Death… And Me - Chapter 1847: Talk

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Chapter 1847: Talk

Roan already understood that the demons’ realm was also the Underworld. However, he didn’t know much about the Underworld on this side of the universe. Well, he also wanted to know more about the angels’ realm as well.

Turen nodded in response to that and began to explain. “First, the demons’ realm, also known as the Underworld. You said you were a Death Spirit before reincarnating on this side, right? Then, you know that all souls head to the Underworld before reincarnating.”

Roan confirmed, replying, “Indeed. My job back then was basically to guide the souls out of their dead bodies to the path of reincarnation, which was located in the Underworld.”

Turen continued, “That’s basically the same thing here. However, there’s no need for anyone to guide anything. Souls from dead living beings are sent into the Underworld automatically. Unless, of course, demons capture their souls before they make the transition. The demons you fought before just so happened to use the souls of many Space Bending Realm experts to fight against you two.”

“So that’s why they were that strong,” Rean couldn’t help but mention after hearing that. “By the way, what was that item that looked like a sea urchin? We couldn’t avoid it at all.”

“You don’t need to be too afraid of items like that,” Turen said in response. “They’re extremely hard to make and require the sacrifice of part of the creator’s cultivation. Unless it’s someone or some extremely important mission, you won’t find them anywhere. That’s because once they’re used, they’re gone for good. You need to sacrifice even more of your cultivation to make another one. If you think about it, you’ll see that items that can save one’s life like that have practically never appeared in front of you before.”

Rean pondered over it for a bit and remembered one of these items, though. “Didn’t that girl use some kind of bark to save her life back when we were trying to get a Dark Element Material for your Elemental Transformation breakthrough?”

Roan nodded, saying, “She did. Perhaps that was another one of those items.”

Turen then heard the twins’ explanation before agreeing with them. “Yep, that’s most likely one of these items. It feels quite a waste that it was used by someone with such a low level. Most likely, her elders found that item in some inheritance or something like that. Anyways, it doesn’t change the fact as to how rare they are. As for the sea urchin Rean mentioned, it’s called the Space Piercing Needles. It’s an item that could only be created by demons due to the need for soul power. Not the soul power that you and I have, but real souls.”

Turen then returned to the main topic after that. “Well, that’s the Underworld for you. Oh, right! Just so you know, the demons are in control of the northeast side of the center of the Realm of Gods. Make sure you don’t head there unless absolutely necessary.”

Roan found it strange. “Why would they be there? Didn’t the angels try to stop them?”

Turen shook his head, telling him, “The angels obviously wouldn’t want such a thing. However, the demons are the ones controlling the Temporal Passage that connects all three upper realms. If the angels try to use the Temporal Passage, they will most likely die to the demons protecting it. Only really strong angels would dare to pass through it to enter the Realm of Gods. However, they prefer to stay in their realm, so the number of angels in the Realm of Gods is ridiculously low.”

“What about the demons?” Rean asked back. “Why do they want to control part of the Realm of Gods?”

“Souls,” Turen answered succinctly. “Demons can cultivate without the need for souls, but it’s much better if they have access to them. Then again, the Realm of Gods’ experts wouldn’t simply let them do as they please, so they forced the demons who crossed over this side into confinement. Obviously, that would be the northeast side of the Realm of Gods. The demons could leave that place if they wished to, but they couldn’t possibly match all the forces in the Realm of Gods. That’s why they also stayed on the northeast side. There are countless living beings there, so as long as they manage the place correctly, it will never run out of souls for their cultivation.”

Turen then pointed at the door where the two demons left a while ago. “They just so happen to be from that northeast side. Fratekla is the granddaughter of Krankax, one of the high elders of the demon races. Though, you won’t find him in the Realm of Gods. Instead, he’s most likely in the Underworld.”

“Why?” Roan asked. “Wouldn’t it be better for him to be in the Realm of Gods and absorb living souls to cultivate?”

Rean suddenly felt enlightened once he heard that. “I see… it’s useless for him to absorb souls anymore. He has already reached the limit of cultivation on this side of the universe.”

“Smart,” Turen was happy that Rean understood. “That’s why we all want the fragments. We want to use them to refine the universe’s foundation into our own to surpass the limit of cultivation imposed on us. Naturally, absorbing more souls is pretty useless for Krankax at the moment.”

“Does father want to do it as well?” Roan asked back.

“I wanted to,” Turen answered straight away. “Well, to be more specific, I wanted to gain control over this universe to try and find my most likely dead family. But lo and behold, my three children are still alive. Hahaha! Since that’s the case, I don’t really need to do it anymore. That’s why I gave the fragments to you.”

“But that might have helped you in finding mother,” Rean answered.

Turen shook his head, though. “What do you think is more important, your children or yourself?”

“I understand…” Rean didn’t mention that anymore. 

“Of course, we’ll still try to find her,” Roan added.

Turen nodded after hearing that. “That’s good enough. You can do it in my place since I can’t leave the Temporal Gap.”

Roan then returned to one of the terms Turen mentioned earlier. “So, what about the angels and this Temporal Passage?”

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