Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 539 - Peak That Does Not Pierce The Sky (1)

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Chapter 539: Peak That Does Not Pierce The Sky (1)

“Haha, thank you, Granny Nether Mountain, for giving us food!”

“Cough cough, gentlemen, do you need more crows? Our village is not far away. There are still many dried crows inside. We can exchange them with you.”

When these two fellows received the food Jiang Li gave them, they had to thank that so-called Granny Nether Mountain for giving them food.

Moreover, Jiang Li wanted the living Death Crow. What was the use of giving him the dried crow?

Up until now, they still thought that Jiang Li was a Four Hands with two individuals like them.

While Jiang Li was speechless, the Four Hands brothers in front of him started to argue again.

“Eh? Brother, isn’t it ten days to the village? That’s not far?”

The younger brother, who had already switched to the bottom, exposed the truth, causing the enthusiastic elder brother’s expression to be slightly awkward for a moment.

“Shut up, you idiot.”

“Haha, travelers, don’t listen to his nonsense. My name is Shang Shu. This is my younger brother, Xia Shu.”

“Our village is the most enthusiastic and hospitable Four Hands village in this area. We will definitely satisfy you.”

The brother called Shang Shu tried his best to invite Jiang Li to follow them back to the village.

Clearly, the deal just now made them very tempted.

When trading with Jiang Li, one catty of unpalatable meat could be exchanged for 50 kilograms of delicious meat. This kind of bargain was simply even more unbelievable than a free lunch.

Moreover, the traveler who completed the deal did not seem to have any intention of going back on his word.

Such a “fat sheep” might not be encountered in hundreds of years. They naturally did not give up easily and wanted to continue taking advantage of Jiang Li.

Both sides looked at benefits from different angles, so Jiang Li naturally did not have anything to be dissatisfied about. In this transaction, the benefits he obtained were also more than a hundred times.

Moreover, it was not easy to encounter a group of humans here that could communicate.

It was probably more efficient to get some information from them than to walk around alone.

“Just call me Jiang Li. I indeed still have a lot of that kind of meat, and I’m very willing to continue trading with you.”

“In addition, I’m looking for the Back Yin Mountain. Have you heard of it?”

In the end, Jiang Li did not introduce his “little brother” to them. After casually agreeing to continue the transaction, he asked about the location of the Back Yin Mountain.

He had only asked casually and did not expect to really gain something.

“Back Yin Mountain? Sir Jiang Li is also going to pay respects to Granny Nether Mountain?”

Not only had Shang Shu and Xia Shu heard of the name of the Back Yin Mountain, but they also seemed to be very familiar with it.

After misunderstanding that Jiang Li had the same faith as them, they spoke much more intimately.

“Does Granny Nether Mountain also protect Mister Traveler’s village?”

“Our village is on the edge of the Back Yin Mountain. When we return, we’ll prepare to participate in Granny Nether Mountain’s ceremony.”

“Sir Jiang Li and your brother can participate with us.”

The other party invited Jiang Li enthusiastically again. This time, he already had a reason that he could not refuse.

Granny Nether Mountain was a term that Jiang Li had never heard of. It should be the name of a powerful demon or a ghost.

There were no tigers in the mountain now. It was unknown who had occupied the Back Yin Mountain that was filled with demons and ghosts.

With the two sea beasts that Jiang Li had traded with them, Shang Shu and Xia Shu had already completed their hunting goal.

They pushed a small cart with a wheel and had to transport tens of thousands of kilograms of sea beasts back to the village.

However, the simple wooden carriage shook three times with every step. It creaked and looked like it was about to fall apart at any moment. The speed was abnormally pitiful.

As everyone knew, in places with dense yin qi, meat was usually not easily corrupted. Instead, it was easy to become stiff like zombies.

To ordinary humans, this might be much more terrifying than corruption. However, to the tenacious Four Hands humans, stiff meat was probably like dried meat.

Therefore, there was no need to worry about the meat of the sea beasts being spoiled during the transportation.

As long as they transported the meat back to the village, they could marry a pair of wives and live for a few years without worry.

However, this slow speed made Jiang Li, who was following at the side, very dissatisfied.

According to the speed at which this tortoise crawled, by the time they brought Jiang Li to a place, the Blood King might have already successfully brought people back to the country.

Helpless, he could only help them again.

He reached out and used the Demon Awakening Technique. A Nine Nether spiritual light enveloped their wooden cart.

This cart that had been used for twenty years had been transformed by Jiang Li into a powerful Wood Demon that could carry things on all fours.

The Wood Demon carried the two sea beasts and easily ran forward.

On the other hand, while Jiang Li followed the Wood Demon, his eyes were still scanning his surroundings, and he took everything that caught his eye along the way.

When the Four Hands brothers sitting on the Wood Demon recovered from the wonder of the Demon Awakening Technique, they saw Jiang Li’s figure flash rapidly around them.

From time to time, he would pick up a few ordinary rocks and pull out a few weeds that could not be eaten.

Both of their heads were thinking that this traveler from nowhere had magical abilities and a large amount of food. It was just that this hobby of picking up trash was really hard to understand.

However, in fact, the Four Hands, which were isolated from the world, were only the laborers of the human race. They had not inherited the profound theories of medicine and the pill cauldron techniques.

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