Death… And Me - Chapter 1926 Roan's Answer

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Chapter 1926 Roan's Answer

A few weeks passed after that.

Placake was taking care of his own business somewhere near the Kritalos Region when a dragon appeared. "Placake, the humanoids sent a message."

Placake looked at the guy and nodded in response. "It's about the communication system, isn't it?"

The dragon nodded, telling him, "Yes. They're planning to use permanent spatial gates to connect the continents and to connect to our own system that Rean is building. However, they're also asking about what to do with the spirits since they'll definitely find out."

Placake had already discussed it with the other leaders of the demon beasts' race, though. "Tell them that we should allow the communication formation to be spread in the spirit races' territories as well. The connection point between us will obviously be at the central city in the center of the Realm of Gods. Since the four Gods' Dividing Barriers meet there, it'll also be the place where we can pass the necessary signals or whatever Rean said it is."

The dragon quickly nodded and took his leave. As for Placake, he looked in the direction of the devils' territory and narrowed his eyes. 'This advantage will only last so long.'

Sometime later, Rean also received the same message. "Oh! So Havek has already convinced them to first create a connection between us and the humanoids? As expected of him."

Soon after, Rean went to the Formation Hall, where all the new Formation Masters were training. "All of you have probably received the news already. We'll need to build a connection that goes from here all the way to the humanoid and spirit races' territories. If we use the seniors' control over space and the Circuitry Formations, we should be able to keep a constant connection. For that, obviously, we will need a lot, a lot of antennas and a huge amount of materials. All of you have your work cut out after we're finished with the basics here."

"Nothing better than experience to make sure nothing is forgotten," Rawor immediately replied.

Rean agreed with him. "Good. Now then, I'll leave you with the other Formation Masters, so make sure to study hard. I have a few things to do. Not to mention that it'll take some time until the construction of this line between the three races starts." Rean didn't even wait for the Formation Masters to answer as he quickly disappeared.

In the Blacksmith Hall, Roan was already waiting for him together with Zuo, Luan, Kentucky, Calina, Qia, and Jaiyo. Those were people who knew everything from the twins' past, so he didn't mind showing them the new invention. Rean had been working on that gloves of his for weeks based on an idea he had recently after seeing the network he created with Havek in the Free Continent.

"How long will it take for you to finish? I have more things to do," Roan complained.

"Be a little patient. This is something completely different from making weapons." Rean didn't seem to mind Roan's words, though.

He then went to the table and worked on a few final adjustments together with Jaiyo. "What do you think? Would it work?"

Jaiyo shook his head in response. "I don't know. I've never tried to make this kind of protective equipment. Should I call it a piece of armor? Its abilities are just too far from a real one, though. Is it a pair of gloves, or is it a pair of gauntlets? Does it even have a name?"

Rean agreed with him. "Well, we can only give it a shot." Rean took the gloves and passed them to Roan. "Alright, put these gloves on."

Those 'gloves,' in reality, looked more like a thin web in the shape of a glove. Anyone who looked at it would think they were useless. That they don't give any protection whatsoever. However, it wasn't that simple.

At first, those gloves were way bigger than Roan's hands. But that only lasted a moment as the 'web' immediately closed around Roan's hand. Following that, something that looked like a light shield spread between the gaps of the web, completely covering Roan's hand. The 'webs' themselves disappeared due to it. Finally, the light shield also disappeared, leaving behind only Roan's own hand.

The other glove followed the same pattern, covering Roan's hand and disappearing after a few seconds. Roan closed and opened his hand, quite surprised with the result. "So this is what you were working on. Some kind of sci-fi armor."

Rean nodded as he looked closely at Roan's hand. Obviously, Jaiyo, who participated in its creation process, did the same. "Seems like it's working. The Light Element gathered by the threads is bending the light without any issues, making it impossible to see the Light Element Shields."

Yet, Roan could feel that the gloves weren't only capable of that. "The Divine Energy around the gloves seems slightly easier to gather and control."

Rean nodded in response. "Jaiyo worked on the space while I worked on the runes. Inscriptions were very hard to use in those thin threads, but it worked out in the end. They should make it slightly easier to control Divine Energy and Light Element. For both of us, controlling the opposite element is always better as we already have perfect control over our own."

Jaiyo agreed. "Thanks to Rean's proficiency in forging, these gloves are at the Divine level. Test its defense now. Just match it with your own Divine Energy Barrier and see what happens."

Roan didn't waste time and immediately raised his hand in Rean's direction. "Just try to cut it off. Start with 30% or so of your full strength with your Black Star."

Rean did exactly that. Roan could recover even a lost limb with Rean's abilities and his pills, after all. He just needed enough time.



Yet, 30% of Rean's full power was not enough to break through the barrier of light. The barrier itself only appeared when Rean's sword was about to hit Roan's hand.

"30% of your full strength should be around the strength of an average Initial Stage Void Tempering Realm cultivator," said Roan. "This is quite good, I have to admit. What do you call it?"

Rean pondered over it for a bit before smiling.

"The Ultimate Divine Energy Protection and Divine Energy Enhancing Gloves! What do you think?"

"I think you are an idiot," Roan answered without thinking twice.

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