Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 529 - Cultivating the Human Body (1)  

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Chapter 529: Cultivating the Human Body (1)

At this moment, his face was soaked in water, or rather, his entire body was soaked in a transparent liquid.

His skin was pale, but he was clearly alive.

Jiang Li dragged his heavy body down the bed and took two steps back.

What appeared in front of him was a black beetle.

This beetle was bloated, and its bulging abdomen occupied 40% of its body. Due to its overly heavy abdomen, it seemed to have almost lost its mobility.

It looked more like a transparent water ball with a beetle head and six limbs.

On the other hand, the person who looked almost identical to the sword cultivator clone that Jiang Li saw earlier was curled up in the water ball like a baby. From time to time, he would stretch his limbs and move his fingers.

It was simply like an enlarged transparent placenta.

Jiang Li circled around to the front and noticed that this black beetle was using its six limbs to quickly pull. The basin of white sticky substance in front of it was constantly trying to eat.

This was to provide nutrients for the human body in the water bag in the abdomen, so it needed to absorb a large amount of energy.

At this moment, the crystal embedded in the wall began to emit light, illuminating the surrounding space and revealing the entire room.

Even Jiang Li, who could already be considered knowledgeable, instinctively covered his mouth and nose.

This scene was really too disgusting.

It was as if he had entered an enlarged beetle nest.

In this huge room, there were a total of 300 black beetles that were almost identical.

Their transparent abdomens were nurturing human bodies. They were eating quickly with disproportionate limbs.

That scene was enough to lower one’s rationality several times.

Originally, because he had stayed in this environment for a long time, his already numb sense of smell now smelled a unique disgusting smell that belonged to insects.

Jiang Li even felt that the entire body of this sword cultivator clone was smelly.

In his heart, he was already considering whether he should give up on this body.

Gallonfran had actually reported everything that she was doing to him. He knew what was going on and had observed everything that his clone had seen.

However, this disgusting scene still made his scalp go numb.

The beetle automatically fed the gestation sac. It was cheap and reliable.

With just a small amount of flesh and blood samples, he could nurture a body that was close to adulthood in 30 days and was almost identical to the main body.

In this process, he only needed to provide some high-energy substances with balanced nutrition and clean up the insect feces regularly. The success rate was as high as 95%.

This technique far surpassed the sheep placenta cloning technique in his previous life.

Gallonfran had actually used her own strength to create this kind of technology in the cultivation world.

Although the technology was not mature yet and could not replicate the special talent and cultivation spiritual root of the main body,

it could still increase the probability of having a spiritual root according to the aptitude of the main body.

The strength of an individual’s body was only equivalent to an ordinary mortal. The new body would also lack souls. To Jiang Li, it was not very useful for the time being.

However, after nurturing these bodies, there would still be no lack of organ tissues. For example, the food that the Armored Trolls needed.

This was also an important bargaining chip that Gallonfran used to gain the trust of the Armored Troll Queen and exchange it for the title of Viscount.

In fact, Gallonfran had originally set up a flesh mountain version of the broodmother. It could give birth to thousands of individuals in one go and then produce a large number of mature humans like the queen ant.

However, that kind of thing was decisively rejected by Jiang Li.

It was one thing to use a small amount of benefits to cheat research funds and obtain trust and authority.

If he really took out such a thing, he would really be helping the enemy.

“You’re awake. How’s your body recovering?”

Just as Jiang Li pinched his nose and wanted to find a window here, not far away, a gentle female voice sounded.

Accompanied by the sound of wooden wheels moving and the friction of the ground, a woman pushing a large bucket in her hand walked towards him while feeding these beetles with a large spoon.

It was a human woman in a dark blue robe who looked to be about 30 years old.

She had fair skin and a gentle smile on her face. Her eyes were slightly narrowed, giving people a gentle and amiable feeling.

In this era without any skincare products, at this age, many women already looked old, but this woman still looked charming.

Only her rough hands told outsiders about her usual heavy work.

“Isa Blue Dress.”

Jiang Li called out the other party’s name.

During this period of time, although his focus was not on the sword cultivator clone, what the parallel mind knew was equivalent to him knowing it himself.

Human women who worked in the Grace House would usually have such a suffix in addition to their name.

According to their statuses, they were divided into white, blue, and black dresses. This could be clearly seen from their clothes.

Isa was wearing a blue dress, which meant that she was the manager of a certain Grace Nursery Home and had more than 50 human children under her.

“Let me bring you out.”

“Today is the opening day of the Sixth Academy. As a new teacher, don’t miss the start of school.”

Isa Blue Dress bowed to Jiang Li, and then she temporarily put down the work in her hand and brought Jiang Li out.

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