Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 528 - Long Fall (2)  

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Chapter 528: Long Fall (2)

As the vibrations spread, the sound scene in Jiang Li’s mind quickly spread along with the chain.

At this moment, Fengdu City had already been moved to the edge of the Netherworld Illusion by Jiang Li. After his vision followed the chain and circled a few times around a huge tree, he stretched out the boundary and stretched out in a straight line towards the dark void below.

The endless dark void was silent, causing Jiang Li to be even more focused on exploring downwards.

Ten thousand miles, twenty thousand miles, thirty thousand miles, forty thousand miles.

It was not until he was 44,400 miles away that he finally felt the other end of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock was still extending. At the end of it was a bronze bell.

It was the Maoshan artifact, Soul Capturing Bell.

Daoist Zhai Xing’s Essence Soul was inside. Otherwise, if his Essence Soul left his body in the Netherworld, ordinary people would not be able to last for so long.

At this moment, the Soul Capturing Bell began to shake, emitting a crisp sound.

In Jiang Li’s hearing vision, the ripples of the bell spread out. If it was as empty as usual, and the sound did not collide, it would not reflect, and he would not be able to hear any echoes.

However, just as Jiang Li was about to be habitually disappointed, a slight sound wave sounded.

In his voice vision, the tip of the iceberg of a vast land appeared.

That land was only 44 miles away from the end of the chain!

“Finally! I found it!”

At this time, Jiang Li naturally could not bear to part with that bit of spiritual qi.

The pitch-black chain accelerated and quickly fell on another fragment of the Netherworld.

So cold!

Daoist Zhai Xing’s Essence Soul discovered that a layer of frost had already formed on his Soul Capturing Bell.

“Could this fragment be the location of the Back Yin Mountain?”

Zhai Xing did not dare to confirm because this piece of Netherworld was enveloped in a terrifying black fog. When his mental strength explored it, as long as he touched it, it would corrode completely. He could not see the scene under the black fog at all.

“However, this can be considered to have completed the mission.”

Fortunately, the black fog did not cover all places. Outside the range of the fog, he successfully found a protruding rock.

His Essence Soul controlled the Soul Capturing Bell to fly and dragged the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to fix this end to the rock.

Using the indestructible Dragon Imprisoning Lock, he connected the two Netherworld fragments in the most primitive way.

However, after pulling the chain around, Daoist Zhai Xing suddenly discovered that his speed seemed to have slowed down greatly.

“I only walked around once just now. Why am I so tired?”

For some reason, although he was only walking in circles, the dignified Soul Formation cultivator actually felt tired.

“The second round, the third… should be enough.”

After swaying three times, Daoist Zhai Xing’s soul was already exhausted. He felt as weak as when he was a child.

The Soul Capturing Bell drooped there. At this moment, it was on the verge of collapse.

“No, not yet… if I tie the knot like this… it’ll loosen.”

The Essence Soul that was about to fall asleep felt a stream of spiritual qi flowing into the bell along the chain. It jolted awake a little and controlled the bell to sway as it continued to tie the knot.

When he finally heaved a sigh of relief after tying the chain, he suddenly discovered that there was a strange humanoid figure curled up in the gap between the rock and the ground. Its entire body was pitch-black and its facial features were empty.

This thing had always been here, but he did not sense it at all.

Daoist Zhai Xing recalled the introduction of the Back Yin Mountain in his sect’s inheritance.

“It’s not a famous mountain in the living world, but a dangerous place in the world of the dead.”

“There are ghosts and monsters hidden in the brambles. There are also hidden demons on the rock cliff.”

“The cold wind is rustling. It’s the smoke coming from the divine weapon’s mouth. The black fog is endless. The ghosts are secretly exhaling.”

This was not a place where living people should come. Just staying at the edge would be life-threatening to him.

If he stayed any longer, once he lost consciousness, he would probably become a ghost.


