Cultivation Online - Chapter 1040 Heaven's Supremacy(3)

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Chapter 1040 Heaven’s Supremacy(3)

“No way… What happened to the Young Master? Why did he suddenly acquire so much strength?” Feng Yuxiang was shocked after witnessing Yuan’s prowess.

“It must have something to do with his golden aura. Everytime it appears, his prowess increases tremendously, almost like my nameless technique, but even my nameless technique couldn’t hold a candle against his mysterious technique.” Li Jinxi said.

A few moments after he was sent flying, Kulas dug himself out of the rubble and approached Yuan with a wide smile on his face.

“Not bad, Tian Yang… But you’ll need more than that to defeat me!”

Kulas suddenly roared, and his body began growing larger and larger, eventually becoming a 50-meter tall giant.

“Let’s see if you can catch my fist with your hand now, Tian Yang!” Kulas laughed out loud as he punched at Yuan.

The pressure coming from Kulas’ fist was so strong that it pushed the clouds in the background many meters back.

However, Yuan remained indifferent, his gaze completely tranquil.

“A hand? I don’t need a hand to stop your attack. A single finger is more than enough.” Yuan spoke as he pointed his middle finger towards Kulas’ incoming fist.


A massive ripple swept the place when Yuan’s finger collided with Kulas’ fist, sweeping away all of the clouds that surrounded them and revealing its scenery that was mostly a mountain range.

“You freaking monster…”

A terrified expression was on Kulas’ face when he saw the results.

Yuan had actually managed to block his fist with a single finger! And he’d done so without being pushed back even a single step!

“Heaven’s Supremacy. Remember it, Kulas, because that is what defeated you.” Yuan said before throwing his punch at Kulas’ fist that he’d stopped.


Once again, Kulas was sent flying. However, there was nothing to stop him this time, and he was sent flying off the platform.


The entire mountain range trembled when Kulas landed on the ground.

A golden orb of light suddenly emerged from the pond that Yuan had tempered his body in, and it floated towards him.

After absorbing the golden orb, a flood of memories gushed inside Yuan’s head.

‘This is Tian Yang’s memories…’ Yuan closed his eyes and digested the memories.

‘I see… So this is how I met Kulas…’ A small smile appeared on Yuan’s face as he recalled his rivalry with Kulas and how it all began.

After he finished absorbing Tian Yang’s memories, Yuan turned to look at Kulas, who was still lying on the ground, seeming unconscious.

“I hope that you’re still alive out there somewhere, Kulas. I still haven’t fulfilled our promise, so don’t you dare die yet.” Yuan mumbled in a low voice.

Unfortunately, the chances of Kulas still being alive at this moment was slim to none, as it has been tens if not hundreds of millions of years since he last met Kulas, and unless they were demons or an undying Immortal who has reached the apex of cultivation, nobody could live for that long.

Yuan returned to the Stairway to Heaven shortly after he completed his third trial.

“Congratulations, Master. You have completed all of the trials for this ascension. You can now travel to the Third Heaven.” Tian’er appeared before him and said.

The ladies in the spectators’ room reunited with Yuan shortly after.

“Yuan! Are you okay?!” Chu Liuxiang asked him in a worried voice.

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?” he smiled. ꜰʀᴇᴇ ᴡᴇʙ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ. ᴄᴏᴍ

“You took a lot of beating during this trial!”

“Yes, I did, but it made me stronger— a lot stronger. The Stairway to Heaven is not just a bridge that connects the Nine Heavens— it’s also a training ground.”

“Anyways, now that we can enter the Third Heaven, let’s go. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.” Yuan then said.

“Okay.” The ladies there nodded.

“Please wait a moment, Master.” Tian’er suddenly stopped them.

“What’s the matter?”

Tian’er created a projection in front of her and said, “The Seven Legacy Families and the Ji Family have surrounded the Stairway to Heaven. You will be ambushed if you leave through the main gate.”

The situation outside the Stairway to Heaven in the Third Heaven began to materialize in the projection, showing Yuan and the others the situation outside.

Yuan frowned upon seeing the ambush.

“The survivors of the Seven Legacy Families and the Ji Family must have reported you to them. What should we do, Young Master? We can either wait for them to leave, or we can go outside and kill all of them.” Feng Yuxiang asked him.

Yuan rubbed his eyes and sighed, “Do I really have to spill so much blood the moment I enter the Third Heaven? I’d rather avoid fighting if I can. Because at this rate, we’ll have to kill these families over and over again as we continue to ascend.”

“If Master doesn’t wish for a confrontation, I can make it so that you’re teleported to a random location in the Third Heaven when you exit the Stairway to Heaven. This way, you will be able to enter the Third Heaven without encountering them right away.” Tian’er suddenly said.

“A random location… So we won’t know where we’ll end up until we appear in the Third Heaven, huh…” Yuan began pondering.

“Yes, that’s the only way to enter the Third Heaven without being ambushed.” Tian’er nodded.

“What do you guys think?” Yuan asked the others for their opinion.

“I also would prefer it if we can avoid fighting…” Meixiu said.

“Me too.” Chu Liuxiang said.

The others agreed with Meixiu and Chu Liuxiang.

“Since there is no objection, we’ll do it your way, Tian’er.” Yuan said to her a moment later.

“I understand. Then I will teleport you outside now. Until next time, Master.” Tian’er said with a smile on her face before sending them out of the Stairway to Heaven.

[Congratulations! Player Yuan has become the first Player to ascend to ‘Third Heaven’ through the Stairway to Heaven!]

[Because of Player Yuan’s efforts, ‘Spirit Heaven’ has re-established its connection with ‘Third Heaven’, allowing access for all Players!]

[All Players may now enter the Stairway to Heaven and ascend to Third Heaven without any restrictions!]

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