Complete Martial Arts Attributes - Chapter 994 - You, Cao Jiaojiao, Don’t Hold Much Value (1)

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Chapter 994: You, Cao Jiaojiao, Don’t Hold Much Value (1)

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“Oh my god!”

Wang Teng was in a dilemma.

The price given by Ju Cai Rock Gamble wasn’t low. Three trillion and a 10% discount Black VIP card held the same value as four trillion GQC.

Mind you, the price of the items in this store went by the millions. A 10% discount wasn’t a small amount.

Most importantly, there was no time limit.

A martial warrior had a long lifespan. They would definitely be able to save more than a trillion if they shopped at this place for numerous years. Also, the Black VIP card of the Ju Cai Rock Gamble wasn’t easy to get. One needed to have a certain status.

From this point, one could see the sincerity of the Ju Cai Rock Gamble. But even so, he didn’t want to sell the Lightning Essence Insect. This item was too rare. If he sold it, he might never be able to see it again.

Wang Teng’s mind spun furiously. “Everyone, may I say something?”

“Please,” the manager of the Ju Cai Rock Gamble replied politely.

The others looked in his direction too, including the two universe-stage martial warriors. He felt pressured.

“I don’t plan to sell this Lightning Essence Insect,” Wang Teng took a deep breath and said.

“You don’t plan to sell it?!”

The two universe-stage martial warriors furrowed their brows and looked at Wang Teng meaningfully.

“Young man, it’s dangerous to carry this item on you.” The ape martial warrior was very direct.

“Young friend, he’s right. The Lightning Essence Insect is more attractive than four trillion,” the white-haired elder agreed.

“They’re right. Mr. Wang Teng, you should sell your Lightning Essence Insect,” the manager of the Ju Cai Rock Gamble said.

Wang Teng’s heart sank.

They were right. The Lightning Essence Insect was more tempting than money. It would be dangerous if he took it. But he was unhappy because of the unintentional superiority he detected in their tone and a hint of threat.

“Young friend, I’m willing to fork out 4.2 trillion. This is my utmost sincerity. Sell me the Lightning Essence Insect and you’ll gain my friendship,” the white-haired elder said.

“Wang Teng, why don’t you… sell it? You’ll gain nothing if you’re targeted by a universe-stage martial warrior,” Round Ball said in a low voice in Wang Teng’s mind.

“Wang Teng…” An Lan hesitated. Although he didn’t finish his sentence, his intention was clear. He hoped that he would sell it.

F**K.?Wang Teng cursed in his heart. He felt helpless and exasperated.

If the value was within an acceptable range, other people might relent due to his position and talent. They might even want to befriend him. However, if the value reached a tempting level, the formidable warriors didn’t mind offending him.

This was how cruel the world of the formidable warriors was. It was this direct!

Wang Teng felt helpless. He had worked hard to raise his ability, but he was still weaker than these old codgers. That was why he had to face this situation.

At this moment, he finally saw Grandmaster Hua Yuan and the others walking in. He was invigorated.

A brilliant idea popped up in his mind. He spoke to Grandmaster Hua Yuan and the others using voice transmission.

“Let’s pretend we don’t know each other and buy this Lightning Essence Insect under the name of the Secondary Career Alliance.”

The grandmasters were stunned. However, they were all quick-witted and immediately understood his intention.

Wang Teng was one of them, and he was a triple-field grandmaster with great potential. They were willing to help him.

Compared to the Lightning Essence Insect, they viewed Wang Teng with more importance.

As the group of grandmasters walked over, Grandmaster Hua Yuan laughed and said, “We came at the right time. I didn’t think we’d see the Lightning Essence Insect here. Young friend, why don’t you sell this item to the Secondary Career Alliance? We’re willing to offer 4 trillion and you’ll gain the friendship of the Secondary Career Alliance.”

The two universe-stage marital warriors and the manager pulled a long face when they saw someone interfering in their affair. But after seeing who they were, they suppressed their unhappiness.

This was a group of more than ten grandmasters!

These grandmasters were based in the city’s Secondary Career Alliance, so they were familiar with them. If it was just one or two grandmasters, they wouldn’t be afraid. However, with more than ten of them, this was a little frightening.

Besides, there were three people with powerful auras standing beside them.

Universe stage!

There were three universe-stage martial warriors!

Grandmaster Hua Yuan and the others didn’t come alone. He had invited three universe-stage martial warriors to support him.

The two universe-stage martial warriors and the manager of the Ju Cai Rock Gamble wouldn’t offend these people no matter how blind they were.

Wang Teng saw their exasperated expression and chuckled silently. Then, pretending that he didn’t know these people, he asked, “You are?”

“Oh, I was too excited when I saw the Lightning Essence Insect so I forgot to introduce myself. We’re grandmasters from the Secondary Career Alliance.” Grandmaster Hua Yuan played along with Wang Teng. “I’m Grandmaster Hua Yuan.”

All the other grandmasters introduced themselves.

Andrais, Cao Jiaojiao, and Cao Guan stared at this scene with their mouths agape. They were dumbstruck.

They would probably never imagine that Wang Teng was putting on a show with these grandmasters. They were acting for them.

“It’s my honor to meet you.” Wang Teng bowed at the grandmasters as if he was flattered by their arrival.

An Lan: (⊙_⊙)?

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