Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant-Chapter 2481

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Chapter 2481: The Plutocrat Commits a Crime, The Law Is Gone

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“You…” Buckle looked at the giant hole in his chest with his big round eyes that were filled with indignation and disbelief, as he gradually knelt down.

Xi moved her finger away from the trigger hundreds of kilometers away. Her usually calm face was filled with shock.

She had almost forgotten that he was someone who dared to take a Great Old One on alone, after getting used to seeing him be busy in the kitchen.

It was a battle between two opponents in the same tier, but Mag killed his opponent within two minutes. The power that Mag displayed had far exceeded her expectations.

“Buckle is dead!”


The glass in Fergus’ hand fell to the floor and shattered into pieces with a bang. His face was pale and terrified.

That was an Almost-Extraordinaire whom his family had kept in service. Yet, he was easily killed within a few rounds of combat!

What tier was that fellow in? The Extraordinaire?!

“I am going to die!”

Fergus’ body shook uncontrollably. He was regretful now. He should have turned himself in. At least, he wouldn’t have had to face this killer now.

The butler’s face was equally pale. Buckle’s death had broken him psychologically, but he still consoled Fergus. “Please don’t worry, Third Young Master. All the safe house’s defense systems are activated. We only need to hang on for five minutes and the family’s reinforcement will arrive soon. He might not be able to find the safe house’s entra—”

Before the butler could finish speaking, the man in black had already appeared in the camera outside of the safe house. He even made a “V” hand sign at the camera.

“He’s here! He’s here!”

Fergus jumped up with fright and huddled in a corner immediately. His eyes were filled with fear.

“Don’t worry, Young Master. This door was enhanced by Extraordinaires. Even if he’s an Extraordinaire, he can’t break in within minutes…”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

A series of explosions sounded and the thick door shook violently. Its precise machinery was broken by the shaking and lost its effect.


The door that was over 5,000 kilos was kicked open and the butler, who was staring with wide eyes, was crushed under the door, becoming a puddle of minced meat.

“Is this military’s door-breaking bomb specially developed to deal with the plutocrats?” Mag walked into the safe house with his sword. He flicked a glance at the door that was shattered by the shock bomb. If he had to break the door himself, it would at least take him three to five minutes.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I’ll give you whatever you want. I’ll give you everything! Don’t kill me, please…”

Fergus was already scared silly. He knelt on the ground right away. He didn’t realize that his legs were cut by the broken glass and covered in blood.

“Fergus Dixon. Identity confirmed.” Mag looked down at Fergus and sarcastically said, “Shouldn’t you be in the Justice Investigation Bureau in Tucker City? What are you doing here?”

“That’s a shadow. That’s my shadow. Please send me to jail. I’m willing to accept the law’s judgment. I want to pay for my crimes. Please. I want to go to jail. I want to go to jail…”

Fergus cried as he pleaded. He just wanted to get away from this killer. Even being jailed for life was better than being killed by him here.

He didn’t even dare to remember Horace’s terrible state.

“Jail? If jail was useful, we wouldn’t need ‘The Adjudicator’.” Mag smirked. “If you can be released from jail after enjoying life there for a few years, how are the souls of those girls that you have ruined going to rest in peace?”

Fergus was as pale as a piece of paper. He still wanted to continue to plead and stall for time.

“Fergus Dixon, I’m going to judge you now. Three years ago, you raped and murdered Selena. We had both an eyewitness and evidence. You will be sentenced to death and the sentence will be carried out now.” Mag declared the sentence loudly and walked towards Fergus with his sword.

Fergus backed off and said with fear, “Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me… I am the Dixon Family’s direct descendant. The Dixon Family will not let you off if you kill me!”

“After I enter into the Extraordinaire’s realm, I will practice with your Dixon Family’s Extraordinaires,” Mag said inwardly. He pointed his sword at Fergus’ eyes. “Since it was this pair of eyes that saw that girl first, let me destroy them first.”

The sword’s tip tapped lightly and the sound of eyeballs exploding rang out alongside Fergus’ screams and scoldings.

“Since you cannot control your hands, let’s do away with them.”

The longsword landed and cut off a pair of hands.

“This last sword strike is to remind all the plutocrats’ family members that perhaps the law cannot judge you, but I can. Unless you keep hiding next to your family’s Extraordinaire patriarch, I can appear anywhere.” Mag’s sword stabbed into Fergus’ chest and dug out a heart that was still pumping. He tossed it aside with disgust.

“We ought to go now. The other party’s Extraordinaires will arrive in three minutes.” Xi’s voice spoke up in his earpiece.

“Alright.” Mag turned around and put away his sword. He flew away from the island in the maids’ fearful gaze.

Mag returned to the battleship and it activated instantly, flying toward the center of the ocean.

Mag sat down in the passenger seat and clicked open WeTwit to do a series of actions. He edited the previous clip simply before posting it on WeTwit. He used the video recording to do a live-stream.

The live-studio of [Judging Fergus] quickly rose up the WeTwit’s trending list.

#Judging Fergus!

The topic also rose up rapidly.

“F*ck! ‘The Adjudicator’ is streaming live again!”

“What’s going on? Didn’t Fergus turn himself in?”

“He killed Buckle the Almost-Extraordinaire alone. ‘The Adjudicator’ is so powerful!”

“The one that was sent to jail was actually his shadow! The plutocrats are really despicable!”

“This is really heartening! Such a lawless scum like him should be punished like that!”

“Tremble, you plutocrats’ heirs!”

“The Justice Investigation Bureau is so useless. They didn’t even know that they had arrested a fake… Useless people!”

The live-stream and video clip spread quickly. Even though they were also quickly removed, it didn’t affect the heat and spread of this matter.

Xi looked at Mag silently.

Mag removed his mask. He got himself a chilled glass of cola and smilingly said, “Ask whatever you want to. Don’t hold back.”

“I hope this is the last time you do this. You have already created quite a big mess for Underground City and you are constantly challenging the Underground City’s laws bottomline. It’s highly likely that you might cause a big scale of copycat crimes,” Xi said seriously.

“If you were the one standing in front of Fergus with the sword, would you kill him?” Mag asked Xi.

“An ordinary guy commits a crime, the ordinary guy is gone. The plutocrat commits a crime, the law is gone.” Mag took a sip of the cola and smiled sarcastically. “So, this is the bottomline?”

Xi was quiet again.

“Alright. I won’t commit any crimes again within a short time frame. I am just a passer-by. If it wasn’t for Angelina, I wouldn’t have appeared here today. I am not a saint. I just like to do whatever I want.” Mag closed his eyes and activated the seat’s massage mode with his voice.

Even though this Almost-Extraordinaire duel was short, there were many details that were worthwhile for him to look back on.

It wasn’t Buckle who was too weak. It was him who had too many trump cards.

Be it the psychological influence or the flying sword, they were all unusual tactics beyond the normal fighting modes.

That was why he could kill him within such a short time.

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