Dear Commander-in-Chief-Chapter 1198 - I Won't Do Anything Immoral

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Chapter 1198: I Won’t Do Anything Immoral

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Gu Qiqi had been wearing the little dirty turtle necklace for so long, but no one recognized that it was a little dirty turtle. Beigong Mingtian actually… recognized it!

He even did it from such a distance.

He could also tell that it was a pet and not an ornament.

The main point was that Beigong Mingtian had yet to express his surprise that the little dirty turtle had eaten so much green Tridacna.

She could not help but look at Beigong Mingtian in a new light.

However, no matter how impressed she was, she could not agree to be his sweetheart.

If Gong Jue knew about this, wouldn’t he break… Beigong Mingtian’s legs?

For the sake of Beigong Mingtian’s life, it was better for her to cut ties with him.

However, Beigong Mingtian was clearly prepared to be scheming to the end. “Your pet ate all my green Tridacna. As its master, shouldn’t you repay me? Unless it can spit it out as it is…”

Gu Qiqi hurriedly asked the little dirty turtle, “Can you spit it out?”

The little dirty turtle burped. “Uh—Master Silver, they’ve all turned into color points. I can’t spit them out!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Beigong Ming’s eyes narrowed. “Or perhaps you could find the same weight of—”

As he spoke, he answered his own question. “But that’s impossible. These are the only pieces in my bedroom in the entire world. It’s impossible to find them again.”

Gu Qiqi looked at Beigong Mingtian murderously.

This bastard usually looked quite honest, but he was unexpectedly scheming when it came to deals.

He knew how rare green Tridacna was.

She could not find it even if she searched the entire world. That was why she came to the palace to steal it.

He actually used that as a bargaining chip.

But she was in the wrong!

She was depressed. “What exactly do you want? It’s impossible for me to do something without integrity, let alone something that would let Gong Jue down! It’s impossible for me to marry you!”

Beigong Mingtian felt a stab of pain in his heart.

He was smiling bitterly, but she was still maintaining her pride. “Who said anything about marrying you? I just want you to act with me and fool my parents. Let that Princess Qingya leave and stop pestering me!”

Gu Qiqi relaxed and whispered, “That’s easy. I can testify for you. Just say that you like the school belle of our school… For example, Xiaolan. Yes! Xiaolan is not bad. I still have her photo on my phone! Show it to your mother. She must like obedient girls like Xiaolan…”

Beigong Mingtian’s lips twitched.

He cut her off angrily. “No!”

“Why not? It’s a good excuse. Your mother seems to be an open-minded person. She wouldn’t force you if she knew you had someone in mind.”

The veins on Beigong Mingtian’s forehead bulged. He said stiffly, “No woman can do it!”

Gu Qiqi said, “Huh?!—”

What was going on?

Beigong Mingtian gritted his teeth in her ear. “Only by making them think that I don’t like women can this engagement be broken off!”

Gu Qiqi was petrified again.

Beigong Mingtian, you’re ruthless!

You’re the only one I admire!

It took a lot of courage to be willing to admit that he didn’t like women in order to break off the engagement.

Gu Qiqi suddenly felt that Beigong Mingtian, who was born in the royal family, was a little pitiful.

He couldn’t even choose his own marriage and had to suffer by pretending to like men.

She suddenly wanted to speak up and help him escape.

Not to make amends or make a deal but simply to help her poor little friend.


“Since you don’t like women, I can’t help you. Why don’t I testify that you like Qiu Qiu? I have a photo of Qiu Qiu too. It’s just that this kid is slovenly, fat, and a little lacking in persuasion. It’s a little difficult to convince your mother that you like him, to be honest.”

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