Death… And Me - Chapter 1824: Walfure Continues to Conquer

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Chapter 1824: Walfure Continues to Conquer

Rean smiled after hearing that. “I think he’s right.”

“Good! Then let’s heal everyone as fast as possible and head to the next region. We can still use this method multiple times,” Roan said.

It still took several hours to finish healing, though. It wasn’t only about just healing everyone. They all had to recover their Divine Energies as well. Then again, compared to the months that this battle took, a few hours weren’t an issue.

Before they departed, Roan used his communication badge to send a message to the armies bordering Povast on the west. There weren’t many antennas inside the Crimew Region since Rean’s Formation Masters had to hide them with concealing formations. In any case, Rean made sure to at least create a line of communication to this place. ‘Invade Povast now. Also, send an emissary, just like we did in Crimew. It’ll be up to them.’

Following that, Rean and Havek prepared the next step in the System Sect’s Formation Hall. Well, to be more specific, they were in a huge open field somewhere near it. “Good! It’s connected.”

Hearing Rean’s confirmation, Roan finally passed his orders to the Walfure Region’s armies. ‘All of you, enter the System Sect and use the teleport formations. I’m sending everyone to help the army attacking Povast Region.’

Olly finally understood after that. ‘No wonder he gave the order so soon. This sect of them that they could move around wasn’t just there to help with the attack. I wonder just how big their Dimensional Realm is.’

Roan continued as he passed a few communication badges around. By now, Rean had already explained to everyone about the communication system. ‘The Transition Realm subordinates from Crimew and Jutras that survived will be responsible for the armies of both countries. Jutras will head back and use its army to defend against any possible attack from other regions. As for Crimew, it will split its army into two groups. The first one will defend the eastern borders. As for the other group, it will also invade Povast from the west side. We’ve prepared the teleport formations necessary to send the armies to the west side as well.’

Roan didn’t know much about the armies of the other two regions. He could probably control them well, but he would need a few days to understand them. It was better to leave them in the hands of the Transition Realm experts that survived.

Of course, there were still millions of troops there. Because of that, the teleport took quite a few days. Then again, it was many, many times faster than having to move the army by foot back to the borders.

Povast Region was locked in a battle against the Imalaigue Region and its participants. After all, it was caught in the same communication system trap that Crimew was caught in.

“Report! The Walfure Region’s armies on the east are invading our borders!” Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Povast to receive bad news. They couldn’t send many people to defend either since they had Imalaigue to deal with.

In any case, the twins’ control of information worked wonders. None of the armies were able to see what happened in the Space Bending Realm battle. With that said, no one knew how Jutras and Crimew lost to Walfure. All they knew was that both Crimew and Jutras were now in Walfure’s hands.

That put Imalaigue in a tight spot, though. They obviously found out that Walfure decided to attack Povast alongside them. Now Walfure was attacking Povast at the same time. Worse than that, they didn’t know how many participants of the Jutras and Crimew Region at the Space Bending Realm survived. Did they all surrender to Walfure? Did Walfure now have 300 Space Bending Realm disciples under its command? They had no idea.

Nevertheless, if Imalaigue retreated, Walfure would be the one to benefit from their efforts against Povast. They focused on Povast because they first thought they had the communication system. Now that they know it wasn’t the case, it was pretty obvious that they had been set up by Walfure. Could they just leave after doing everything just like Walfure wanted? Would their retreat still be part of Walfure’s plans? Now that they spent this number of soldiers in Povast, they had to conquer it and make some of the Space Bending Realm participants surrender to be worth it. Otherwise, the already small chance of taking the Free Continent would be even lower.

Little did they know that whatever their decision was, they would be within the twins’ plans. Did they leave? Walfure would take Povast down easily. Did they stay? They would use the System Sect to take both regions down at once and bring their armies to their side.

In the end, Imalaigue’s participants decided to continue their attack. The reason was simple, they wouldn’t have enough strength left to attack again after this war. At most, they would only be able to defend. They were counting on Povast Region to join their army to continue the regional wars after everything was over, after all.

The conquest of Povast ended a lot faster, though. After all, the north side war against Imalaigue was going on for the same five months Jutras and Crimew battled. It only took two more months for the critical point as they received permission from their supervisor to send out their Space Bending Realm participants.

Once again, once the Space Bending Realm participants of all sides appeared, nothing strange could be seen. Roan had specifically brought out 100 of them, which was the exact number that Povas and Imalaigue had. Imalaigue and Povast even made sure to check further out to see if there would be more Space Bending Realm participants from Walfure appearing during the battle.

However, no one appeared in the end. Instead, what appeared was the System Sect, once against casting its trap and giving the advantage to Walfure.

This time, Roan didn’t commit the same mistake. He used Olly to send the message of surrender during the battle, and he got a lot more new Space Bending Realm members than before, 53 in total. Best of all, Povast and Imalaigue’s supervisors made the same announcement, prohibiting any betrayal unless Wafure was about to lose its region, much to the survivors’ surprise.

With that, Walfure Region now had five regions under its control, as well as 165 Space Bending Realm experts.

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