Death… And Me - Chapter 1927 Who Else Could It Be?

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Chapter 1927 Who Else Could It Be?

Rean didn't actually get angry at Roan's answer. "Alright, alright. The name was a joke. Just call it the Web Shield Armor."

"Web shield... armor?" Kentucky noticed something off with the name. "Does that mean you'll make an entire armor like that?"

"Well, that's the plan," Rean answered.

Unfortunately, Jaiyo shook his head. "I told you, an entire armor set is out of the question. With your cultivation, supporting two gloves is already the limit due to the strength of the shields. You are, after all, taking the energy away from your own Divine Energy protection."

Roan immediately nodded in agreement. "He's right. These gloves are close to the limit of what I can spare with Divine Energy without affecting my other abilities. In fact, I would only use one glove for now, just in case my calculations are wrong. Let alone an entire armor made with the same method."

"I see..." Rean couldn't help but sigh after that. "I expected that, but hearing it from you while you have the right element confirms that. Then again, even though our average strength will change very little, it's still extra protection."

Roan didn't mind that. "It's just an issue of cultivation. Besides, you can try to improve it in the future. For now, it's a great piece of equipment."

Rean could only accept before raising his sword once again. "Alright, I only tried to hit you with 30% of my full strength. Let me try hitting with more power."

Roan agreed with him. "Come, continue increasing your strength little by little so we can test this thing's limit."

In the end, the gloves were able to resist 50 to 60% of Rean's full-strength attacks. It didn't seem like much, but one must remember that 50 to 60% of Rean's strength was more or less equivalent to an average Void Tempering Realm cultivator at the Late or Peak Stage. And that was without Roan trying to defend himself. Before, Rean and Roan were pretty confident in their capability to fight opponents at the Initial Stage of the Space Bending Realm. Now they were even more so.

'If we go all out, we should be able to match a Middle Stage Space Bending Realm cultivator,' Roan mentioned through their Soul Connection.

Rean pondered over it for a bit. 'That would be without using our Nascent Souls or fighting together, right?'

Roan nodded in response. 'Fighting together should give us a chance against one at the Late Stage. As for sacrificing our Nascent Soul for power... I can't really say. I think we might surpass two realms of strength, although we'd be in terrible condition after the power is completely used.'

Rean could only shrug his shoulders. 'That should be enough for now.'

The twins left it at that before Roan continued to talk normally. "So, Void Tempering Realm is only enough to use one or at most the two gloves. When do you expect us to be able to use a full set of Web Shield Armor?"

Rean looked at Jaiyo, and the two began to discuss what they had learned through their Divine Senses. After a moment, the two finally spoke. "Probably a new piece for each cultivation realm. And these pieces will need to be in a certain order since some pieces of a full set are much bigger, thus using much more Divine Energy and needing higher cultivation."

Rean thought about all parts of the bodies and decided. "I'll work on the boots when we get near the Space Bending Realm. It won't be of much use now since no one in the System Sect is anywhere near this level. Besides, you and I have way more Divine Energy than other experts of the same level, so our threshold is different from theirs."

"Space Bending Realm... that matches the next stage of the body cultivation technique. It'll be a very good boost," Roan mentioned.F

Zuo immediately raised his hand after that. 'Master, I heard about this Starlight Body Cultivation Technique from Luan. Can I get it as well?' Of course, he asked that question through Divine Sense.

Roan didn't mind. 'Even if you didn't ask, I would have passed it to you later. However, you first need to get used to the new version of the cultivation technique we created. I'll give you the right method to cultivate each in a month or two.'

Zuo became excited after that. That was one of the reasons why Luan was so much stronger than him at the same level. It wasn't just his Space Power since Zuo had his own odd Affinity.

Luan was the next one to ask something. "Father, do you think it would be good for me to gain a pair of gloves as well?"

"Father?" Calina was taken aback. She only heard Luan call Roan master until now. That was the first time she heard it. However, she quickly shook his head. "Nope, I don't think he's really your blood child."

Roan looked at Calina as if he looked at an idiot before paying attention to Luan again. "You only called me Master after Calina appeared. I didn't say anything at first, so why are you going back to father now?"

Luan scratched the back of his head, saying, "I... didn't want lady Calina to have the wrong idea. It seems like I overthought things."

Calina sighed in relief. Even though she said those words, there was always a small chance, right? "So, he isn't really your child by blood. You wouldn't betray me after all these years."



Roan slapped the back of her head. "Stop saying bullshit. I took Luan in when he was very young. After that, he decided to call me father. You should know that I don't really care how I'm addressed by others, so I've never told him to stop."

While rubbing the back of her head, Calina replied, "There was no need to hit me. But if it was really true, I would have definitely killed you, so you better be careful."

"Hahaha!" Rean laughed after seeing that. "Don't worry. Roan has only one blood child, but it isn't Luan."

"What?!" Calina and the others were taken aback, including Kentucky and Celis. How come they didn't know that?

Roan nodded in response. "That's true."

"Who is it?!" Everyone asked at the same time.

Yet, Roan simply looked at Calina's belly after that. "Who else could it be if not the one inside you?"

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