the array first!” Round Ball’s voice rang in his head.

That was his plan as well. He stopped hesitating and went to where the array was the most damaged.

The surrounding martial warriors became vigilant when they saw a newcomer and almost attacked him.

“I’m on your side!” Wang Teng said.

“Who are you?” The surrounding martial warriors were the guards of the battle fortress. They didn’t recognize Wang Teng and naturally looked at him with caution.

It was common for the dark apparitions to disguise themselves as people in wars. That was the reason why the dark apparitions could invade the battle fortress so easily this time. There were dark apparitions who excelled at disguising, infiltrating the battle fortress without catching attention.

That was why the guards were very cautious.

“Please show us your identity.” A guard who looked like a leader stared at Wang Teng coldly.

“Ugh… I have no identity!” Wang Teng waved his hand.

In an instant, all the guards raised their weapons and pointed them at Wang Teng. They were going to shoot him if he showed any hints of resistance.

Most of them had rune guns, and the runes were beginning to gather energy, ready to fire any time.

“Wait!” This time, an anxious voice rang out from the side.

Everyone immediately looked over.

“Yin Hai!”

Wang Teng recognized him and was a little surprised. After all, the guy had been abused by him for so many days. It would be bad if he didn’t recognize him.

He was also a martial warrior who was protecting the runemasters. He was originally resisting the dark apparitions on the frontlines but came over hurriedly to stop the guards when he saw that they were about to shoot him.

He knew that Di Qi had personally brought Wang Teng here. It was impossible for him to have anything to do with the dark apparitions.

“You know him?” the guard leader asked.

Yin Hai stepped forward and whispered a few words in his ear. The guard leader immediately eased up and waved his hand. The surrounding guards then dispersed, covering them with firepower as they continued to fend off the dark apparitions.

“You are Master Di Qi’s guest!” He was surprised, “But what are you doing here?”

“I’m a runemaster,” Wang Teng answered.

“A runemaster?” Yin Hai and the guard leader were surprised.

“Is there a problem?” Wang Teng walked toward the group of runemasters who were trying to repair the rune array.

“No, there’s no problem. If you’re really a runemaster, please help to repair the defense array. Please!” The leader was overjoyed. His attitude changed as he beseeched Wang Teng.

Even in a battle fortress like this, there were only twelve runemasters. They were all scattered around the defense array. For every area that was damaged, it would be good if there were two or three runemasters there. They were lacking in manpower.

This area was the most damaged, and dispatching four runemasters here wasn’t even enough. If Wang Teng was really a runemaster, he would definitely relieve the pressure on the other runemasters.

Wang Teng didn’t say much and went towards the runemasters. Scanning the area, he realized that attribute bubbles were scattered all around. Without thinking about it, he used his spiritual power and collected them.

Rune Knowledge*100

Rune Knowledge*50

Planetary Realm Spirit*60

Rune Knowledge*80

Planetary Realm Spirit*120

Imperial Realm Spirit*150

Wang Teng couldn’t help but be overjoyed. It was a pleasant surprise!

Sure enough, good deeds were rewarded. He was already given a small reward before he even started!

There were 1150 points of rune knowledge, 850 points of Planetary Realm Spirit, and 1200 points of Imperial Realm Spirit.

The spirit attributes were not as important as the rune knowledge attributes in playing a big role here.

As the attribute bubbles merged, scripts of rune knowledge appeared in his mind, and they formed insights that were absorbed by him.

Wang Teng was originally a runemaster. But now, he had advanced into a… grandmaster!

That’s quite sudden~

He didn’t even have the slightest preparation and just advanced like this into a real grandmaster.

Grandmasters were respected figures wherever they went, and masters would cozy up to them.

Runemaster: 310/10000 (grandmaster)

Wang Teng saw the change in the attributes panel and couldn’t contain his smile. Now, he was even more confident in repairing the defense arrays.

He strode up in front of a runemaster. It wasn’t difficult to recognize this person’s status.

He was frowning and was grabbing his gray hair, seemingly in a great predicament. However, the problem was that he was balding. He wasn’t going to let off the few strands of hair he had left. How brutal.

It pained Wang Teng to see him like this.

“Runemasters need a lot of hair!” He couldn’t help but touch his thick black hair as he exclaimed.

The leader of the guards glanced at Wang Teng and then at the runemaster. His mouth twitched as if he knew what Wang Teng was thinking about. He cleared his throat and asked, “Cough, shouldn’t you hurry up?”

Wang Teng glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. Despite knowing that he was anxious, he patted the runemaster’s shoulder and said, “This… brother, excuse me!”

The bald runemaster was taken aback. He turned around and was about to lose his temper. “Don’t disturb me. Why is a kiddo here? Get him away.”

He didn’t even look at Wang Teng and continued to think hard.

The rune array was severely damaged, with many runes incomplete. He wanted to take a shortcut and repair them quickly, but he feared that the formation would get unstable and be damaged again after a short time. If he followed his usual practice, he would spend too much time. He couldn’t afford to do that.

“Kiddo?” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows. It was the first time anyone had dared to call him that.

He released his spiritual power. It formed an invisible hand and grabbed the bald runemaster by his collar and lifted him up in the air.

“Who’s that? What are you doing? Which bastard dares to fool around with me? Let me down…” The bald runemaster was startled as he struggled mid-air. He even used Force, but he could not break free from the invisible hand.

Wang Teng was a Celestial Realm divine spirit master. The bald runemaster was at most at the Planetary Realm. If he could break free, Wang Teng should just die of shame.

The leader of the guards saw this and was stunned. He then looked at Wang Teng in surprise, wanting to laugh.

The bald runemaster looked like a dog who was being leashed. So fierce!

However, it didn’t look too good for a runemaster to be hanged in the air like this. He wanted to persuade Wang Teng but realized that he was already squatting at the bald runemaster’s spot. An emerald flame was smeared across the damaged runes.

The damaged area was uneven, but it became smooth under the high temperature of the emerald flame.

And the remaining runes were also erased.

A gleaming light exuded from Wang Teng’s other hand as he weaved and formed the runes quickly…

In just a few moments, the damaged array was fully repaired. It was almost as if it had never been damaged.

The leader of the guards widened his eyes in surprise.

The bald runemaster also stopped moving. He stared blankly at the repaired runes and at Wang Teng, who was already heading to another area. Failing to notice that the invisible hand holding him had disappeared, he fell hard onto the ground.

“Ah!” The bald runemaster cried as he touched his butt.

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