However, at this moment, a sharp cry sounded. A black fog spewed out from the seven holes and shot towards the Soul Capturing Bell.

Daoist Zhai Xing was shocked and immediately planned to give up on the Soul Capturing Bell and escape with his Essence Soul.

However, the speed that should have been able to move with a thought was actually countless times slower at this moment.

Before he could escape from the bell, the black fog had already arrived.

The High-grade Profound-rank Maoshan artifact was quickly damaged by the fog and could not be used anymore.

Daoist Zhai Xing’s Essence Soul was also about to be corroded by the black fog. At this moment, a purple-red energy spread down the black chain and wrapped around the bell.

When the black fog touched the purple-red energy, the two slightly fluctuated, but there was not much collision, as if everything was fine.

The power of the Nine Nether Asura stopped the black fog from continuing to invade, but since they were so far away, Jiang Li’s control was still slow.

Fortunately, other than having the effect of exorcism, this Soul Capturing Bell was also a life-saving artifact unique to Maoshan Daoists.

The spring in the bell had a special ability. It could protect the user’s Essence Soul at the critical moment and prevent external forces from invading for a hundred days.

After retracting his sleeping Essence Soul, it immediately dimmed. The Maoshan talisman on it emitted a sparkling yellow light, temporarily resisting the invasion of the strange power that was everywhere.

On the other side of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, Jiang Li took off his Shanting dog ears and stood up to stretch his back.

Due to the fact that he had to provide spiritual qi at all times, he was restricted to this small area and could only meditate and cultivate. It was a little boring. Now, he could move around.

The black fog did not conflict with the Nine Nether spiritual qi. Instead, it seemed to have a similar origin.

This meant that it was very likely the birthplace of the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, the Nine Nether Wood.

“Back Yin Mountain, the legendary place where even Immortals and Gods might die. How much power does it still have?”

Jiang Li’s cultivation foundation came from the danger zone that separated the world of the living and dead. No matter what, this trip would be filled with gains.

Removing the chain on his waist, he felt that it did not seem safe to only tie the end of the chain to a tree.

He simply circled around twice and tied the end of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock firmly to the Fengdu City Lord’s stone monument. This place was directly connected to the earth vein. There was no place stronger than this stone monument.

Then, Jiang Li walked to the edge of the Netherworld Illusion, grabbed the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, and directly jumped into the endless abyss below.

A sense of weightlessness came. After leaving the region of the Netherworld Illusion, he indeed could not even fly normally.

He could only pull the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and fall along with the so-called “weight of life”.

However, this speed did not keep increasing. After reaching a certain level, it began to maintain a uniform speed.

According to the sliding speed of the chain buckle in his hand, he could determine that the falling speed was quite limited.

It was roughly the level of an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator flying at full speed.

The speed at which it crawled was already a distant memory to Jiang Li.

Clearly, it was far inferior to his Immortal Slaying Flying Sword.

At a distance of 44,444 kilometers, his speed was so awkward. It seemed that he needed to fall for a long time…

It seemed that he had to find something to do in the meantime.

Jiang Li’s body was still falling through the void between the Netherworld fragments, but his soul had already squeezed into another body.

“Oh, my body is so weak.”

On the other side of the sea, in the Prosperous Ox Continent, at the Royal Grace House.

The sword cultivator clone lying on the hospital bed suddenly let out a weak voice.

Jiang Li revealed an expression of disbelief and barely moved his fingers.

As soon as he entered this body, he felt that he had to expend all his strength just to breathe.

Of course, most of this was an illusion.

Although the sword cultivator clone’s cultivation had been stripped away, he had at least reached the Soul Formation realm before. He had not lost the power of his body and mind. With a little technique, it was not a problem to hammer a Golden Core to death.

However, the difference between Jiang Li and the clone was more than a thousand times as large. He naturally felt like a weakling.

After adapting for a while, he sat up.

The first thing he saw was a face that was identical to the sword cultivator clone.

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