Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration-Chapter 737 - 737 Flesh Disaster (2)

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737 Flesh Disaster (2)

To be able to trigger the crazy will of the Asura World and spread out the chaotic domain, even the simplest gaze and a few heartbeats would take their lives!

Seeing that his subordinates were so vulnerable, Grand Duke Albertine’s heart sank and he wanted to retreat.

His talent ability was very special. It was called “Borrow”.

Spiritual qi, cultivation, vitality, and lifespan, or even things like talent, courage, and emotions could all be borrowed.

In fact, in a head-on battle, he could directly borrow the strength of his opponents to weaken them and strengthen himself.

Logically speaking, his ability needed him to return after borrowing.

However, as long as the creditor died, there was no need to return the borrowed thing.

With such an abnormal ability, it would be strange if he could not become stronger.

Therefore, this Grand Duke Albertine was one of the top existences even in the Grand Duke’s circle.

However, he did not dare to borrow anything from the enemy this time!

If he borrowed that power into his body, he would probably die an ugly death.

This was also the reason why Jiang Li chose Grand Duke Albertine’s duchy as the first stop in his invasion.

As long as he rolled this snowball that could destroy the world to a weak spot at the beginning, it would be unstoppable later on.

“Grand Duke Albertine, it looks like you need some help!”

Just as Albertine was about to retreat, a light track stretched towards them from the sky.

In the blink of an eye, a tall figure walked out of the light and stood in front of them. It was Anduin Gold.

“Golden Duke, why have you come to my duchy?”

Although they were neighbors, their relationship was not very good.

“The Royal Court’s Earth Priest discovered the situation here. Of course, I’m here to help you.”

Before Duke Albertine could react, Anduin gold approached him.

“Wait! You’re not Anduin! Who are you?”

This abnormal action aroused suspicion. Duke Albertine instantly reacted and used his innate ability to borrow the heart of this impostor in front of him.

His “borrowing power” was resisted by various forces. The heart was not borrowed, but only a drop of heart blood appeared.

However, it was this drop of blood that directly took his life. His chest instantly exploded, and the internal organs inside ran away from home, letting themselves go.

Jiang Li did not even have time to stop it.

After discovering that the other party had no chance of survival, he could only throw him into the mountain of flesh below to make it stronger.

“What a pity.”

Originally, be it making a talent crystal out of the borrowing talent or subduing this Grand Duke like Anduin Gold, they were both good choices.

However, this guy was actually courting death by borrowing a drop of his heart blood.

Jiang Li’s heart was an extremely chaotic existence.

The Armored Troll could not even hear the heartbeat. He actually put a drop of this heart blood into his own body.

As a result, he died too quickly, and Jiang Li did not even have time to save him.

“Forget it, there are still many Grand Dukes. It’s not a big deal.”

“Then from now on, let’s turn the world upside down!”

The terrifying invasion of the Asura World appeared on this vast land.

This day was recorded in the history of the Prosperous Ox Continent as the beginning of the calamity of flesh and blood!

Another month later, the entire sky above the Prosperous Ox Continent was already enveloped in uneasiness and madness.

The Duchy of Allen, the Duchy of Gold, the Duchy of Great Gun, the Duchy of Crow Stone, and the Duchy of Gettland… More than ten duchies were continuously attacked by the crazy flesh and blood.

There were countless Marquises, Earls, and low-level nobles who had disappeared.

The deformed flesh blanket crawled on the ground and corroded every inch of it.

Plants, insects, and beasts could become nutrients for this flesh and blood.

The Grand Dukes of the various duchies wanted to resist, but their people could not even approach. They might lose their lives if they smelled it from afar.

They could only bury large piles of spirit stones in the ground or let experts continuously execute long-range attacks and bombard them indiscriminately to barely stop them for a while.

However, how long could this method last?

They wanted to use experts to rush in and attack the vital points.

How could there be any vital points on the endless flesh?

Jiang Li did not even need to create more chaotic soldiers. Just this inch-by-inch advancement made the entire continent unable to resist and retreat step by step.

In a luxurious red castle in the Armored Troll Court.

“What! There’s pollution near the Royal Court!”

“You’re saying that the pollution of the Allen Duchy has already spread here! This speed! How can it be so fast?!”

Under the throne, more than 30 Armored Dukes, including Jiang Li, and even more Marquises and nobles gathered.

Half of them had already lost their territory, and the remaining half was in danger.

An unprecedented calamity swept through the continent.

However, up until now, they still did not understand where the crazy flesh and blood came from.

Now, even the most heavily guarded territory had such flesh pollution.

All the higher-ups sitting there had solemn expressions.

With the vastness of the Prosperous Ox Continent, even these experts who stood at the peak, like Jiang Li and the Grand Dukes, would take a lot of time to travel from one end to another without interference.

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