Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration-Chapter 736 - 736 Flesh Disaster (1)

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736 Flesh Disaster (1)

“Tell me, what did you see?”

The southern area of the Prosperous Ox Continent, Allen Duchy.

Grand Duke Albertine stood in front of the forest and asked the few Armored Troll scouts who had escaped in a sorry state.

He looked up at the sky above the forest. There was a blood-red cloud floating especially low.

From it, one could sense a disturbing aura of madness.

It even made Grand Duke Albertine feel afraid.

He had sent hundreds of groups of scouts in, but only a few came out alive.

“Meat! A lot of meat! It’s all meat!”

However, these scouts who had escaped from the forest could not even speak clearly. f𝚛e𝗲𝔀e𝚋𝑛o𝘃𝒆𝗹.c𝗼𝒎

It seemed that he had seen something terrible inside.

It was impossible for them to explain the situation clearly.

Behind Grand Duke Albertine, an Armored Troll with two hollow eyes walked forward and pressed his hand on the spy’s head.

If he could not explain it clearly, he would look at it from his mind!

The innate ability of the Armored Trolls was strange. This one had an ability similar to soul searching.

“Duke, I saw space shatter. Endless chaos surged into the world.”

“There’s also a monster… that’s a mountain made of flesh and blood…”

The Blind Armored Troll described in detail what he had seen in the spy’s mind.

Unfortunately, his identity was not enough. He had never seen the deformed balls of flesh brought back from the front line of the Azure Cloud Continent. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to recognize the ugly madness.

“A mountain formed from flesh and blood? Could it be a variant of the Forest of Origin?”

Grand Duke Albertine’s first thought was the ancient lingzhi.

Moreover, he could not help but have some thoughts.

The ancient lingzhi of the Forest of Origin was the beginning of all the Armored Trolls and the faith of most of them.

That place had always been in the hands of the royal family.

It was said that as long as one grasped the ancient lingzhi, they could control all the Armored Trolls.

If he, Albertine, could also control another ancient lingzhi, would he have a chance to build another Royal Court?

“Wait, what’s that sound?”

However, before Grand Duke Albertine could continue to imagine the future, the Blind Armored Troll that was pressing its hand on the spy’s head suddenly let out a scream.

In the spy’s mind, he saw an eye filled with endless madness!

It was precisely because he looked into this eye that this spy went crazy!

Now, he saw it too!


The back of the Blind Armored Troll’s head suddenly exploded. The exposed brain matter wriggled a few times and a crooked face grew out.

A mouth opened in his mind as he laughed loudly. He controlled the body of the blind Armored Troll and pounced at his Grand Duke.

Without needing Grand Duke Albertine to attack, the few guards beside him easily removed the limbs of the Blind Armored Troll.

Even while lying on the ground, the troll could not stop laughing.

This scene made all the Armored Trolls present frown.

“Just by seeing the memories, it’s already so polluted!”

“What a terrifying crazy will!”

Duke Albertine frowned.

“I’ve only seen this feeling in one place!”

“You’re just a mere coward. How dare you extend your hand to the Prosperous Ox Continent!”

Grand Duke Albertine was very angry. Having seen the deformed ball of flesh, he thought that this was the work of the humans opposite the Black Sea.

At the same time, he was angry at the dereliction of duty of those guys on the West Coast. They had actually silently let humans invade his duchy!

“Bring a batch of spirit stones. I want to crush those wild mayflies!”

Grand Duke Albertine was not reckless. Before they set off, he even knew to get someone to bring a large number of spirit stones.

This was because from the information sent back from the front line, using a large amount of spiritual qi could neutralize the energy that caused the Armored Trolls to mutate.

Soon, a group of thousands of Armored Trolls slaughtered their way into the Whisper Forest.

Not long after they flew, they discovered that a large number of trees below had changed.

All of them grew twisted and chaotic, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

Although it was a plant, it had also been modified by the ancient lingzhi, so it was naturally affected by the power of chaos.

Flying deeper, he indeed saw a long and narrow spatial crack. There was an endless stream of muddy flesh and blood surging out.

They had already accumulated a large area in the Whisper Forest.

“Prepare to throw!”

Grand Duke Albertine gave the order, but the spirit stones that followed were sparse.

Behind him, most of the Armored Trolls revealed pained expressions.

The tissues on their bodies twitched uneasily as tumors grew crazily on their bodies.

“Spiritual qi is useless! We can’t block it! Run!”

“It’s a heartbeat! That heartbeat! Quickly destroy your ears!”

These Armored Trolls defended according to the experience sent back from the front line, but the effect was unexpectedly poor.

There was also a heartbeat that sounded problematic. It lingered around them and shook their nerves and hearts.

They all destroyed their ears and even dug out their hearts to dodge the power.

However, they still fell from the sky like dumplings.

One had to know that they were facing a true Asura Lord.

It was not like back then when human cultivators could only brainlessly throw Mad Blood weapons.

The difference in their use of the power of chaos and the blood of madness was enormous.